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Matthew Harlovic May 2015
I put the Matt in matter
because I believe I do
but don't tread on me
or wipe off your shoes.

© Matthew Harlovic
SøułSurvivør Mar 2015

I'm a sort of history buff
I like to read and learn
I read Matt's "North Africa"
My respect he's earned.

I got an education
In his worthy write
It made me feel better
It brought me some light.

It uplifted me greatly
I was sad and blue
'Til I read his poetry

maybe you should, too!

Cayla frazier Sep 2014
ahh the hung stud..
never have I had the pleasure..
to witness and feel all of there zeal..
i Sep 2014
i like the way
your blues sparkle
every time you laugh
and how that dimple
on your right cheek
appears whenever
you grin. i like the
way you run a
hand through your
blonde hair and how
you like to lick your
lips every once in a
while. i like the way
you manage to look
adorable and cool at
the same time. but i
don't like the way we
don't match, we don't
fit. i don't like the way
we come from completely
different worlds, worlds
that cannot even collide.
and i absolutely loathe
the way you make me
feel things i don't want
to feel right now, the
way you make me **happy.
Matt Koopman Jun 2014
Morning dew,
Will you prove to be
The warning sign
For the life unseen

The birds they flew,
But who knew
It is the present you see
Past tense, unwieldly

Flakes of eve
The silent sun
Makes us one
With the powers that be

Don't you see?

My time is thin
Thin like sin
As i try to rise above my demise
See my life from sacred eyes

Thoughts, they block
What i see
As i travel through the plains of 3D
Self aware of my disease

This is obscene,
Life must be a dream
These are lyrics to a song I wrote.
Matthew Durci Jun 2014
Hey there old friend,
So we meet again,
From start, to the end,
Is this life real? Or just pretend?
I can't explain life, nor do I have words to explain myself,
Hey there old friend, I'm glad we met again.
Matthew Durci May 2014
Freedom from yourself,
To free yourself,
Away from all you know,
Your past is at your heels,
Memories, a poison that takes control,
Back into yourself,
From life itself,
You can't escape, yourself
Matthew Durci May 2014
Why do we cling to the questions that bear no answer?
Why do we push away the one's we care for?
Why do we live free, but die slaves?
Why is this life, not enough?
Why am I not enough?
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