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Shadow Jan 9
Life is unfair, brutality is around the air
I always wonder how can God let this happen around me, life is just so unfair
God just lets this happen to others around me and the world. Why am I so sad, people will ask, don’t they see or even feel sympathetic  towards the people who have to endure a lot of brutality
Just a short New Year's Wish
Raise a glass and toast the year
Think back now and debate
Another week and it's dusted and done
Goodbye to old two oh one eight

Regardless how it started
And what happened through the year
Celebrate that you're here at the end
And raise a nice cold glass of beer

The Mayans missed about the end of life
And now we've another year to go
A new adventure that will be twelve months long
What it brings, I'm sure that no one knows

So, raise a glass to the end of another long year
And get set to step out once again
I wish you could all have the best year of all
and then multiply all that by ten

Two Oh One Nine could be a year of wonderment
A year that all your dreams come true
It's not predetermined or up in the stars
What you get is all now up to you

So, raise a glass and celebrate that you're still here
And start the New Year off with a smile
A toast to the past and one to what's to come
And let's make it the best year by a mile
EP Robles Nov 2018
And in this morning
ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
albeit utter surprise
To see -- I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
-- crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color

such a butterfly!
Jonathan Surname Aug 2018
Heaven, can't you get enough?
Marble orchards dedicated to
your sustenance. Your creation.
Love and mourning meant to be enough.
For us.
When do you have your fill?

Of course, you're abstract.
Not gluttonous; you haven't
the odd ends of humanity.
You stretch and warp and fill to a non-brim.
That is comfort to some others.

Thank you for getting us to where we are now.
To feed our narcissism in washing our hands of you.
Who created whom?
Which came first, the despair or the divine?
our place in the world is everything but certain
Ted Mar 2018
"How my mind always needs to wander,
Looking for a new and grander view,
Having to quench my thirst with the worlds passions,
I turn to nature to light my creativity,
Yet, you have a spark that makes it catch as well,
You can make me ponder,
All the worlds endless wonder.
Its you that always seems to amaze,
And you that turns my heart ablaze."
Martin Narrod Nov 2017
Take my fetus and go
Through and through the mighty seas,
Cleft of stubborn knocks and the bayonets
Rocking through and through the eves. Whose pirouettes and epilepsy crooked, Asunder, blessing the attenuated biology of Say, a field mouse or the hummingbird. What nuisance it transcends itself into. How It has marred even the plight to lock oneself In that windowless box of time. The Atemporal box featuring those curious amaranthine engravings about its sides, upon its top. Though the blood may not spill from side to side, and while the nellypot may collywaddle, there is an immense sincerity akin, fused afore to the intimacy of an authenticated orphic boketto.
Seanathon Apr 2017
After the newness of this new perspective
Clears like a fog in the mountain pass
What will you want then?
Soon after the end of this or that?

I wonder...

Where will you stand?
And have you since realized the value stored within?
So much so that it might make you want to go back?
Just passing through?
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Nature's transformation,

As the hills


and glens

are shepherded into

their seasonal

changing rooms,

each coming



Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
I don't like




My mind



like a disturbed



Then I miss



Trouble returns,


Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Closed at 10am,

With customers outside,

Opening at 12pm,

By then the interest's died.

*Sometimes I feel as a blogger, like a shopkeeper with no customers. It isn't that I want people to buy anything, but it would be nice to have a few folk wander in and browse for a while. We may not have free WiFi, but we could always just talk to each other.......
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