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Pushing me closer to the edge,
For far too long, wrapped around your finger,
Stayed through the rogued fields.

Dreaming of letting you go,
My loneliness is killing me,
Right beside but where are you?

Change is wrapped around you and others,
Their words twisting your every thought,
Twirling and twirling, drawing you nearer.

Like a rock thrown from a hand,
Descending to the jagged knives,
Their eyes wide with shock peering from above.
Amanda Aug 2018
I'm falling, feeling, spinning,
Just out of arm's reach,
The sharp abyss seems to muffle
My frightened dismal screech.

Don't jump down for me,
I am not worthy to save,
For what else is as shallow
As my predestined grave?

Don't present me with a chance,
It is almost too late,
Please leave me with my thoughts,
I can handle fate.

Don't even try to fix me,
I am not worth your time,
The pit I am descending is
A long way back up to climb.
I wish everyone would stay away so they dont get hurt
Hanna Nov 2017
It’s like I’m falling, descending.

But, really, I’m just repeating the same thing over and over again.
Suzy Hazelwood Dec 2014
Before my eyes
it is fading

A world of weakness
has burst forth
has risen

And even if I choose
to look away
and pretend
refuse to acknowledge
what is
glacial voices
will whisper
behind my back
and affirm the change

My desire
is worthless
to wish for
the blooming of flowers
and the buzzing of bees
when all has moved on
without my consent

Everything is dying
because it must
until winter
covers the falling
with it's long cold embrace
and consumes it all

And my days will be
as though
May till  September
had been a perfect
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Matthew Durci May 2014
Why do we cling to the questions that bear no answer?
Why do we push away the one's we care for?
Why do we live free, but die slaves?
Why is this life, not enough?
Why am I not enough?

— The End —