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I wish he was not someone I was trying my best to forget.
To think about us is one complex path which I am lost in.
I can’t go back finding the way I walked so eagerly on and I don’t see a simple direction to get out of this matter of ache.

You held my hand and we both walked in the darkness of uncertainty. You stepped back and forgot you were not alone in this. Left me solving the mystery you created for the both of us to solve.

In the matter of seconds, I was there holding my heart on sleeves for you to see what I have to offer. The life came out of me and not even a single echo you could hear. My screams were so silent I could create the music you like.

Every pain I took wishing you will find the light guiding you back to where you want to belong. Faith is a thin thread but it is all I have. By now you must be out of the tunnel and still yet I am dancing on the thin thread of faith.
dailythoughts Jun 15
what's the worst that can happen?
test your luck honey
dailythoughts Jun 15
I deserve better. I know it’s not easy because things will come back to push you to the ground deeper and harder every time. Don’t forget why and how you got into this pain, don’t forget how anxious you felt every moment, don’t forget the lies you were told, don’t forget why you deserve better. Most importantly don’t forget how strong you are being able to get up from the floor every time you thought you couldn’t make it anymore. Look at you now, fighting for your happiness and peace.

People take a second to destroy your peace and do nothing but make it worse by constantly reminding you of the sweet what-ifs. Healing takes forever, it doesn’t stop the moment you start to smile after a long time because that smile will go and it will come back. A nonstop war between what you want and what you are happy without and mostly that is the same thing your heart and mind battle about. To let go or to hold on tighter. The grip becomes stronger because it is scary to let go of the pain which now feels like home and feels like a part of you.

I am so proud of you and your kind heart for believing in people even when they give you all the reasons to be changed and numb. Although you have been on that road of sourness and hate yet recognized the wrong turn you took. Welcome back to being yourself. You are not there yet but you will be.
cheers to an ever-growing soul
dailythoughts Jun 10
I swear I was fine yesterday
sudden blues
dailythoughts Jun 10

How am I supposed to be fine
Just like that

How am I supposed to forget you
Just like that

How am I supposed to enjoy the lil’ things
Just like that

How am I supposed to live
Just like that

and just like that you left
must have been too easy for you
to lie
your spell is slowly wearing off
off my mind and soul
the ink you splashed all over my heart
is starting to leak

soon enough
the spirit of your fragrance
will vanish
in thin air

the curse lies in your return
please don’t look back
don’t call me
for one last glance
what I love about sunsets is their decisions on a whim
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