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dailythoughts Feb 2022
I like the kind of intimacy we share

so gentle

in no rush

taking our time to be


it's sweet & playful

I don't know what plans God has for me but I am glad that I experienced such a feeling
dailythoughts Nov 2021
all the small things you work on gets bigger altogether,
imagine the bigger picture and start now.
dailythoughts Nov 2021
expressing love without having to stop myself from feeling the depth of what we share
love is only a feeling
dailythoughts Oct 2021
the bad you gave me
clears away from my system
you no longer live in the depts of my being
i no longer give you the authority

the rotten you gave me
disappears so easily
you were no solid
i now see that clearly
dailythoughts Oct 2021
who wouldn't do whatever it takes to be fine
dailythoughts Sep 2021
you played my song and made it ours
by dancing with me hand-in-hand
dailythoughts Aug 2021
out here downplaying my feelings
both you & I
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