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dailythoughts Apr 19
hoping you are mine what's meant to be
all that's you fit perfectly with my wildest dream
dailythoughts Apr 19
feels right imagining the good things happening with you
feels wrong expecting them from you
save me the trouble
dailythoughts Mar 26
water flows in waves hitting the shores sweetly
sun shines in grains hitting my face gently

ice melts in drops hitting the sand softly
fire sparks in lights hitting the wind warmly
I pour a basket of chances to cover all your unjustifiable actions
dailythoughts Feb 19
you are made of
strawberries & cigarettes

when the smoke clears
wish you'll still be here sitting pretty

when the senses return
wish you'll still hold my hand

when the eyes are sober
wish you'll still look at me
my favourite taste
dailythoughts Feb 16
this hour of the day feels heavy
to feel too much
is tiring

to feel nothing
is tiring
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