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Poetic T Apr 23
Borderline hues shatter upon the
                        of sullen gullied pools..

Where the refraction of utopia shines,
  the *** is deceitful and tarnished.

As every prism of reverence disperses.
                    Heaven is a shard of falsehood
cutting into the sky...

Perceptions see an aura-borealis.
                 But woven with the beauty
is the curse of fallen angels..

For all who stared upon the glare
         were severed from sight...

Dilating upon the sorrow of
           written words etched in eyelids.

The world was beauty, and you blinded it..
       Now we will scratch every word inward.

See the error of your ways, and walk as before.
LC Apr 14
my mind is the city
that never sleeps.
thoughts roam the streets -
some with circular commutes.
some glare at each other
some smile, uplifting everyone.
despite the chaotic rhythm,
the underlying beat of my heart
determines the pace of the city.
#escapril day 13!
Abdullah Ayyash Aug 2019
I'm not known for weaving dreams
I'm only a scream from a nightmare
I would settle for a peaceful moment
To dream of watching your beauty glare
If crossing seas will bring us closer
If climbing mountains will make us pair
Then mark my word that I'm coming
To win all battles and claim you there
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
August 6th, 2019

*Clare is just a metaphor
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Summer is coming,
the sun will glare,
heat will radiate,
flip flops will be out,
tans will be tattooed on bare skin,
sunglasses out to shade,
sp lotions to shield,
happiness beaming through the curved-wide smiles,
water will be splashed
and the sand will burn
like hot coals on the soles of the feet
for it will be  beach season once again.
Abhishek kumar Jan 2019
Such is your beauty dear
That the black sky is brightened
by your glare
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Here I lay in my comfort composure
Listening to every rythm of my music
Removing my white earphone to listen
To listen to the beauty of nature raining
Picturing myself as a randrop falling; free
Picturing the placid movement of water
Moving as one, cold breeze and falling with heavy gravitational pull
Thinking back to when I'd lay in
Listening to every perfect beat of your heart
Concentrating on the whispers of your spirit
Being attentive to your chords as you release them
Piercing my mind, quaking
through my flesh
To simply un-wither that was even desintegrated
Your love circulating my veins
By speaking
Rippling accross my seams
Bolting through my body more
than any drug ever
Hanging me on your hook
Touring to the meadow in my
Conquering the battles in my
Re-writing the words on my page
that is life
After enough re-painting
Of my story
You started to un-write my book
Crossing the hearts
Tearing the written pages
Oh how I could only stand and
Oh how all you did, difficultly
The whispers your soul gave
Cleared and filléd my mind
Was I abandoned by your heart
So easily the welcoming door
Became an unbidden command
This hour
Is when I play it back;
Remenisce about it
Laying alone, in discomfort
Listening to no beats
Not even one of my own
Then I close my eyes violently
Shoving back the emotion
To silently replay those words
I love you
Crashing down
Bolting tar through my body
Poisoning my mind
Rippling through my veins
That same poison
Is what I use
To **** inside me
What demons creep
See the story has a twist
What I feared most
What demons I feared even more
Is exactly what I became
The poison inside me
Crisply ogling at me
Inside the cage
Inside what
We call a
A very long poem yes I know, if you read this far thank you. It's 03:26 and I just think back to the best days of my life
Pyrrha Sep 2018
Stress consumes your mind like fire in a forest
It ignites the anger inside to arise as smoke clouds around your eyes
In this moment you are so horribly enraged,
So terribly uncomfortable inside and out,
That you can't control your actions, your words, or the way you feel
You snap, you glare, you place the blame
Once you calm down you realize you are only angry at yourself
And the anger is replaced by regret and fatigue
You're tired of this cycle
Tired of feeling so out of control
This is what stress does
It eats you apart from the pit of your stomach and only consumes more and more till it reaches your mind and you are entirely taken apart
Like the string on an old sweater stress frays the steadiness you contain
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
I take out
The spectacles

I will see
How the world looks like
Through your eyes

I want to see
What you see
Near and Far
Even broader

Where faith lies
Genre: Spiritual Inspirational
Theme: Close Eyes Of Buddha
Elmo Cross May 2018
How peculiar is it for me
To have a weakness like thee
Your eyes in which you use to stare
Oh it's a thing I will never bear

Whenever you look into my eyes
I can't help but to 'sigh'
For your face is so lovely
And your eyes, oh they're so pretty

While you talk and stare
I wish I could memorize that glare
For everytime our eyes connect
I can only say: "Darling, you're so perfect."

I believe that your eyes stole the stars
For the stare of your eyes overpowers my scars
How I wish this would never end
That staring of your eyes so gemmed

That's why look into my eyes
So that I can see the stars in the sky
Never leave me and please don't leave my sight
For you are my world and my ever source of light
Believe me or not, when you look at me, I always feel butterflies in my stomach.
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