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JT Nelson Jun 2
Blue to gold
Gold to red
Red darkens

Specks of light
One by one
Filling my

Low glow east
Full moon rise
Smiling at

I smile back.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
A new day starts.
The sun comes up,
I wake up.
The sun travels further,
I travel further.
The sun reached its top,
I reached my top.
The sun goes down,
I go down.
The sun has set,
I have set.
The moon rises,
As do I.
The moon travels,
As do I.
The moon reached the top,
As did I.
The moon has set,
As did I.
And an other day has been lived.
farthest star Dec 2018
my sweet sensation
over the moonrise
how it glistens and ignites
a gentle glow
upon my skin
across my soul

nothing to fear
unless she hides
my greatest devastation
all the sunsets and
sunrises with no
golden hour
or moon phases
lei Jan 2017
the sun is setting.
i point my gaze to the sky
and wait for the moon.

as the moon rises,
the words in my throat do, too.
i hope you love me.
First light,
And another long day,
Young gods slowly growing older;

And the death of another day,
Old gods slowly fading back to black.
You can find more of my poetry at
Twilight and
The moonrise

They dictate
Time and sight
Without be
No more light.

— The End —