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Hundreds of items have been used
     For money over the course of history.
          Yet they cease being money when
               They cease being scarce, through
                    New technology, along with greed.
                         No tangible item has true scarcity
                         What we need is digital scarcity.
                    Digital content is usually easy to
               Replicate and therefore not scarce.
          So we need a system that is digital
     Yet also perfectly limited in supply
Bitcoin’s the digital scarce solution
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Perfect Scarcity - Bitcoin Poem 095.  Number 024 in the Problems and Solutions series.  Inspired by Dante at Swan Bitcoin.  So many things used for money stopped being money when they stopped being scarce.
Who controls the ledger?
And can change an entry there?
Who controls the money?
And keeps the ledger fair?

For money is a ledger
And gets abused and hacked
By those who love control
And change what’s being tracked

Who controls the ledger?
And has kept it fair and true?
Retaining money’s value
Yes, who has done this, who?

Who controls the ledger?
We mortals will always stray
So let us use technology
For Bitcoin’s a better way

Bitcoin controls the ledger
No mortals can cheat or gain
And we can reach the fairness
No other ledger can attain
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Money is just a ledger - a simple way to track who has what.  You can do this through commodity money, or a written or digital ledger.

Imagine you are playing cards with seven friends, and you each use pennies, or quarters, or poker chips, or jelly beans to track who wins and who loses.  This is an example of commodity money, where you literally give Lance 10 chips and you don't have them anymore.

OR, you can get a blank sheet of paper, and write eight names across the top, and keep track on paper.  You can each start out with 500.  Then when Lance owes you 25, you just subtract 25 from his total and add it to yours.  

Both commodity money and ledger money are simply ways to track who owns what and who owes what.  Over history, commodity money tends to develop among groups or nations who don't trust each other, and ledger money tends to work better in groups that mostly trust each other.

And, of course these days most ledger money is digital, for example, Venmo, PayPal, your bank account, and many more.  

But these require a middle man, or a company, and can you trust them?  Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't.  

Can you trust them to accurately maintain the ledger, AND not create new units of the currency for themselves (which debases the value of your holdings)?  With Bitcoin, nobody is in control (and everybody is in control) - or more aptly, the code (or the rules) are in control.
With fiat money losing value consistently
     This leads to a proclivity for consumption
          Since the money is worth more right now
               Than it will be worth in the coming years.
                    In time, this leads to overconsumption &
                         Ostentation and environmental effects
                              Due to a constant need for spending.
                               Let’s use an option that reverses this
                          By using money that gains value over
                     Time and incentivizes the holding of
                Money because it purchases more in
          The future rather than less.  Over time
     The psychological and environmental
Benefits of Bitcoin grow and help all.
You can see this poem on a background here -
Free from the whims - of politics
And the shifting tides of state
Bitcoin remains unchanging
Impervious to love or hate

Free from the whims - of power
In any of its ugly faces
Bitcoin performs its duties
At all times and in all places

Free from the whims - of greed
From those who reach and steal
Bitcoin continues like clockwork
Holding scarcity as the ideal

Free from the whims - of looters
Who mandate the “sharing” of gains
Bitcoin rewards the hard workers
Who break from the idler’s chains

Free from the whims - of anyone
Who might alter or change the code
Bitcoin stays governed by rules
Staying firmly on freedom’s road
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New coins come to those who add
Transactions to each new block
This started out as 50 coins
Every 10 minutes around the clock

7200 Bitcoin - average, each day
Over two million in each year
And at block 210,000
The first halving was here

HALF of all bitcoins already mined
Then the reward halved to 25...
Coins for each new block reward
And bitcoin continued to thrive

Four more years, block 420,000
And then cut in half once more
Bitcoin reward down to 12.5
But price continued to soar

At block 630,000, cut to 6.25
The supply continues to shrink
You may want to get some soon
As it’s catching on, I think

Now we approach block 840,000
A critical juncture in time
Rewards will “half” to 3.125
As the price continues to climb
You can see this poem on a background here -
Fiat money loses value over time
     People know this and this influences
          Their thinking towards the short term.
               Short term thinking bleeds into many
                    Areas of life leading to inferiority in so
                         Many areas of our life and our world
                         We need a money that increases in
                    Value leading to long term planning
               And greater VISION in goals, family,
          Business, architecture, and nutrition.
     Imagine nations and people planning
For generations. Bitcoin gives vision
You can see this poem on a background here -
Question: What has Bitcoin done for Humanity?
Answer: Bitcoin has helped millions of people to:

Move money safely
Across country borders
Or keep money private
Through seizure orders

Avoid the debasement
Of all of their savings
As inflation abounds
Amidst Keynesian ravings

Transfer remittances
To countries abroad
Without the high fees
That border on fraud

Own their own money
For millions the “first time”
Generations unbanked
This is truly a crime

Trade with anyone
Across land or ‘cross sea
With no “middle man”
Who might disagree

Enjoy some privacy
A basic human right
As foundational freedoms
Tyrants try to rewrite

So here you go Jim
This is just a small list
Of what Bitcoin’s done
And you simply dismissed
You can see this poem on a background here -  Question comes from Jim Cramer - an investor.
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