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Traditional financial systems often
   Charge high fees for many services
      Especially certain types of transactions
         Such as remittances, credit card payments
            Wire transfers, and late payment charges
               Remittances alone charge 6 percent of the
                  Amount sent globally from one to another
                  Let’s save billions of dollars for real people
               By moving to a system with much lower fees
            For transferring money anywhere on earth
         Bitcoin’s transaction fees are quite small
      Especially when using lightning protocol    
   Imagine the savings and the freedom
As billions start using Bitcoin soon
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Physical cash transactions are final
  But in the digital world non-reversible
      Transactions have not been possible
        Since financial institutions cannot avoid
            Mediating disputes which prevent finality
              The cost of mediation slows enterprise
                  And makes trade and finance complex
                  We need an electronic payment system
              Based on cryptographic proof, not trust
            Allowing any two parties to transact directly
        With irreversible transactions based on a
      Distributed timestamp server to generate
  Proof of the chronology of the transactions
And thus finality. The solution is Bitcoin
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Current money systems usually collect
   Lots of personal information about users
      This information can be vulnerable to hacks
         And also identity theft, control, and censorship
            Many people do not want sensitive personal
               Information and documents stored online
               Since it’s not criminal to want some privacy
            Let’s use a money system that doesn’t require
         Personal information simply to use money
      And doesn’t require submitting documents
   Which remain on vulnerable databases
We have this money now, in Bitcoin
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Fiat money relies on intermediaries
   Such as banks and government entities
      To facilitate transactions and keep records
         And ensure the integrity of the money system
            This system requires trust to make it function
               Yet the history of fiat currencies is replete with
                  Breaches of that trust - breaches of integrity
                  Let’s move to a new money not based on trust
               With no reliance on any centralized authority
            But peer to peer verification through code
         Made secure by a decentralized network
      Allowing any and every user to validate
   Their own (and all) money transactions
This is Bitcoin.  Don’t trust, but verify
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A problem with fiat centralized money
   Is that monetary accounts can be frozen
      Censoring people or nations who refuse
         To follow the narrative of those in control
            Monetary officials who decide who can use
               Money and who is not allowed to use money
                  Because of their beliefs or ideas or support
                  Because people hold varying beliefs in life
               Let’s use a money that can’t be frozen at all
            Because this money remains private property
         Money that can be held and used by those
      On opposite sides of any issue or decision
   A bearer asset that is censorship resistant
This money exists - the solution is Bitcoin
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Fiat money is not available to everyone
   Billions are unbanked or underbanked
      Which is inconvenient, costly, and risky
         They have no way to save value over time
            Or to borrow to start building an enterprise
               Susceptible to predatory lenders and fees
                  Keeping these families in poverty and pain
                  We need a system for all to grow wealth
               Permissionless and without discrimination
            Where people can build value securely
         And create a life for themselves and for
      Generations to come across the earth
   We need a money truly available to all
The solution is Bitcoin - come join today
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The problem with fiat money
   Is centralized control of the money
      Those in control of the money creation
         Always eventually yield to the temptation
            Of inflating the overall money supply
               Causing debasement of the currency
                  Decreasing its value for those who hold it
                  People need a money that holds value
               Or actually increases in value over time
            This must be a money with a limited supply
         That cannot be changed in spite of temptation
      No person or group can be in control of this money
   This money must be decentralized
The solution is Bitcoin
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