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The Poet May 16
The dark sense of loneliness
The feeling of emptiness
Somewhere light cannot escape
Bear the burden of the pain you caused

Lies spill out your eyes and mouth
Persuading treachery on us all
Those who choose to follow
Choose to skin others from their true selves

We cannot live without each other
But we cannot live with each other
The days sweep by as I imagine freedom
Freedom from the cages where we keep ourselves

Elements of life wait beyond the gates
To where we cannot find them
Seek the entrance to the realm
Where you shall live forever

Redemption lies within
Leave the hatred behind the walls
For true prosperity must be found
May we meet again old friend
Paras Bajaj Apr 21
The day will come soon
when we will be smiling.
Under the bright sky
when we will be shining.

We will heal
when time will steal.
We will heal
when we will get real.

That night will come soon
when we will not be awake.
Under the moonlight
when we will never break.

We will heal
when we will share.
We will heal
when we will care.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Skywlkr Mar 1
It isn't Right
We Shouldn't Fight
You Seen A Hook and Took A
I'm saying this Polite
Me you tried to Smite
So I Give You a Right
Then I give you a left just as your
Diginity did
Small one for u to enjoy
Ken Pepiton Feb 22
wisdom is the principle thing

we are pulled into the future
not pushed from the past

all things are possible, in re-al
life, as we know it.

fast yes slow fast
slow fast

big loop, rogue wave

rogue hole
how could this happen
time umph bump

each of us is making waves
all o'us, right, all the
wees where your bubble inter
sects connects
touch touch touch touch touch

pass that, past that's this

wave forms in Higgs or whatever
we've us a particularity
clapotis, real word
lapping waves it means,

t's a phenomenon related to walls,
not all waves pass
some splash at the surface
while undermining the
wall below

eventually such waves eat walls
WHy is there anything? Inter-restin thought.
Ammar Feb 12
His will
to live
the destiny
in his
AuEcologica Dec 2018
It is in the fall.
                         We rise.

It is in being lost we are found,
it is in being bound we are freed.

Live, learn; prosper—rise.

Not only one chance; it is in your entire life.
georgia sophie Jun 2018
through your pain
be glad the sun is still shining
the birds are still whistling
you are still going
you will prosper
DaSH the Hopeful Nov 2017
Breathe each breath as if you are inhaling the sunrise of a new day**
            Possibility filling your lungs
        Every cell in your body
Dancing to the rhythm of a fresh start.
Diana Garcia Oct 2017
Written by Diana Garcia**
consistency is key
simplicity equals peace of mind
to diversify is to be open
growth doesn't mean popularity
it means prosperity...
Mane Omsy Aug 2017
Furnish your beautiful face
With a wide shining smile
How long will you live?
Don't bother how long
Let the energy spread in the air
Like a constellation, shine bright
Like the night more luminous
Than one single shining star
It's crystal clear, gifted divinity
Do not hide from glittering
Spread like a streak of lightning
Watch the aftermath
You made it possible
Turning a starlight to a wild beam
Let's forget the stress in our minds for a while and be happy.
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