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Users of some exchanges based in the United Kingdom need to pass a quiz (to show understanding of the risks) before they can buy Bitcoin.

Perhaps people should also pass a quiz before using fiat money, just so they also understand the risks. Here is a United Stated based quiz.

75% score required, 15 out of 20 questions.

What is the Cantillon Effect?
Describe seigniorage?
Who benefits most from seigniorage?
How much value has the dollar lost since 1913?
What is the #1 cause of inflation?
What is “fiat” money?
What does fiat mean in Latin?
Who prints money in the United States?
What is Quantitative Easing (QE)?
What is a Central Bank?
When was the US Central Bank created?
What happens to the value of fiat over time?
Describe the Bretton Woods agreement?
Why does the US borrow money it can print?
What monetary event happened in 1971?
Why was it made illegal to hold gold in 1933?
What is fractional reserve banking?
Why do governments prefer fiat money?
Who benefits from “setting” interest rates?
What is the M1 money supply?
You can see this poem on a background here -
Why do I Bitcoin? Taint no mystery
Wanna have a good finance history!

My brain tells me Bitcoin is great,
Helps my blood cells circulate

Great for my eyesight
Great for my ticker
Can’t nothing fill me
With love and hope quicker!

It feels so honest, feels so sweet
Bitcoin just makes my mind complete

Knowing the code is sure and tight
Makes my toenails feel just right

Great for my future
Great for my teens
Great for my Grandma
And all “in betweens”

Saving Bitcoin makes me feel light
Makes people wonder
‘Bout me in the night

Bitcoin makes me bright and strong
Worldwide adoption
Coming right along

It beats using fiat
It beats being lazy
Why do I Bitcoin?
Well, maybe I’m crazy
You can see this poem on a background here -
Incremental actions
Bring monumental
With every added
Bitcoin block,
The ledger
Tick and tock,
We add a block,
The chain is fundamental.
So many problems
Fixed and solved
By entries incremental.
More love and hope -
Connection too,
I’m getting sentimental.
About sound money,
Fixed supply
Spread intercontinental.
You can see this poem on a background here -
Power grids frequently produce excess
     Energy that is wasted during non-peak
          Times of day (or week, month, or year).
               Especially with intermittent renewable
                    Energy production, there can be a lot
                         Of waste, with limited options for use
                         We need users of energy who do use
                     The excess energy when produced,
                Yet remain able to shut down quickly
           When the energy is required for users
     During peak energy consumption times.
Bitcoin solves this widespread problem
You can see this poem on a background here -
Come, Bitcoiners join
From every land
Alone we may fall
But together we stand

Stand up for rights
And freedoms for all
Stand in all countries
The big and the small

Stand for our freedom
To transact with peers
No middle men needed
To control us with fears

Stand to deny them
Their plots to debase
Our money and wealth
The plans they embrace

Stand up and tell them
We’re done with your taking
Bitcoin’s our money
It’s not of your making

Stand for the assets
We’ve built with our hands
Stand for our children
Our families, our lands
You can see this poem on a background here -
Review the code, it’s plain to see
It’s open source, for you and me
Bitcoin provides an open book
You want to see? Just take a look

If closed, we couldn’t verify
The way it works - or firm supply
We couldn’t see the security
Or if the code will make us free

With open source, we know the rules
The inner workings - all the tools
So much better than the fiat scheme
With changing rules - in the extreme

We aren’t all coders, this is true
But thousands check the code for you
Bitcoin is reviewed, every day
It’s open source, and on display

Likely the code most analyzed
So it performs as advertised
And keeps our ledger so secure
Review the code, it will endure
You can see this poem on a background here -
Quote from Satoshi Below (included on the poem)
“Being open source means anyone can independently review the code. If it was closed source, nobody could verify the security. I think it’s essential for a program of this nature to be open source.”
Don’t delay, just start today
This glad message I convey
Bitcoin’s here, so act straightway
For Bitcoin keeps on growing

Money printing never ends
For the rich, and for their friends
Government just spends & spends
While Bitcoin keeps on growing

Bitcoin brings deflation’s gains
Come break free from fiat’s chains
Hold some value that remains
As Bitcoin keeps on growing

Take some time to sit and learn
To store the value that you earn
Act right now - this is your turn
Since Bitcoin keeps on growing

More good people, every day
Move to Bitcoin’s better way
Get some now, and don’t delay
As Bitcoin keeps on growing
You can see this poem on a background here
Hundreds of items have been used
     For money over the course of history.
          Yet they cease being money when
               They cease being scarce, through
                    New technology, along with greed.
                         No tangible item has true scarcity
                         What we need is digital scarcity.
                    Digital content is usually easy to
               Replicate and therefore not scarce.
          So we need a system that is digital
     Yet also perfectly limited in supply
Bitcoin’s the digital scarce solution
You can see this poem on a background here -
Perfect Scarcity - Bitcoin Poem 095.  Number 024 in the Problems and Solutions series.  Inspired by Dante at Swan Bitcoin.  So many things used for money stopped being money when they stopped being scarce.
Who controls the ledger?
And can change an entry there?
Who controls the money?
And keeps the ledger fair?

For money is a ledger
And gets abused and hacked
By those who love control
And change what’s being tracked

Who controls the ledger?
And has kept it fair and true?
Retaining money’s value
Yes, who has done this, who?

Who controls the ledger?
We mortals will always stray
So let us use technology
For Bitcoin’s a better way

Bitcoin controls the ledger
No mortals can cheat or gain
And we can reach the fairness
No other ledger can attain
You can see this poem on a background here -

Money is just a ledger - a simple way to track who has what.  You can do this through commodity money, or a written or digital ledger.

Imagine you are playing cards with seven friends, and you each use pennies, or quarters, or poker chips, or jelly beans to track who wins and who loses.  This is an example of commodity money, where you literally give Lance 10 chips and you don't have them anymore.

OR, you can get a blank sheet of paper, and write eight names across the top, and keep track on paper.  You can each start out with 500.  Then when Lance owes you 25, you just subtract 25 from his total and add it to yours.  

Both commodity money and ledger money are simply ways to track who owns what and who owes what.  Over history, commodity money tends to develop among groups or nations who don't trust each other, and ledger money tends to work better in groups that mostly trust each other.

And, of course these days most ledger money is digital, for example, Venmo, PayPal, your bank account, and many more.  

But these require a middle man, or a company, and can you trust them?  Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't.  

Can you trust them to accurately maintain the ledger, AND not create new units of the currency for themselves (which debases the value of your holdings)?  With Bitcoin, nobody is in control (and everybody is in control) - or more aptly, the code (or the rules) are in control.
With fiat money losing value consistently
     This leads to a proclivity for consumption
          Since the money is worth more right now
               Than it will be worth in the coming years.
                    In time, this leads to overconsumption &
                         Ostentation and environmental effects
                              Due to a constant need for spending.
                               Let’s use an option that reverses this
                          By using money that gains value over
                     Time and incentivizes the holding of
                Money because it purchases more in
          The future rather than less.  Over time
     The psychological and environmental
Benefits of Bitcoin grow and help all.
You can see this poem on a background here -
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