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Lift and inspire - clear the way
Be a friend to another today
Helping others will always pay
Rewards of peace and wealth

Life is full of daily needs
That you can fill with kindly deeds
What you get back ever exceeds
That which you give away

Lift and inspire - start right here
Spread vitality, hope and cheer
Your abundance is always near
As you plant inspiring seeds
This is Prosperity Poem 41 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here

Lift and Inspire is dedicated to my Mom - Marge Westra.

She has been a lifting and inspiring influence to me throughout my life, and is still doing so today. And I'm not the only one - she lifts and inspires everyone she knows!

A big part of the prosperous life is helping and inspiring others. My Mom taught me my basic philosophy of life, and especially the principle of helping others.
Take time today to laugh and smile
And get the sunshine on your skin
Go out in nature for a while
And let the beauty soak within

To prosper is much more than wealth
Enjoy the pleasures of each day
Do what you can for vibrant health
Balance your life with rest and play

Give your body the best of foods
And move your body - walk and run
Train your mind in positive moods
After your work - allow some fun

Take care to get plenty of sleep
Early to bed and early to rise
These simple habits you can keep
And lift your wealth to greater highs
This is Prosperity Poem 23 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
What is the bridge between the worlds
Of matter and the mind?
That bridge is made with spoken words
Which contour and define

So if the wealth which I create
Depends on what I say
I will choose to enunciate
The strongest words today

With words I form and crystallize
And shape my world anew
With words I freshly realize
The work which I must do

Words are the bridge between the worlds
Of matter, thought, and will
I'm eager now to learn which words
Will all my dreams fulfill…!
This is Prosperity Poem 21 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Get a vision that you can clearly see
In your mind’s eye, your desire is in view
Imagine away, while feelings run free
Vision will guide you in actions to do

What will you get with a vision so clear?
Energy, passion, and power to act
Vision revives you, and overcomes fear
All the odds in your favor are stacked

What will you get when your vision is true?
A drive and an urge that pulls you along
Commitment, confidence and zeal anew
Hope in your heart, and faith that is strong

Get your clear vision - a dream that excites
Then motivate all as your fire ignites
This is Prosperity Poem 38 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Call wealth by any other name
And it will surely feel as sweet
Your end result remains the same
Yet varied words make wealth complete

So many wealthy words to use
Splendor, success, security
New words lead to new breakthroughs
Income, freedom, prosperity

Voice the meaning of wealth for you
Abundance, fortune, property
Speak words that thrill and resonate
Words that flow and make you free

Use a wealth of wealthy words
And from within, a world you’ll build
The meaning from each word affords
New ways to make all dreams fulfilled
This is Prosperity Poem 31 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Incremental actions
bring monumental
With every fundamental step
your future rearranges
You may not know
what tiny task
could be quite instrumental
in moving your successes
to new and higher ranges
This is Prosperity Poem 36 at  You can see it on a background at
I’m loving these wealth vibrations
Through my body coursing
Filling me with warm sensations
Strong and reinforcing

Like sunshine lightly on my skin
Making that day brighter
Warming my soul from deep within
Making burdens lighter

Power surging, hope inviting
Filling me completely
Dreams are coming, quite exciting
Wealthy vibes warm sweetly
This is Prosperity Poem 29 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background at
Now listen well and hear this tale
Of a sixteen year old lad
Who with his wit and flying skill
Made two great countries glad

The chasm was eight hundred feet
Across Niagara Falls
The travelers could not get across
The steep and spray soaked walls

“We need a bridge”, cried engineers
A modern thoroughfare
But how to reach the other side?
We cannot build on air

A rocket or an arrow? No.
But what about a kite?
Let’s have a contest for the youth
We’d have a start, though slight

The people came with kites prepared
For fame and a reward
And Homan Walsh was very first
To span the gorge with cord

A string, then ropes, then cables spanned
And soon the bridge was done
The mighty falls could now be crossed
With string it was begun

And every great accomplishment
Began with something small
Remember Homan and his kite
That bridged Niagara Falls
This is prosperity poem 28. You can see this poem on a background at
Here’s how you gain prosperity
Pick the type of person you’ll be
In picking, keep your mind intact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Look around at great ones you know
Their successes easily show
That this one maxim they enact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

When trying on the victim stance
Or feeling passive, take a chance
Stay on task - remember this fact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Don’t rely on muscles and brawn
Do act - not be acted upon
Memorize this, and never go back
Don’t be acted upon, but ACT
This is Prosperity Poem 30 - You can see it on a background here -
If wings from every butterfly
Can move the air so readily
Then every better thought I think
Will change the world quite steadily

If one small bird can sing a tune
That makes my soul feel lighter
Then I decide to act in ways
That make our futures brighter

If sunlight cutting inky clouds
Brings vibrant light to eye and heart
I know that every mighty change
Had small and subtle steps to start

For wings and tunes are wispy things
As gentle as a summer breeze
Prosperity comes not by force
Yet step by step, it comes with ease
This is Prosperity Poem 35.  You can see it on a background here -
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