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Honest people say what is true
The iron law - true things prevail
And not the lies that often spew
From diktats which our rights curtail

Opinions and ideas abound
What are the signs of truth telltale?
Follow incentives - search around
What ideas will our freedoms derail?

Follow ideas to where they lead
Think of the results - in detail
Talk and discuss - think and read
Stand for freedom. Let truth prevail

Does an idea centralize power?
Central powers will always fail
Though dictators may gain the hour
In the end - true things prevail

Bitcoin keeps the ledger true
Decentralized - on worldwide scale
Better money for me and you
Come join and let the truth prevail
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“We are the US government”
We can print out of thin air
Mister Sherman says aloud
Which should be quite a scare

But yet he says of Bitcoin
(Amazing that he can dare)
That bitcoin isn’t valuable
But created from thin air

Bitcoin has a cost to make
A cost that can’t compare
To fiat’s cheap and easy flow
Debasing the saver’s share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For making us all aware
Of your Cantillon privilege
Printing money from thin air

Study what a bitcoin costs
To make one - with work & care
And you’ll see Bitcoin’s value
Come join and get a share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For helping us to prepare
As our dollars get debased
Since they’re printed from thin air
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Look up Representative Brad Sherman Out of Thin Air
Every single passing day
Bitcoin’s stronger, come what may
You can join us, come along
Join the stable money throng

Every day, transactions sent
Bitcoin saved, or bitcoin spent
Every day now, someone new
Moves to Bitcoin - could be you

Start in easy, start in slow
Once begun, you’ll see it grow
Every day, just learn some more
Bitcoin opens freedom's door

Stack your bitcoin, every day
Start right now & don’t delay
Get out from inflation’s hold
Come and join the Bitcoin fold
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Seigniorage refers to the profits
   A government earns by creating and
      Issuing new currency for a nation, but
         The seigniorage benefits those in power
            Who receive the new money first via the
               Cantillon effect. Specifically, the Federal
                  Reserve, the US Treasury, & large banks
                  In order to foster more equality in finance
               We can move to a decentralized currency
            In the Bitcoin network the profits earned
         From creating new bitcoin are given out
      To those who work maintaining and
   Securing the network, rather than to
Any centralized person or group
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You work for the money that other people print for free - that's the advantage of Seigniorage.
For them, not you.
We found our best sly roundabout way
Moving money from government sway
Bitcoin is strong - they cannot halt
The elegant network, or break the vault

Hayek foresaw the deeply set need
To better the money, minus the greed
With interest rate that’s naturally found
And not distorted, lowered or bound

Bitcoin, the peaceful revolution
A useful decentralized solution
Stops debasement & halts the power
Of looters who seek to steal each hour

Enhances freedom across the lands
Adds real value into people’s hands
Friedrich Hayek had this truth to say
We must find a sly roundabout way
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The fractional reserve banking system
   Is built on an unstable foundation where
      Not all depositors can access money freely.
         Since banks can lend more than they have
            This regularly leads to credit & asset bubbles
               And then business failures during downturns
               Let’s move to a more stable system where
            There is no central authority which people
         Need to trust with their deposits, an open
      And accurate ledger where everyone can
   Simply verify that their money is secure
With Bitcoin this technology is available
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Fiat money is unsound money
   Because governments can print
      More of this money at low or no cost
         The printing of more money is so easy
            That those in power can never resist the
               Urge to create new money for their use
                   The fiat supply remains unpredictable
                    Let’s use a money with known supply
               The solution is to create a limited money
            That has a cost to the creation of units
         This money would be sound if no group
      Or person has the option to issue new
   Money beyond what was programmed
You can see this poem on a background here  This is the ninth poem in the problems and solutions series.
Refrain from playing the looter
Or the parasite who takes
But always remain a builder
And known as one who makes

Yes build your life, proud and true
This is the Bitcoin way
Though looters claim we owe them
As Ayn Rand used to say

The looters count on Atlas…
That he’ll hold the world in place
But one day he will simply shrug
And the world will fall through space

Stand a maker, not a looter
Though the looters grow in size
Yes, swear by your love of life
That looting you’ll despise

Resist the urge for easy life
Prove strong as a woman or man
For either you’re a looter
Or you build everything you can

Our hands work and our minds conceive
And freely with others we trade
And let’s convert some looters
And end the looting charade
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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) claims
   That money must be managed or controlled
      Actively setting a price (and supply) of money.
         Artificially low or high interest rates lead to loss
            Of signal which leads to misallocation of capital
               Which leads to market bubbles and collapses
               Let’s use a money that can never be distorted
            In either price or supply by any group at all
         This will be a money that gives true signals
      About capital allocation to needed projects
   Based on free market principles and work
What money can’t be distorted?  Bitcoin
You can see this poem on a background here -  Inspired by Jack Mallers
Traditional financial systems often
   Charge high fees for many services
      Especially certain types of transactions
         Such as remittances, credit card payments
            Wire transfers, and late payment charges
               Remittances alone charge 6 percent of the
                  Amount sent globally from one to another
                  Let’s save billions of dollars for real people
               By moving to a system with much lower fees
            For transferring money anywhere on earth
         Bitcoin’s transaction fees are quite small
      Especially when using lightning protocol    
   Imagine the savings and the freedom
As billions start using Bitcoin soon
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