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Mar 2017 · 932
If You Knew
Grez Mar 2017
If you knew the landing were made of swords,
Would you jump?

If you saw the bridge collapse, descending to the deep,
Would you follow?

If you had to rewatch your life at heavens gate,
Would you regret?

If you knew my touch were poison,
Would you accept it?

If you knew your actions had consequences,
Would you lie with him again?

Then why do you return to me,
And fall down on your knees
Begging for what I cannot give

If you knew I'd say the same,
Scream at you to leave,
Would you go back and treat me that way again?
An idea from reading one of Lori Jones Mcaffery's works, where knowing something is nothing does not always stop us. Consequences cannot always deter us from stupid, hurtful actions. Appreciate feedback <3
Mar 2017 · 1.9k
To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme?
Grez Mar 2017
I was told poems mustn't rhyme
Those that do show infantile minds
A child can rhyme two with glue
Or find a metaphor for the sky being blue

Rhymes are easy
Essence is hard
I use conventional flow
As my not-so-trump trump card

Stop. Branch out.
Find the words to reach deep down.
The soul wrencher's
The tear jerkers
The love felt on a whim
From first sight
Unable to project true depth
Just imagery
The easy kind

Stick to the rhymes for now
Best to do what you know how
Appreciate feedback <3
Mar 2017 · 5.2k
Giggle Fart 'o Hard Heart
Grez Mar 2017
Giggle giggle **** ****
chuckle chuckle hard heart.
Lose the formal wording part,
just rhyme with nonsense works of art

**** art
Words are art
Parts of art
Those parts of art seen with your
hard heart
Soften up and see the humour
With a giggle giggle **** ****
My son laughed so it made it on here <3
Mar 2017 · 253
Grez Mar 2017
             Need is
             Of the
             Sandman's sand
             Nodding off to
             Imagination land

Good night
Unattainable Sleep
Mar 2017 · 430
Grez Mar 2017

             I beat the Sandman
             Now I lay in limbo
             Sleep set to
             Is truly
Grez Mar 2017
He started to write once.
A prompt 'Birthday, Christmas, socks I don't miss.
What do you even feel from a mistletoe kiss?'

No poem formed as time escaped him.
No inspiration arrived to complete it.
The prompt remained a prompt,
a point in time to show his arrogance.
He felt too great for the family he had.

As time escapes,
Friends drift
Skin sags
Days drag
Fun has gone.

His family. Gone.

In old age the poem is finished.

'Birthday, Christmas, socks I don't miss.
What do you even feel from a mistletoe kiss?
I'd give anything
to go back to this.'
Appreciate what you have, you never know when it will be gone.
Aug 2014 · 537
I need criticism!
Grez Aug 2014
Would anyone who reads my poems (if they have time) please get in touch with some constructive criticism? Any positives or negatives would be greatly appreciated to help improve my scribbles.

Thanks guys!

Grez x
Aug 2014 · 1.5k
Grez Aug 2014
Taken a hiatus
              Unhappy with the latest              
                   Put onto pages
         They've not been the greatest
                   Need a vacation
                  Find that part that

   Make them look
   Hide they're not
Ignore they're not

                         Hello Poetry
           When you hold a committee
                         To judge me
                           Take pity
                         Before you
          Remember I'm only running at
                          ­  Percent

  I think I'm due an upgrade
      To iron out these kinks.




Appreciate feedback
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
My son - A.B
Grez Jul 2014
I'd pen a paragraph
or two
scribble out a
the ink pours out this pen
to produce a pretty prose
that's true
to show my view
my hopes
my dreams
the best for you
don't waste life
be true
to you
make mistakes
keep youth's virtue
get a tattoo
in fact
get two
try that awful hairdo
keep your family
remember their value
be spontaneous
an impromptu trip
to a beach
or igloo
hug your mother
she's blue
learn Kung fu or write haikus
just continue
down your own

             I hope to be there to see
             how you grew and take
                 some credit for the
I'm so afraid I'll mess up, I just hope he grows up to be happy
Jul 2014 · 812
For Every Stranger on HP
Grez Jul 2014

   You are wonderful

            These words were for no one
                          About nobody

But take them, now they're yours.
Believe them stranger.
Wear an unforced smile, with pride.
Believe those words strangers.
If I make you smile, I guess I'm wonderful too.
Every single one of you are wonderful, for everything I've read and related to, laughed to, thought on and welled up on. You're all wonderful.
Jun 2014 · 3.8k
Grez Jun 2014
Tim had always wanted to marry Harry,
But his co-worker Bob had a negative view,
For bob said this union was repulsive to him,
"Marriage wasn't created for two dudes like you!
I demand compensation for the work I can't do,
Whilst I work in this booth with puffs like you two!"

Bob said his religion, his core family values,
Were the reason that happiness,
Wasn't for guys who love dudes.

Bob's just an *******.
Each to their own.
My friend later quit his job rather than deal with this guy. Such a shame.
Jun 2014 · 2.3k
Grez Jun 2014
Tweet chirp


Birds sound sweet
I've heard
Tweet chirp tweet

In birdsong

I don't get it myself, shut the **** up birds and let me sleep. Geez!
Such selfish birds don't they realise I have nothing to do tomorrow and need to sleep for it!
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
Grez Jun 2014
One branch
Protrudes above the rest
It's not
A competition
There is no match here
It ended
Months ago

Last season
In the race
For light

This branch
Fails to see

We're all from the same tree.
Appreciate Feedback

Any ideas for a title?

A sleep deprived mind at 5am, it's light now as I'm sat in the garden.
May 2014 · 1.1k
Grez May 2014
What's wrong with me?

I pour my heart
take my time
On the ignored
poems of mine

I take 5 minutes
just write some lines
They trend so quickly
these nonsense poems

I am not ungrateful at all by the way! I love that people read what I write, and I love the feedback I get.

I think I need some serious criticism as my favourite poems to write just don't read as well.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Time to Leave
Grez May 2014
I've had enough
Life's too difficult,
A little too rough.
Trying to find a way out
Can't find an exit.

Where's the sortie?
Ausgang salida,
Выход uscita.
Help me find the utgang!

Feeling trapped,
As people worldwide do.
I've been told before
"This is no place for you!"

I've finally listened,
It's time leave.
Friends tried to warn me,
Oh I was so naive.

Don't tell me I'll be ok
Don't tell me it'll all work out
This isn't worth it all.
It'll be so much easier if I could find the exit.

I'm with my son right now,
He's trapped me in a ball pit,
And I can't find a way out!
What did you think I was talking about?

Cheer up everyone!

Yes I speak Russian
(A little)
Appreciate Feedback - I'd like suggestions for a better title please!
May 2014 · 5.3k
Your Own Destiny
Grez May 2014
If fate existed

How could you possibly fail
With deeds,
in life's tale.

That would not be your failure!

Look up,
You're able. Capable.
Time to turn the table.
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 666
Nothing To Say
Grez May 2014
Inspiration doesn't strike me
I feel I have to earn it

My heart says,
       Write, for you have words to say
          Words to be heard
             Words to be thought on

My heart and head do not converse
I know this
As my hands are still frozen
There is no inspiration
Should I write when the words won't come out?
May 2014 · 1.5k
Blood Taint
Grez May 2014
It flows
    And stops
         It dies
              And clots
                       It thrives
                          Until I drop

As alcohol courses through me
Turning pure blood to taint
My wits are dulled
And thoughts askew

That light is rather bright
That one up ahead
Too boozed up
To find the brake


Awaking briefly
No pain
Talking man with his blue mask
Hooking up a bag of life

It's red and thick
I've seen it before
Perhaps it was mine I gave
My life is too pathetic for another to save

Irony of my own blood replacing
My own blood

Is it worth it
Should they bother

Let me suffer my consequences

Just let the blood stop

I can already it feel it starting to clot.
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 7.5k
Lovers Smile - Haiku
Grez May 2014
Now look at this face
       Do you remember this smile?
           I wore it for you.
Appreciate feedback

Sort of a haiku, not a proper theme and not descriptive.
May 2014 · 580
First World Problems
Grez May 2014
As I use this conditioner on my hair
I think,
Do I need hair this fair.
As a man, should I care?

      But it turns so soft and silky!
      Just feel it, touch it,
      So smooth and wispy!

Shush now voice, I tell you,
I do not care for this fair hair!
I do not need fair hair with flare!

      Don't you like the way it smells?
      So clean and fruity,
      Smelling fresh as sleeping beauty!

Enough! I do not need fair hair
Or hair with flare
Or hair that glares
So man up!

And rub some dirt in there!
Just, don't ask. I have no explanation for this.
May 2014 · 1.3k
Life's Dream
Grez May 2014
If life were as he dreamt it,
He'd count on one hand;
His worries, his fears, his gone wrong plans.

Alas, a dream is that, a dream.
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 419
Emotions (10w)
Grez May 2014
Happy, sad.

I love and loathe my brain for these.
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 629
Grez May 2014
This cloak
I have
Upon my back

It grows
With every tear

This cloak
Of sadness
Upon my back


Always there
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 674
For Any Other
Grez May 2014
Give me rest before I fight again
I beg a moment's peace.
It's too soon to brawl my friend
My hearts not yet at ease.

The recent wounds are still too sore
I crave her presence still.
I'm not yet ready to wage this war
For the last one left me ill.

I cannot fight again so empty
I'm drained from a war of romance.
I want no other to try and tempt me
I was happier in her trance.

These others hold no appeal to me
They haven't her charm or looks.
What we had was chemistry
The kind only found in soppy love books.

For any other
I will not care
Or dote
Or laugh at their jokes.

For any other
I will not want
Or trust
Or look at with lust.

For any other
I'll not accept
The love from their hearts
For she has left mine in shards.
Appreciate feedback
May 2014 · 3.4k
Dark light
Grez May 2014
Why did the sun not rise today
Why was the sky not bright today
Leaving darkness there to stay
I'm scared, dawn has not arrived today.

Or that my eyes are closed?
Unable to see
The straws I clutch are not enough
To replace the sense I've lost.

Craving imagery,
where there is none to be found.
Appreciate feedback
Grez May 2014
Mountain deterioration

Molehill sized problem
In view of others eyes,
Then why is it that mine
A mountain do divine?

Insistent drowning thoughts
Craving dreaded  loneliness
For alone there is no hate,
But too much time to contemplate.

A crowd of people
Yet to understand,
Their molehill can be climbed
My mountain is alive!

It grows and walks away
A steady pace I cannot match,
I chip away with building hate
Willing it to deteriorate.

If I can conquer this mountain
And start afresh anew,
Then this depression ruling high
Will be expelled with no forlorn goodbye.

But no.
My problems seem too large.
And that mountain in my mind,
I can never leave behind.

It stays,
It looms,
Depression booms.

My mountain will not deteriorate.
Appreciate feedback

— The End —