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Zoe Mae Oct 2021
As a kid I believed the moon was made of cheese.
With age I learned it's just a frigid rock.
As a child I remember gazing at stars, whispering please.
As though the universe could really hear me talk.
Rainbows were pure magic.
Each one held a *** of gold.
Growing up is inherently tragic.
Splendor becomes same old same old.
Quill Jan 2020
Lay me under the night sky and I'll make a home within the stars

I'll find solace in the faint wind-chimes echoing into oblivion

I'll make tunes from the passing cars going 25 through puddles

I'll sing to the rattling of the leaves doing somersaults in the wind

I'll dance to the howling of the wind blowing through the trees and houses

I'll look up into the endless void of the sky and close my eyes

I'll wait for the moon to call me home
I wrote this short poem at 3 am one night when I couldn't sleep.  I let myself listen and feel everything going on.  I let the words just flow through me.  I've changed nothing about it.
Casey Sep 2019
The story we read in class today talked of the narrator's father
seeing his home of Italy as an old country he left behind
to carry on with what he started in the USA.
I'm not so sure that that's good.
When you forget where you come from, you forget yourself in a way.
There was a part of you that grew up and learned about life where you
used to preside.
Why would you want to lose that?
Thinking about it now, I do realize an obvious answer;
perhaps your hometown wasn't too great of a place
for someone like you, or maybe growing up there had bad
In my mom's case, she left behind the city for the country.
She grew up in (REDACTED) with people she knew for forever.
But she always told me that she knew that as soon as she left for college,
she wasn't going back to that place.
Having to go out and buy cigarettes for your parents because they
don't have their driver's license will do that to a person I guess.
We do these things called quick-writes in LA class which are short, 5 minute responses to a poem or prompt or picture or short story that the teacher provides.
Caitlin Ellis Mar 2019
I've sat once again
at the foot of my mother's old typewriter
journals of ideas scattered at my feet

The letter A is missing
I never realised the effect of one letter
the ripples it causes in an ocean
How it changes my writing, what I need to say

I dreamt of waves a few nights ago
At first they terrified me
but as they reached me
they were gentle and soft
welcoming like an old friend greeting me with a hug

I hope he is my missing letter
The ripples and waves in my ocean
and when he is not around
I am without
Franchesca Mar 2019
They say it’s what we strive for.
It’s what we desire.
It’s what we chase.
It’s what we need.
Its why we live.
It hurts.
It grows.
It changes over the years.
But it’s always love.
To cry.
To laugh.
To smile.
To break down at 3am in a shower, wondering to yourself what is wrong with the universe.
The feelings attached to this idea, painful yet most exhilarating.
Nothing of what you don’t already know though.
So why?
Why love be the important concept in us human-beings?
Because it’s passion.
It’s hope.
It’s faith.
It’s the base of our life’s purpose.
Why do anything in life if not searching for more dept?
Looking in-between the lines for happiness.
From the moment we open our eyes till our last breath, it’s what we desire, chase, and need.
Its why we live, because till the end, it’ll always save us.
Love saves us.
Caitlin Ellis Mar 2019
I have taken back my life
so much that the flowers have died
they lay lifeless on the counter
the same way i did as they bloomed

Is it selfish
that I really don't mind
the way they droop

The longing they carry
or the dark discolouration of petals
holding the open hands
outstretched by life itself

Goodbye flowers
it's been real
stephanie Oct 2018
fidgeting is my specialty
if there was an Olympic competition for anxiously
biting nails to the bone,
I would take the gold.

my biggest fears revolve around
other humans;
talking on the phone is like piloting
a fighter plane towards the city
and you know it is proven
you will crash into a skyscraper
with a hundred different daycare centers
within its walls.
I know that's a terrible thing
but now you know how I feel.

I have this disability,
the ever-present feeling of fear
radiating from my core to my tips.
Its un-ignorable,
i can't wait to wake up one day
and not remember what it is like
to want to go back to bed and hide.
i wrote this during class
Karmen Aug 2018
Not same am I Renee
Same sane not, who is this Renee know do not know of
Humanism does define Renees sum up sort of
Her travels though this life doe not contain great lies
Unheard voice leaves it’s messages in depth when least expect
If you’re wishing to seek who’s Renee to who you speak
Take a seat , learn to breathe
Repeat after me
Woo-saaaaa ,
Light shutted sight in follow for seconds
Enjoy the earth from your surrounds
Talk little out loud , beginning with name of whom you seek
Desire to hear the message from your head
All ears. You’re pretty clear
I’m near
Renee that remain with depth
Stayed with true care
Rooting for you to have the very best that which whatever you define it to be
You mean more to me
To scare me off or cause fear
I am not lost
Or scared to seek beyond
Just here for here
Whenever you may seek or be need
Don’t be prideful
The Renee you do not know
The Renee you know of from once
They both and other forms , do not judge
Purely goldly just love .
*nudge *
Stay up
High high who am I lol
Replace name with you or change the ranges to whom
Karmen Jul 2018
Here’s a good one for ya
Y’all heard this one before in fact
“ you are here for a purpose, we are all here for a better purpose “
Well what purpose ?
Something you ask people back & let sit in the back of your head wondering answers as for what and why .
Am I right ?
How many of ya have found your answer ?
If you haven’t , are you content with the unknown  
See, that statement is what we all hear
Something we’re told when we are in dumps and about to give up
And even though it can’t be stated with an answer it’s something that sort of lifts us up .
And what’s crazy to me is ,
What’s my purpose for walking this earth
That’s no longer a question for me
I have my answer, I know and am aware of my answer to that question .
G Mar 2018
she runs a blade
along the side of truth
tearing seams to separate
the situation from semantics

tossing context
so I am nothing more
than a consequence
of bad behaviour,
an example of pain’s twisted path

reduced from a person
to a speed bump,
slowing her life plan

a hangnail on the hand
that feeds
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