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NewCaleBoy Aug 2018
the extermination of the straight white male

soon we will be gone and the remainder carried over into zoos for
“safekeeping,” our DNA and ***** harvested for science purposes

you will be pitched advertisements

send $ to San Diego Zoo so they can save the few remaining
white rhinos (which they neglect to mention are in preserves in Kenya and the Sudan, but send $$ a way)
and the last three straight white guys
(surfer, techie, and an aborigine)
to preserve the species so the world can modify their cells
to stop sexism, racism and other male diseases
gonna maybe mate them with the rhinos,
which will be expensive cause of all the rhinoplasty,

so send me some
money, money, money

I've gone
there why
in matter
of sands
and if
taken this
photo when
hers flash
in mine
this cartoon
gosh was
her ***
vehemently shone
inside the
cove that
the bulb
would entertain
TD Feb 2018
trapped in the tension stoked
by warmongers
existing in cages.

A violent history
conquerors unbind
their twisted sails.
Thrashing arms
knot the chains.

Lost in a manifesto
to change.
Once yar with bounties
from the far and away.

Overcome they’ve tossed their lily petals into the pressing foam—
to watch churlish eyes expand.
A global reckoning implodes.

Diego and poor Frida
peer deeply in
their brush strokes ripe with liquid passion.

(Jaded like the pouting mouth
of one promiscuous glance too many.)

The rouge bleeds
rivulets along a canvas edge
framed by illicit
Igorgoldkind Nov 2017
Igor Goldkind and John Kingsmill will perform TrypTych: The Third Act of Creation in its entirety  at tonight’s Art and Poetry event in Balboa Park around 7.30 pm

With authors Tomas Gayton, Jim Moreno, and Chris Vannoy. People’s Choice Poem Performance Awards follow featured readings and performances. DJ Gill Sotu will provide music and sound throughout the show. This interactive arts and culture experience will include beverages, snacks, and plenty of time to mingle. Bring a snack or beverage to share and get in free. Info: 619-957-3264.

  When:   Friday, November 10, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  Where:  San Diego Art Institute1439 El Prado,
San Diego, 92101
april w Aug 2017
freckles splattered across your face like constellations in the night sky
earrings sparkling when the sun hits it just right
hands ruffling your hair after a swim
diving in knowing you're going to win
racing everyone in front of you and beating them
receiving your medals one by one
knowing that there are many more to come
aura of confidence making you glow
you truly are my diego
Grez Mar 2017
I was told poems mustn't rhyme
Those that do show infantile minds
A child can rhyme two with glue
Or find a metaphor for the sky being blue

Rhymes are easy
Essence is hard
I use conventional flow
As my not-so-trump trump card

Stop. Branch out.
Find the words to reach deep down.
The soul wrencher's
The tear jerkers
The love felt on a whim
From first sight
Unable to project true depth
Just imagery
The easy kind

Stick to the rhymes for now
Best to do what you know how
Appreciate feedback <3
Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
So this is the new age

                             Of many iron lords

                          Did it live past the lineage

                       Did it give omage to the lore

                        Of many creatures before it

                                  A timeless score

                               The age of aquarius

                          Our elders lead us in scorn

                Of painful plights or new beginnings

                                     Rage on kids

                                    We’re winning

                    And let us know that on this night

                                A star burned out

                            A desert frozen on sight
                    Old crow bit the dust that night
                   They cried in failure but didn't know
                              A New Age is Coming

                               Crow knew it to be so
To old Scare Crow may your spirit live on wherever you are my brother. Rage on kid!

— The End —