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Dec 2019 · 330
Quicker than you think
James LR Dec 2019
With every word and weakness
With each forgotten dream
You grew upon my heart and mind
More quickly than you think.
Dec 2019 · 80
James LR Dec 2019
Pulses pounding in my mind
The drum that pounds the beat of time
Will not stop and never will
The music that the heart still feels
Dec 2019 · 28
The Caves
James LR Dec 2019
Piercing echoes in the dark
Where light has never played a part
Rains from thousands of years before
Drag the ceiling through the floor
Dec 2019 · 841
Forgotten in the Snow
James LR Dec 2019
A thousand kisses on the leaves
In rainbow shades amidst the green
Long forgotten in the snow
Decaying where we do not know.
Nov 2019 · 122
Autumn's Loss
James LR Nov 2019
The mountains high, the valley long
The stars on strands of silver hung.
Fallen, Autumn's auburn crown
lays upon the frozen ground.
Long he fought, but could not stay
the snows that on the hillocks lay.
Winter's frost, her keening bite
Blizzard blankets in the night.
Her heart is warm, but cold her hands.
Her will has breathed across the land.
Sep 2019 · 183
My Hestia
James LR Sep 2019
O Lady Fortune, matron of the moon
who changes every eve. Your nature sought
to be unkind to most and likewise fought
my fate. For years I spat and cursed and rued
your name. I wondered why you thought to doom
my works to fail when I had done but naught
to earn thy spite and need to fight for aught
which I would keep from thy gambling room.
And yet somehow, by twist of Cousin Chance,
you deigned to put true beauty in my way,
a Hestia to mend the ache of time.
Her starshot eyes have set me with a glance
alight. My sidhe to hold and love, always
for to cherish while she will remain mine.
Sonnet #15
Jul 2019 · 176
James LR Jul 2019
Shackles tighten round my wrists
As money leaves my clenching fist.
The light of pity stares at me
Glaring back at Mr. Monopoly
Jun 2019 · 265
James LR Jun 2019
Jun 2019 · 97
Just in case
James LR Jun 2019
Just in case the sun will cease to shine,
Just in case I lose my peace of mind,
Just in case there is no rest to find,
I'll keep your hand in mine.

Just in case my heart will overflow.
Just in case my life with love explode.
Just in case you won't be mine to hold,
I'll keep on letting go.
May 2019 · 166
James LR May 2019
Waiting for the rain,
to kiss the stale concrete,
and waiting for the wind,
to spread the flowered trees.
Waiting for the sun,
to bake the noon of day
and waiting for the stars,
to wish the night away.
May 2019 · 158
By Brick Uneven Brick
James LR May 2019
Brick upon uneven brick,
We built our standards high.
The stones we laid, morality,
Are slowly stripped away
By brick uneven brick.
Morality's demise.
May 2019 · 150
Across the Lane
James LR May 2019
There was no crosswalk here
yet crossed I nonetheless.
And with just mild fear,
I ran across the lane.

The light had took too long.
The button stayed depressed.
A street sign said 'twas wrong
to run across the lane.

But I cut across the street
and then I cut again.
knowing not where I'd be,
I ran across the lane.

Until the corners I had cut
all caught up with my feet,
and then at last I was resigned
to just walk down the street.
May 2019 · 336
Garden of the Skies
James LR May 2019
Linger in the garden of the skies.
Walk and stray down silken starry lanes.
Come and taste the nectar of the moon.
Come and see the sun's eternal bloom.
Try to fly among the nebulae.
Try to see the garden grow and raise,
worlds that have not yet received a name.
May 2019 · 101
Drug upon my Tongue
James LR May 2019
What is in this name upon my tongue?
What drug is this? 'tis burrowed in my mind
and wakes me into life upon a whim.
Relief from this blessed curse I cannot find,
Nor do I want to shun that drug divine.
That smiling purity, that gaze sublime,
Which slowly, surely makes me thine
May 2019 · 157
James LR May 2019
Honeybees that seek elixir sweet
Pursue the daffodil before my feet
The scent that dances on her velvet skirt
Is beauty blossomed from the humble earth.
Apr 2019 · 113
Scars Upon the Sand
James LR Apr 2019
Once I laid beside the rising tide
And watched the foam curl up unto the shore
To lap away the scars upon the sand
That were left by the ones who came before.

Once I laid beside the rising tide,
And left my past upon the sand to die.
Apr 2019 · 1.0k
What does that say of Him
James LR Apr 2019
We think that we are all unique,
yet none as good as Him.
We alone face trials deep
And dark and dank and grim.
Thinking ourselves so wise or strong
Thinking that we alone did fall.
Esteeming that we are alone,
Walking through life alone.

Yet truly we are all the same,
hypocritic fools: all men
and if in His image are made,
what does that say of Him?
Mar 2019 · 174
Stay There
James LR Mar 2019
knees bounce and fingers shake
trees that sway, and branches break
Each year brings pain, and fallen leaves
Each year brings rain and growing green
so though your bark may be laid bare
reach for light and stay there
Mar 2019 · 236
The Empty Bitter Cold
James LR Mar 2019
I have beheld the beauty of your smile.
Bringing my heart more warmth than any fire.
I know thy heart is troubled. Denial
must be denied. Of love I shall not tire.
My heart and my soul burn to seek thy grace.
Your gentle eyes and gaze hath love adorned
Til no sun could hold candle to the face,
Of which I pledge I shall not earn the scorn.
Though many nights I feel the cold once more
When roots of frost again slip through my mind
To cloud my heart with eyes of doubt. For sure,
If thou wast by my side I'd be not blind.
I need not fear the empty bitter cold,
When on thee and our love I can behold.
Sonnet #10
Forgot to post this a while ago.
Mar 2019 · 152
Sonnet unto Me
James LR Mar 2019
By now I know no other path could lead
Me to be the person that you’ve become.
Your presence in itself, means I succeed-
-ed in my life, trials to overcome.
When jackals reared their heads, you stayed your course.
When sunshine failed to shine, you found a light.
And in the times when clouded by remorse,
You battened down, enduring through the night.
As for me, I know not what Life will bring.
An undecided life for me to steer.
To learn why songbirds ever choose to sing,
I’ll follow as thou hast and never fear.
I know that as I choose to follow Him,
We will be there, in vict’ry over sin.
Sonnet #14
Mar 2019 · 124
A Lonely Clock
James LR Mar 2019
I never leave my wall.
I was watched, but not remembered
Lonely as September.

Sometimes I wish that I would die,
Hoping they'd see, my batt'ry replace,
Just to be touched and show my face.

I see him in your pocket
Another on your wrist.
And now I've been dismissed.

Taking none of the time that's
Displayed upon my face
to glance upon my place.

I have never left my wall
But you don't even care at all
Mar 2019 · 524
James LR Mar 2019
My bed is warm
My bed is kind
My bed will always take the time

To keep me safe
And let me rest
From all that would try their best

To wake me to a world of noise
A thousand things to do or think
When I would rather lay in bed
Ignoring all, yet never dead
Mar 2019 · 118
Our Steel
James LR Mar 2019
The nether hells that fill with fear
Shall ever be allowed to reign.
Forever would I tarry here
In circumstance that brings me pain.

For in the forging flame of hate,
Is purified the steel of man,
To hammer out a course for fate
And callouses the heart and hand.

Awaken now to chance's curse
Behold and rage against the lot
That life has deemed you to be worth
And then we die to ripe and rot,
Our steel conquering Earth
Feb 2019 · 100
James LR Feb 2019
She fell and fumbled my heart.
She dropped it again and again.
But your hands are steady and kind.
I can't stop fumbling for words,

Not a fan of blank verse. Blegh.
Feb 2019 · 168
The night looks different
James LR Feb 2019
The night looks different unto me,
Forever different it will be.
Others too have seen as I;
others too have watched the sky:
The quiet holes pierced in the veil,
the silver rider as he sails
Across the river in the sky.
Many look at darkened sky,
Many never knowing why
Our eyes are pulled forever up.

I pity those who do not know
the beauty that the heavens show.
Jan 2019 · 200
He left his coat
James LR Jan 2019
I watched him run into the night
Filled with stormy tears
To relieve his fears

I waited for him through the night
He left his coat and phone
And he never came home

Some things you just don't wanna hear
Some things you can't believe
The truth is always laying there
Somewhere in between

But deep inside our heart of hearts
We knew what he would do
Roommate ran out last night. Finally heard from him this morning. He's still alive, but he tried not to be
Jan 2019 · 89
Poetry cannot win
James LR Jan 2019
Poems lead by emotion
To delve beneath our skin
Bring peace to soul's commotion
And soothe the stains of men
But when the heart has gone awry
Poetry cannot win
Jan 2019 · 221
James LR Jan 2019
Eyes that shun the light of day
They close and just can't stay

When the night has vanquished day
My eyes may close but always stay
Jan 2019 · 160
Burning Snow
James LR Jan 2019
Burning snow
Seeping ice
Freezing closed
The teeth that bite
Chattering, Gnashing
Clawing at cold
The cold that gnaws the heart and soul
To fill my core with bitter snow
Where once your touch had made me whole
Hell has frozen over. It's called Idaho.
Jan 2019 · 110
Hang me in the Stars
James LR Jan 2019
I hope in death I can reside
Amongst the shining stars
To scatter dust of light and dark
to all those near and far
Dec 2018 · 677
Strange Dreams
James LR Dec 2018
Strange thoughts, strange dreams
Bulging at their seams.
Teeth that feel and think and breathe.

A shattered sky, a shattered mind
Locked and thinking out of time.
The satin droplets from on high
that sink into the burning snow,
The mountain stoops to squint at stone.
Dec 2018 · 393
A Single Glassy Song
James LR Dec 2018
I hear a single glassy song:
The thought of life itself is wrong.
When overhead and over trees,
Over clouds and over seas
Suspended by a silver thread,
Is air that gleams in heaven's bed
And glittering realms that wait in dreams.
Things that only dead men see.
Dec 2018 · 5.1k
I Met the Devil
James LR Dec 2018
The devil met me in the street
Beneath a lamp post glow
He taught me to only reap
whatever I could sow

He taught of wrong and right
He taught the way of life
He taught me not to trust the ones
Who follow in faith blind

I met the devil in the street,
Beneath a lamp post glow
He said to doubt all that I see
Choose my own way to go
Nov 2018 · 264
When Truth Lies
James LR Nov 2018
When moon and sun collide
When stars have left the sky
When ocean waves decide
Forever still to lie

When flame has lost it's fire
When truth is made a liar
Then at last I'll tire
Of seeing you at my side
Nov 2018 · 261
Nature's Greed
James LR Nov 2018
Silver sun on basking lakes
where golden ice sits in her throne
Of ice and snow and frosted stone

Rubble red the soil takes
to try and sate Queen Nature's greed
for all above and all beneath

Power can never be slaked
Man and Earth are master's each
Of the mountain and the beach
No wealth outside their reach
Nov 2018 · 305
Kill the Light
James LR Nov 2018
A drop of rain upon the glass
A second, third, and then at last
Pouring in a sheet of spite
To soak and slick and chill the night
Darken, diminish, **** the light
Nov 2018 · 140
Dumping on someone's day
James LR Nov 2018
Taking a dump on someone's day
is a very subtle way to say
My day is empty, and I am bored
with nothing to do but crap on yours
Nov 2018 · 130
Save Nothing
James LR Nov 2018
Dedicate heart and hope
And then abandon both
No dark without light
No hope gives no grief
No owner means no thief

And with your back against this wall
Don't be afraid to fight
Swim all you can
With strength that you lack
Save nothing for the way back
Nov 2018 · 2.5k
James LR Nov 2018
A life is of vigor and flame
No two truly the same

Campfire encircled by stone
Never shall freedom know
Their days are prolonged
But when they are gone
Nothing but nothing remains

Infernos that through forests rage
Leave a burnt blackened stain
A mark left behind
From a life quick to die
Living forever
Deserving the name
Of "Flame"
I'd rather be ashes than dust
Nov 2018 · 253
Where Peace Abides
James LR Nov 2018
The rising sun that burns the eye
Wincing, as I turn with sigh
For blazing light of blazing ire
Cannot set my heart on fire
The way you do with crystal light,
Pouring from eyes shining bright
With all the love you give to me
And all the love I give to thee
That speaks in volumes to my soul
Of eternities of love untold
Where peace and love and warmth abide
Our hands forever intertwined.
Oct 2018 · 446
James LR Oct 2018
Beneath the autumn trees that sway with auburn hue,
Beneath the gilded leaves that laugh on silver bough,
Beneath the roots that never knew,
The sunlight shine or taint of plow.

Beneath the prizes of the land that lay in beauty raw,
Beneath the remnants of the ones who came aeons before,
Beneath the raging fire of flaw,
To purify her ferric core.

There lies a heart of molten girth.
That's been companion since our birth
To every life that's come or past,
And every life that's lived to die.
Oct 2018 · 81
James LR Oct 2018
A hug, a promise, a kiss
And a thousand things I miss
About caresses made in bliss
About your dulcet tenderness

About the way you take my hand
And how you help me understand
The essence of love, divine and pure
Isn't loud and doesn't shine
(Except in our own minds)

It walks softly
Touches softly
Speaks softly
Sings softly
Occurs softly
Feels softly
Teaches softly

And that is all I know
Oct 2018 · 107
When Death Dies
James LR Oct 2018
He sat alone beneath the trees,
Beneath the starry skies.
He thought alone of what he's seen
and what it means to die

"Some are full of virtue.
Some are full of venom.
Some are somewhere in between and full of indecision.

Some die steady and slow.
Some die fast and loud.
Some die somewhere they can never earn a burial shroud.

Some are surrounded by people.
Some are surrounded by money.
Some have nothing of the like, surrounded by nobody.

And still they go alone,
Where living do not roam.
And go wherever they must go
To lands that are not known.

They speak of death with peace.
They speak of death with calm.
They speak of death knowing release
Will one day be the balm.
To all their grief, and all their pain,
Knowing they may never think and never be again.

But they all die the same
With nothing to their name"

Then the man beneath the trees,
Dressed in myth and legend,
Started off into the dark
To find the end made for him.

He walked alone beneath the trees,
Beneath those starry skies.
He faded into darkness deep
For even Death must die.
Oct 2018 · 147
James LR Oct 2018
Matchsticks used and burned to black
Stand amid their brethren tall
Through Mount and Vale
Their limbs compete
To reach into Heaven's seat

Merced flows and bubbles past
Bird and beast both heed the call
From Bridal Veil
Is river born
To reach for the Distant Shore

Stare in awe! El Capitan,
Mighty Chief, above them all
The peak unveils
In its natural majesty
Went to Yosemite this past weekend
Oct 2018 · 129
Monotony of Gray
James LR Oct 2018
The sky is like the sea beneath,
Filled with frothy, feathered teeth.
Made with wispy, white-washed waves,
And clouds comprised of cotton haze.

The blue of sky, the blue of sea
Both quietly fade away
Into monotonies of gray
Oct 2018 · 429
Everything I Touch
James LR Oct 2018
King Midas had a golden touch
His love of treasure was too much
To satisfy his heart of stone
Sitting on his golden throne.
Everything he touched turned into gold.

Everything I touch turns into ash.
The life I made has slipped away
Into a night of grim decay
The homes I've made
And friends I've had
Leave me hollow
Leave me sad

Like Midas, I, am left alone
Sitting on a broken throne
Sep 2018 · 851
Sunlight Stains
James LR Sep 2018
These curtains hewn of sunlight stains
Forever banish thoughts of rain;
And then beneath the golden light,
Fear and folly flee from sight.
A phantom wind -conviction bright-
Relieves my heart of rage and spite.
Leftover grief of yesterday
Is filled with hope and fades away.
What are your "curtains"?
Sep 2018 · 339
A Poem is a Pen
James LR Sep 2018
A poem is a journal
A poem is a pen
A poem is the emotion
We can't contain within
Sep 2018 · 541
Honest Words
James LR Sep 2018
Breathing walls and vision stained
with the dying light of day
Honest words in honest pain
Hours later filled with shame
Sep 2018 · 262
For better or for worse
James LR Sep 2018
For better or for worse,
My heart is in your hand.
I choose to put you first.

Just ask me to, and I'll rehearse:
That by your side, I choose to stand
For better or for worse.

Give me thy pains to nurse,
And let me help you understand
That I still choose to put you first.

Bring me joy, slake my thirst,
As I walk with you through this land
For better or for worse.

Be this a blessing or a curse,
My soul is searéd with Love's brand.
So let me choose to put you first.

My heart with thy love doth now burst.
The trials of life, we will withstand.
And so for better or for worse,
Know I will always put you first
My first villanelle
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