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Shackles tighten round my wrists
As money leaves my clenching fist.
The light of pity stares at me
Glaring back at Mr. Monopoly
James LR Jun 13
James LR Jun 6
Just in case the sun will cease to shine,
Just in case I lose my peace of mind,
Just in case there is no rest to find,
I'll keep your hand in mine.

Just in case my heart will overflow.
Just in case my life with love explode.
Just in case you won't be mine to hold,
I'll keep on letting go.
James LR May 27
Waiting for the rain,
to kiss the stale concrete,
and waiting for the wind,
to spread the flowered trees.
Waiting for the sun,
to bake the noon of day
and waiting for the stars,
to wish the night away.
James LR May 13
Brick upon uneven brick,
We built our standards high.
The stones we laid, morality,
Are slowly stripped away
By brick uneven brick.
Morality's demise.
James LR May 13
There was no crosswalk here
yet crossed I nonetheless.
And with just mild fear,
I ran across the lane.

The light had took too long.
The button stayed depressed.
A street sign said 'twas wrong
to run across the lane.

But I cut across the street
and then I cut again.
knowing not where I'd be,
I ran across the lane.

Until the corners I had cut
all caught up with my feet,
and then at last I was resigned
to just walk down the street.
James LR May 11
Linger in the garden of the skies.
Walk and stray down silken starry lanes.
Come and taste the nectar of the moon.
Come and see the sun's eternal bloom.
Try to fly among the nebulae.
Try to see the garden grow and raise,
worlds that have not yet received a name.
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