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James LR Jul 23
The lamplit shadows of the night
Reflected in your eyes by light of moon
Dance and sigh upon your face and lips
Dance and die upon my fingertips
James LR Apr 29
Someday the sun will set beyond the sea,
Its light put out never again to rise.
And later on, with naught else left to see
The final stars will twinkle out and die.
Maybe the sea will dry and turn to glass
Or banish life 'til all is naught by dust
And time has come to know its day is past.
Whate'er the fate, when all has come to thus
And nothing there remains, if love is true
the empty universe will pulse and fill
with all the care that I have borne for you
the universe once cold will live on still.
Our life, too brief, is but a drop in time
The love we share is nothing but divine.
Sonnet #17
James LR Dec 2019
With every word and weakness
With each forgotten dream
You grew upon my heart and mind
More quickly than you think.
James LR Dec 2019
Pulses pounding in my mind
The drum that pounds the beat of time
Will not stop and never will
The music that the heart still feels
James LR Dec 2019
Piercing echoes in the dark
Where light has never played a part
Rains from thousands of years before
Drag the ceiling through the floor
James LR Dec 2019
A thousand kisses on the leaves
In rainbow shades amidst the green
Long forgotten in the snow
Decaying where we do not know.
James LR Nov 2019
The mountains high, the valley long
The stars on strands of silver hung.
Fallen, Autumn's auburn crown
lays upon the frozen ground.
Long he fought, but could not stay
the snows that on the hillocks lay.
Winter's frost, her keening bite
Blizzard blankets in the night.
Her heart is warm, but cold her hands.
Her will has breathed across the land.
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