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Jan 2018 · 454
It's a New World
Mongi Jan 2018
It's a New World

Cars fly in the atmosphere
Like kites being flown by carefree kids
Homes crumble down to shreds
Like mud castles being hit by the rain
Life gets washed away into the seas
Like soft sand grains from the sea shore

Earnest elite men and women in white coats
Will name as tornado, tsunami, earthquakes
Scary names they are
Imaging dragons and Dracula
But it is a natural disaster
It is the universe's fault
That no man can be blamed for

Some people live with their loses
Find solace in the life they at least have left
Though, sadly, most never do
They wish they were never spared
For they are nothing with the nothingness spared

It's a new world
Now welcome the insensible fault of nature
Pssshhh! A silver vessel flies to the North
Zssshhh! A furious retaliative one trajects
Bzshhhh! They both hit on either sides
And the rest becomes history

Secure in their protected fortresses
Safe in company of their families
Content with their actions
Two men from either sides
Too full of their selfish and narcissistic egos
And yet voted by the perishing masses into power

They watch their doings
From their fancy televisions
Like it were an ugly action movie scene
Or a space Sci-fi video game
While everything burns down
And life turns to death
Toils taken to graves

Children screaming
Parents crying
Dreams shattering
Blood spilling
Sirens wailing
Doctors yelling
Pulses feebling
Breaths fading

It is selfish world
Where survival is only for the egocentric
And the innocent civilians live every day
In fear it were their last
As the media discuss the looming of a war
Now tyrants are bigger than their voters
And men's suits are too expensive
To sit down for negotiations
Rulers' hands too sterile to shake in peace
But their autocratic mouths so easy
At declaring and perpetrating war
Oh, how presidential!

Mongi C. Nkabindze
We read from newspapers about a possible looming war between two great  countries. I haven't done my research, but I just had these thoughts rushing through my mind. So I penned them down, in no careful manner
Jan 2018 · 570
Mongi Jan 2018

Diamonds in the sky
Pearls in the ocean
Gold in the soil
Precious stone
Which can't you be?
Young, bright and free

So fine and even,
Like the clear day sky
Your smile vivacious
Like a million fine diamonds,
You set the nights ablaze
You confidently show,
With no bruise from your trials
Only you spark a selfless shine

Exclusive and limited edition
Heaven's aesthetic design
The Porter's only master piece
Souvenir to the one who tastes your glory
Who could ever escape your reign,
Whether in memory, or in fantasy
Or in absolute consciousness?

True splendor of all womanhood
The only feminine beauty the earth has ever had
Prestigious gift from nature's generosity
Like the light of the day
No one competes with you to shine
No one would match even if they tried
You're your own time, and your own space
For you stand alone, and you stand out

Well of colorful butterflies
Spring of all happy colors
Architect of the rainbow
All your shades allure
All from your core
Perfect inside out
The colour of your heart

Mongi C. Nkabindze
I'm so terrible at this! Oh...
Jan 2018 · 546
Weeping Tree
Mongi Jan 2018
Weeping Tree

Weeping tree
In a place I haven't known
Only known to our forefathers
You've been told in tales
Giants of the land have journeyed
In quest for your warm embrace
While the minute ants from the dust
Have ignorantly grazed
Right under your mysteries
You've been a mystery to the seeker
But a treasure to the holder

Weeping tree
What haven't you been?
You've cast a shade under for the goats to rest
You've sprouted branches for the birds to roost
The nests that host future generations
Are founded and knitted upon you
You've been shelter to the needy
You've shouldered Mother Nature's mistakes
A bearer of comfort and affection
A groomer of the future
A harbour of hope

Weeping tree
But you've showed to me your other shade
You enticed me with your collectedness
Wooed me with your sentimental stance
And lured me with your sweet reverberations
We closed the distance between us
I found my share of the forever told mystery
Your embrace warm over me
But you got a little more harsh on me
Like the broad wings of an angel
Your branches covered me
You brought me close to your stem, roughly  
Your embrace turned into an engulf
Your pats into slaps
You pressed, you smothered
You let me die inside of you
While I died inside of me
I died
I hope you weep
Weeping tree

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Grey love
Jan 2018 · 714
First Time Around
Mongi Jan 2018
First Time Around

First day I got around
I took a look around
Sight was marvelled
But also terrified
By this site

My feet wandered
I didn't find my place
Poets so established
Poets published
I was frightened
I didn't have the gut
I knew I was no poet

All I had were a few pieces
Of expressions
I took chances
I was humbled
By the love
By the support

From there I knew
Here was home
I just needed to be me
Transform all the pressure into respect
While I transformed the thoughts into words

For now I know this
I don't have to fuss over rhyme
The words don't need the rhythm
I don't have to lie across the bonnet
To come up with fiction in a sonnet
Is it just me or I'm not alone
To often misread He'Po
As Hippo?

Mongi C. Nkabindze
He'po confessions!  Hahaha, thank you for the support, and making us feel at home. Everybody
Jan 2018 · 727
Love Everlasting
Mongi Jan 2018
Love Everlasting

Have we not witnessed
How the midnight scary dark skies
Are lit up so carefully and timely
By a million humble, and yet enthusiastic, blazing stars
As we lay attentively beneath,
Swimming in our uniquely assigned portions of life
They smile, they shine upon us
Too brightly and yet so naturally gently
Haven't we witnessed?

Have we not noticed
How after the heartless destructive storm
A rainbow of multiple colors
Has laid itself so perfectly in position
Across the tired and idle blue eastern skies
As we stare from below, hopefully
Hoping zealously for a better tomorrow
She stretches, she beautifies effortlessly
And yet our hearts so sore and heavy from the storm
Our faces still light up with wide smiles
Haven't we noticed?

Now can one deliberately deny
The strong indisputable power that lies
Way up above what sight can tangibly comprehend
So much light, too much truth
So much evidence, so much reason
To trust, to believe undoubtedly
And mightily
To the mighty
Love everlasting

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Everlasting love is what the world has given to us way too long before anybody else gives love to us
Jan 2018 · 768
My Love Who Got Away
Mongi Jan 2018
My Love Who Got Away

My love
Ye who went away
When the scorching summer heat descended
And the freezing winter snow crept in
All, with one accord

When uncertainty struck
Between love and hate
Smiling and frowning
Staying and leaving
Committing and being free
Laughing, but never crying
Between happiness and unhappiness
Between the heat and the chill
All at the same time

Now that's all you showed on the surface
When in your heart of hearts
The honest uncertainty there was to feel
Was between leaving and sailing away
What a caring and loving predicament
It was not that much of a choice life gave you
Now, was it?

You pushed me so hard and urgently, away
You longed to hear the words come from me
That I was leaving and was grateful for everything
So you could be left with a clear conscience
With the pretence I was the one who wanted to leave

Oh don't you think I recognized
How soon you always wanted to get rid of me
When you always handed the on/off switch to me
How often you'd hit me with the classic speech,
"It's not you, it's me"
Then you blatantly said
"If it costs you your peace
Then it's too expensive"
But I was all yours you didn't have to buy
And I was the cheapest you would find on the land
That's why, maybe, you pushed me out
Who wants cheap stuff these days anyway?

But your love is your love,
You choose who you want to seize it away from
And who you can't wait to give it to next
We called it quits, it was a win for you
Apparently I was the stubborn cloud
That laid between you and your sunshine

And it's not I was too proud to beg
The whole ordeal left me unsure if I'd be heard
Unsure that if I came around once more
You wouldn't throw me to shame
Still we couldn't make it through thick
Oh ye, my beloved
Ye who went away

Mongi C. Nkabindze
There's only a limited things we can stop from happening. A heart is one of the most difficult treasure to convince to stay.
Jan 2018 · 834
Sandstorm of Affection
Mongi Jan 2018
Sandstorm of Affection

We danced in our spheres
Kept the hope for happiness within
But exhaustion and time came and undressed our realities
Fate became inevitable

With a single blow

We ran into our separate caves
Left the sandstorm to tear down everything that once surrounded us
We survived in our safety pretext
But the sandstorm was all in our element, where it lingered

Throughout our quests for genuine safety
We left little holes
Like those of termites' hills
To peep through as we paid careful attention
To the hope of the storm's immediate resolution
But so sorrily,
The winds were cruelly stronger than our expectations
And the turbulent winds spun violently piercing grains of sand
That greedily and hurtfully clogged our spying termites' holes
And shun us from the only last thing
That the sandstorm in our element had spared
So now we can hope for survival in our isolated darks

Thus, with a single atom of hope left within
Will we ever see each other again?
The cruel wish

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Time, it does everything, from construction to destruction. Reconstruction remains a phenomenon under question
Jan 2018 · 964
Mongi Jan 2018

A luxury common across mankind
But intriguingly,
Never experienced the same
Just never
We love and want to love differently, but it's all love
Dec 2017 · 273
Knowing You
Mongi Dec 2017
Knowing You

If ever I was close to knowing you
And if I never get close to
It must be I never was meant to know you

If I'm close now to knowing you
But fate at the end of the day exclaims no!
I hope the little light inside of me
Will see me through
Because I don't want to see an end
That leaves me without knowing you

If I were to know you from this moment
I want to go as deep as I possibly can
If it's physical, take me deep into the heart
And if ever it's emotional,
Oh yes I so value emotion,
I desire to dive in deep into your soul
'Cause essentially
A clear and willing soul
Are all the light I need

If I knew you a breath ago
And you can't seem to understand me,
A second later, I've lived
Just know life can't last only a second
But if we last for at least a day
And tomorrow you still see me, changed or the same
I'll always desire to see such tomorrows of hope
And this, now, is the life I want
Then life can last a lifetime

If I was just as close to know you
As I am to never know you
Take this to your heart
'Cause I want to remain in your heart
Tell me I'm welcome to stay
'Cause I want to stay
Knowing you

Mongi C. Nkabindze
A senseless  lullaby from an idle new year's mind.
Dec 2017 · 303
A Single's Life of Romance
Mongi Dec 2017
A Single's Life of Romance

If you have ever drowned in a dream
In one night
You dreamed of living romantically
Even though you weren't romantically involved
With someone
Someone was saying to you;

Walk the streets tall
Don't let them swallow you
Be clean in the inside
So be on the outside
Wear the sweetest scents on the outside
But radiate them more in words, from the inside
To every single thing that lives
That you ever come across in the streets
Oh, oh, to the ladies in particular

If you have the time, and the situation allows
Smile and tell every lady you meet down the streets
That she's pretty way more than what society has said
It doesn't matter how you think she actually looks
She doesn't deserve yet another silent gaze from you
Pat and brush her shoulder
Careful not to be too invasive

See if she smiles
Be happy if she does
Find out if she would like a date some time
Or just to catch some air and escape from anything
That may be draining her from within
Make sure your intents are clear and honest
And there is no ulterior motive to your act
Be happy if she says yes
Don't be so sad if she says no, also
After all no one loses anything at the end of the day

So she loves dinner, or the idea of catching some air
Together, determine the date, time and venue
On the day
Make sure you arrive at least ten minutes earlier
On your right hand a fresh rose flourishing
On your face, a wide smile glamouring
Say hello and extend your arm, let her hold on to it
Walk her into the venue, don't lose sight of her
Let her wait while you pull out a chair for her
Call her a princess and politely ask her to sit

You're here to listen
Allow her to bare her soul
If she's happy then you're all happy
If her soul is bruised, then guide her
Towards what could heal
Be bold but not intimidating
Be strong, let passion guide you
Be in control, don't let lust derail you
Let the day be over and take her to the cab
Give her a call later and ask if she arrived safe
Now lay quietly in your bed and know you've saved the day

Be proud for not having been proud
Be happy for having an ear to listen
Be joyful for having seen a smile on her face
Be thankful for being even the slightest love
That someone could touch
Be humble, after every good you would have done
Be grateful for the amazing company you'd have had
But more than anything,
Be focused on your course in life

You're shaken awake by another friendly call
Just wake up and smile
What are you waiting for?
In one lifetime
Live romantically
Even though you aren't romantically involved with someone...

Mongi C. Nkabindze
A path the subconscious fantasizes about. Will the feet ever walk it. Does it even exist
Dec 2017 · 909
Mongi Dec 2017

"We're destined together"
Words loosely, and yet famously said
We choose a collective destiny
Have we forgotten that our individual purposes
Intend for us, destinies, uniquely?
It's highly probable we're not forgetting individual destiny,
But what have we considered?
Is it that we're going to fuse our individualities
And embrace a collective destiny?
Or is it that we're going to dare ourselves
And rise up above our diverse purposes?
The latter, does it, in any way
Make us be destined together?
What is the destiny of mankind
United in promise and vow?
If our destiny isn't our only Creator!
What is the destiny of mankind
Dec 2017 · 370
I Should Have Known
Mongi Dec 2017
I Should Have Known

You blazed so bright
Like the midnight moon does in the quiet clear autumn skies
In excruciating despair I looked up to you
You were the only light that could see me through
I found you when all you knew was darkness
I should have known
When one easy fog cloud slid beneath you
You would dance a storm
Realizing you were blinded from me
As if never enough
When the morning eastern sun rose
You would selfishly and yet so proudly
Give up your light on me

Your feel so soft and tender
Silk of finest quality could not compare
In every move you made
You were tamed around me
Like the Morning Glory flower is
To that northern backyard pole  
I held you while you were a pupa
I should have known
When the universe favoured you
You would metamorphose to a pretty butterfly
And when the spring came,
You would fly so easily and yet so proudly
Into the colouring up distance
Where your pretty wings "really belonged"

Your inside so colorful
Like the sight of an exotic summer flower garden
Through every word you breathed
Scents of the most sacred fragrance blazed
I had you in right season
I should have known
When the winter snow came
All would wear out, dry out
And be blown away
Like easy particles of dust

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Inspired by my friend's girlfriend's love life
Dec 2017 · 398
Sail On
Mongi Dec 2017
Sail On

And just for a moment
There was a total blackout,
Our spheres went all dark
A ray of sunshine couldn't penetrate through,
The atmosphere was misty and dense
So, we kept sailing on in the deep dark
There's a sandy shore that awaits us,
Where the sun never tires to shine
The soft winds will never go weary
At blowing your long beautiful hair backwards
Where the grains of sand will carelessly,
Yet flawlessly
Decorate your skin
As they carelessly stick
We'll make castles with shore clay,
At least better than the castles in the air
All that we'll never touch
So, we keep sailing on

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Even through a rough patch, it's fine to hope for a better outcome
Nov 2017 · 749
Cremated Love
Mongi Nov 2017
Cremated Love

Two souls, dancing the times
One foot forward, two times
To the side, the other, and back
Back to each other’s arms
Took a step back, two, three
A stab to the heart, it was
The sounds of their footsteps
Towards their separate distances
As they danced, drifting away
Two, three, and more feet away

Two beings statued together, a light of the town
Crafting their silhouette, a shaft of light through the hall of fame
The talk of the town, fame has had its toll on their shine
Two, three, and more times, they’ve fallen to tame and shame
Tears flood what has turned to be flames
Like a waterfall falling from the rocks
Are the tears from the aflame eye sockets
Rumbles from the heart’s rhythms
As the mighty statue begins to tumble
Crumbles from emotional harbours
As the silhouette fades into grey shades
What used to be, now turning into ashes
Ashes that will never, in forever, release a phoenix
In a cemetery, cremated love lies hopelessly

Mongi C. Nkabindze
A testimony of what used to be love, now lying lifeless in a cradle of heartbreak
Nov 2017 · 285
Broken Sentiments
Mongi Nov 2017
Broken Sentiments

Returning from work last night, like all days
To learn that I’m just a piece of work, unlike all days
Brushed me off as I tried working things out
Tried to fill you up with my day and its happenings
Told me your day was just beginning, and mine over
Should’ve known you meant you and I were over
All through our time, didn’t you enjoy listening to my days’ stories?
Arrogantly brushed my shoulder away as I tried to hug
Told me to wrap away, you were going out tonight
Happy I was going to have a good time out, with you
Told me you were leaving me behind, I wasn’t worth you
All through our time, didn’t you take pride in holding my hand into the club?
Couldn’t understand any of it
All I was made to understand was the long easy red dress you were in
The red lipstick that added the flavor, the golden necklace too
The Dunhill Red cologne you had washed and swam in
With certainty, you and I both know that’s no fools’ gear
These were your all time favourites all times when you felt like it
With certainty, we both know you’re not gonna be dancing to no fools’ lullaby
Only difference now, I won’t be there to hold your hand and ask to dance
And oh I envy the one who’ll wrap your bee’s waist with his arms as you dance
For your game tonight is the bee’s knees
All through our time, didn’t you make me a proud man dancing with me?
O, so I stay behind, in the company of my teary wall clock
While my body in solitude, my soul in the company of giants
Kenny G’s all time great jazz, Lionel Richie’s soulful classics in the CD player
Although perfect, they could never leave Luther Vandross’ slows out of the party
They all play my heart, in turns, on repeat, repeatedly
Repeatedly, I keep casting my teary eye over the wall clock
Time, for a perishing heart seems to move very slowly
Although quickly, I realize it’s now time for the slow jams wherever you are
A thought I can’t ******, but that keeps murdering me
Is the storm you’re dancing right now, that used to ****** me
All through our time, didn’t this dance always belong to me?
Time stands still, in the still of the night
I look at the pieces of all the things you’ve broken in me and around
These pieces are so out of shape
I can’t piece them together to solve even one of our puzzles
I realize some we’ve even filed away their natural rugged edges to smooth surfaces
All we thought we were trying to do is run a smooth life
But these smooth edges glide over each other as I try to piece them together
We no longer have a perfect picture together
What breaks the soul of a man in solitude is that you aren’t even here
To work this puzzle together, paint a new piece together
Just you and I
You’re dancing a storm, away from home
And I’m here, home, crying a storm
You and I apart
We always have been
You and I
Now no more
Only with broken sentiments

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Upon realization that things weren't working out right, a soul trying to right their wrongs, but the other soul nowhere to be found. Probably having a nice time a distance away
Nov 2017 · 530
I'm just a dreamer
Mongi Nov 2017
I’m just a dreamer

Sometimes, deep in the dead of the quiet nights
I have laid down my deep old plans quietly like the dead
Visions of that which is ought to be creep in, sneakily
Like a thief in the night they sneak into my quiet sleep
I’m clueless I’m just a thief stealing from beyond the steep
As I realize I’m already at the crack of dawn
I realize I cannot let my night’s vision down
I battle between pulling my visions to this time
Or dragging my being to the time of my vision
One way or another, the visual becomes clearer
I kick yesterday’s old, aching and tired corpse out of me
And I breathe in a new determination into me
I begin to make that which is ought to be, be
People begin to call me a genius
O, dear you people, I’m just a dreamer!
A visionary who sees visions
I’m not even sure if my visions will wake me to reality
Any day now
And any night, for now,
I’m just a dreamer!

Mongi C. Nkabindze
Having one huge dream in your life, that you keep chasing. You're direly eager to see it transform into reality. But you end up thinking, maybe it's literally supposed to remain a dream
Mongi Nov 2017
Literature – (Lit-rate-you’re)

>> Lit
From the deepest masculine roar resounding from the podium
To the sweetest melody coming from the queen right on his right
The animated crowds that zealously keep their eager ear rightly open
With one accord, though silently in their now alright hearts, they say
It was lit. It was lit!
For, the valley, however dark
The mountain, however high
There are the birds, and however small or big
Fierce or friendly, they accordingly sing their songs in due time
The fierce lions will bow their brown fur
The friendly sheep scratch their white fur
With one accord, although diverse in their nature, they agree
It was lit. Lit, it was lit!

>> _rate

The astonished crowds turn their heads around, their souls wander
They think they are finally hearing the sounds from the heavens of wonder
Their minds perish into the podium where wonder ponds are nurtured
They cannot believe rhymes and tunes from the heavens can come just so naturally
Their faces stunned, their mouths agape, there, their reflections through each other
It is the reflections from their souls, because they realize they are one in nature
At a rate of knots, with one accord, though diverse they realize their true natural definition
They are all defined by the same, non-diverse, literary principle, and all bound by the same art
Although lost within the words, their souls are rated the most natural, pure, original and sane
For, the voice, however deep or sweet
The rhyme, however rhythmic or jumpy
Literature in poetry, rates our souls to a state perfect even without definition
She is first rate art! She first rates our souls!

>> _you’re
Individuals’ souls separately rolled back in time
They are taken aback when they realize what has truly brought them to this time
Unapologetic irresistible nostalgic waves drift them back to their diverse melancholies
Their pre-time situations so tragic, their hearts break at the sound of their diverse sad melodies
Struggling for strength they are drowning in shadows of their universes
All they want is just one breath above the surface of the waves that swallow them
They tend to forget even the waves speeding above them possess some poetry
Behold, whether above or beneath, you’re there to carry them to life
Life that never really has to matter, whether dark or bright
For, however the tribulation, you find and you’re found
However the jubilation, you find and you’re found
For to the rejoicing and to the perishing, there, you are
You are! And you are!
YOU’RE a LIT first RATE art!!!

Mongi C. Nkabindze
A piece of art that illustrates how a torn soul can be saved by just a bundle of words of poetry

— The End —