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Johnny walker Apr 11
A dream I have of going to America, to see a friend who lives In Texas, one last wish before I leave this
And one day soon, I hope my dream will come true
then no longer a dream but becomes
For I see chance In life to live happy again through my friend who came to
For one day soon I pray my friend and I will meet so I can thank for all her kindness shown to
I have this dream to travel to America to see my friend who lives In Conroe Lake Texas, to where my dream now do
Helen although sadly she is gone, I speak to her
and told her of
go live your life there's no more you can do, Johnny make the most of what time you have left, try
love again don't waste what time you have left In this life just be happy and  know you have
I have a dream one day soon all will become a reality and longer just a dream and meet my friend
one day
I know I have Helen's blessings and she approves if my friend Terry she wants me to waste my life being sad every day
but try and make a new life
Johnny walker Mar 30
There were times In my life thought I could never
smile or be happy again but how wrong
was I for
the lady
who just wanted to be my friend and asking nothing more than friendship and that I respect oh so very much no pressure at
but just be happy to be good friends Oh God bless her my wonderful friend so miles many away but
brings us to close almost as If we're neighbours oh bless my wonderful friend who
lives far across the sea for we'll always be
God bless my friend from far across the sea for putting a smile back on my face
Mongi Dec 2017
A Single's Life of Romance

If you have ever drowned in a dream
In one night
You dreamed of living romantically
Even though you weren't romantically involved
With someone
Someone was saying to you;

Walk the streets tall
Don't let them swallow you
Be clean in the inside
So be on the outside
Wear the sweetest scents on the outside
But radiate them more in words, from the inside
To every single thing that lives
That you ever come across in the streets
Oh, oh, to the ladies in particular

If you have the time, and the situation allows
Smile and tell every lady you meet down the streets
That she's pretty way more than what society has said
It doesn't matter how you think she actually looks
She doesn't deserve yet another silent gaze from you
Pat and brush her shoulder
Careful not to be too invasive

See if she smiles
Be happy if she does
Find out if she would like a date some time
Or just to catch some air and escape from anything
That may be draining her from within
Make sure your intents are clear and honest
And there is no ulterior motive to your act
Be happy if she says yes
Don't be so sad if she says no, also
After all no one loses anything at the end of the day

So she loves dinner, or the idea of catching some air
Together, determine the date, time and venue
On the day
Make sure you arrive at least ten minutes earlier
On your right hand a fresh rose flourishing
On your face, a wide smile glamouring
Say hello and extend your arm, let her hold on to it
Walk her into the venue, don't lose sight of her
Let her wait while you pull out a chair for her
Call her a princess and politely ask her to sit

You're here to listen
Allow her to bare her soul
If she's happy then you're all happy
If her soul is bruised, then guide her
Towards what could heal
Be bold but not intimidating
Be strong, let passion guide you
Be in control, don't let lust derail you
Let the day be over and take her to the cab
Give her a call later and ask if she arrived safe
Now lay quietly in your bed and know you've saved the day

Be proud for not having been proud
Be happy for having an ear to listen
Be joyful for having seen a smile on her face
Be thankful for being even the slightest love
That someone could touch
Be humble, after every good you would have done
Be grateful for the amazing company you'd have had
But more than anything,
Be focused on your course in life

You're shaken awake by another friendly call
Just wake up and smile
What are you waiting for?
In one lifetime
Live romantically
Even though you aren't romantically involved with someone...

Mongi C. Nkabindze
A path the subconscious fantasizes about. Will the feet ever walk it. Does it even exist
Mercury Chap Mar 2015
I love to talk
I love to have my words expressed
But when I blurt out the word,
I don't know why my words make me depressed.

I love to write and make curves on the paper with my ink,
Imagination pouring out of mind
my world in some little corner of this world,
I cannot fathom how to express this world,
Creating it outside my mind
So it can be visible to all.

My thoughts aren't that clustered
My words aren't obscene
I figure out how to blow away everyone
Everyone from my life's messed up scenes.

I have friends
I love to be with them
But somehow I manage make my own boundaries
And seclude myself from everyone,
Taking no advice from the infinite wisdom trees
I am surrounded by
Who try to make sure
I have a happy life
But happiness is not something which allures
Me, and I repel every positive charge with my negativity.

— The End —