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Chie Jul 2021
they're spotless, no room for human flaws here.
with faultless sense of selves and fragile attributes
are silver stars, whose homes are cold glittered spotlights
pressured, battered and bruised. look away dear, they're "fine"

they're fine, scared and composed until the next plot twist
rarely, ever so rarely - a perfect one slips
a miscalculation on a regular day
phenomena, wasn't supposed to be that way

perfectionism drove them faultlessly insane
when the known consistent road, shatters to eggshells
"ever so rarely", they reason to the mirrors
with guilt mixing in the blood of walking in fear

inner madness unleashing, black swans reappearing
the wrongs, how cruel that it doesn't let them go on
"this is only once in a blue moon", they echo
deep breathes, clutching close, the past's panic they can't let go
[ the breaking point of a black swan ]
aspen wilde Oct 2020
like a hot air balloon, powered by fire
my life, is powered by my wire
it gets too short and i go pop
it gets too long and i just stop

you wanna know about the scars on my shoulder
they were caused by a compass
yeah, the one you draw maths with
i couldn't help it - i was crying too much
it was the only way the pain would stop
i can imagine a life without all the people
without all the egos
i think its somewhere i should live
but where would we go
where would we go

*also started off as a song*
Poetic T Mar 2019
Woman have
                  more ***** then men
most of the time.

       It's pity that

men are bigger *******
                      all the time...
growingpains Nov 2018
You’re either here or you're out
Don’t go back in forth into my life
You can’t care
Here and there
Just to ease your peace of mind
This is just a random one I had in my notes
Much love, N.
Jack R Fehlmann Oct 2018
I like your eyes
They suit you well
The slightest hint of green
Camouflaged in a sort of blue
Maybe grey
Hard to be certain
If I try, when I do
That is exactly the time
You decide to slide them away
Never knowing mine
Too often, too consistent
Don't worry,
I can read between lines
Pretty, I know you are used to it
Most that try are trying
To think that I am guilty
And my motives hide desires
Then there is no need worrying
I do not have designs or am I trying
Simply appreciating the colors
That compliment you friendly smile
Not my type though pretty you may be
Im a man of acquired tastes
It suits me, the ones that get me
the way they do,
Is less assumingly
Unlike you do.
assuming eyes,
Slide away always
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Let go your ego's, even if it's tough
Let's just say, that time was rough

Don't break the trust again by playing bluff
End this now, I guess it's enough

It's time to clean up the mess
How long will you take to confess

I'll expect nothing more from you
I know things won’t be same, as I expect to

Still, try & let go your ego's, even if it's tough
Let's just say, that time was rough
Let going your ego might be the toughest part of our lives. But, trust me it's the easiest way to move on.
Poetic T Feb 2018
Corroded glares emaciate
the surroundings, all that
was is now woven in despair.

The sadness enveloped in
tired souls painting around
this tide of decaying vision.

But within this sulphuric
black look, suffocating any
emotion looking within.

*"Beauty is a corruption,
                          of our egos,
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