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Ainsley Mar 24
thank you HePo
it's been an amazing year
you brought out the poet in me....
you made me smile
made me believe its okay to cry
through thousands of words by poets worldwide
you got me such great friends
for which i am thankful for
though all of them are not here now..
the memories made will stay forever
thank you so much for this one amazing year
it was really a great year here...
Grace Jan 26
today, i dont want to do anything. just stay in the dark living room in my pj's and read some of your poetry.

too bad i also did that yesterday.

this site has so many nice people on it who are so supportive for everyone. love you all
Ainsley Jan 7
there was lying a dried maple leaf
upon a black and white polaroid
it was them under the star lit night
she couldn't stop pouring tears
down from her eyes
all she could whisper was
"Promise!" in her broken voice
thanks for reading
Ainsley Dec 2020
The end of Autumn
Rising winter solstice
The birds chirping
Waiting for snow...
Stars so bright longing for night to shine ..
Along the breezes freezing
My heart is still waiting....
Random messy stuff😅
Ainsley Dec 2020
Messed up mind
Confused thoughts
Looking at the blurred up night sky 🌙
I am wondering why ⭐!!!!
It's all blank ------
Ainsley Dec 2020
Lost count of days
But you are all that I miss
Just a random thought😅😀
Ainsley Dec 2020
rain pouring down
rolling on the boulders and stone
dashing through the wind
dripping as drops on the edges of the leaves
some trying so hard to stay as a dew
on the top of the grass
transparent like a glass
chill winds making me freeze
no wonder my furry little guy
is not letting me go away
cuddling with the carpet on the floor
his warm breath hitting my leg is just so cute
but when he licks..oh just like giving me goosebumps due to the cold
it's cold everywhere
wish you were here Bicky.
it' just so cold...and rainy.....and i feel so sleepy...just having an amazing time with Jerrie(my dog)....he feels so cold too...on the beginning days of rain i didn't like it so much because of my runny nose...but now...just trying something to find the beauty in it....
Glenn Currier Oct 2020
This place is an oasis
in the midst of loneliness.
How could I be so lonely
while wrapped in your embrace?
For the poets on HePo
Anmol Mago Oct 2020
through the void of my-
soul an eternal whisper
                                         --birth of a poem
I have to use this haiku for a school project,
Can I get a feedback please !!!!
: )
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