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when I need to be awakened
and my writing confidence is shaken
when I seem to be too far apart
in urgent need of loving hearts

where there’re too many un-live things
and I need to hear a poet sing
the times I need a different take
or can’t move on from some dark ache

I want to see some twinkling stars
and leave the shades of stinking bars
or caught in dark of hellish nights
and seek a flight to brilliant heights
Dedicated to the poets of
if i may,
where do you live?
where do you breathe?
whence do i seek?

shall i plunder some far-away lands
or, behold the wildflowers sprouting on my roof?
shall i aim the telescope at milky way
or, melt into my love's mellow eyes?

you see, i was told --
poetry arrives donning pieces of the seeker,
pieces long lost, or yet to be found.
HePo -- thanks for the wonderful platform. Yes, it really is a labor of love.
Memories flashed as that one song played in the background.
It was crumbling, her heart.
A smile was fighting to break out as those tears race down her cheeks as some happy memories surfaced.
"Stop" she whispered but the pain crept on her, who knew some happy moments could hurt so bad and only if photographs could talk they'd take her pain away.
Slowly the song that started the chaos within her ended and only sound left were her muffled cries.
I stare at the photos,
Trying to feel what it felt like living in that moment.
Trying to relive the feeling that made us smile so hard.
But all I feel is nothing as I stare at the long gone moment.
Maybe that how it is,
This is the bitter and pale side
Of every moment that passes by
You live a moment only to forget what it felt like.
Con May 24
The great thing about poetry is that:

we relate to the feelings embedded in words and phrases
in which sometimes, even us are unaware of having
I am just happy to have found this site.
Zeya Khan May 2
It's only at the end,
When we revere the beginning!!
Anmol Mago Apr 23
I wish you to know
the things that hurt you
haunt me too
the sorrows that you conceal
behind your unassuming smiles
I wish you just knew somehow,
I have dealt with those demons too

And so I assure you my mate,
you are not all alone in this pain

you never were ...
To the countless friends I found at He Po,
Thanks for being with me, when I needed you all.
Seen love in an empty heart
In the heart that claimed to be cold.
That claimed to be long dead.
She's seen love breathing there.
In the coldness of its wall she found her warmth.
To its broken pieces she devoted her love forever.
And while she loves it endlessly
His heart sometimes beats for her
We hold on but why?
Cause the pain's worth it some people reply.
I ask why?
Why the pain is worth it or rather how?
Why one individual affect "your" peace of mind?
You reply cause that's what love is about...and I laugh my dear friend cause you have it all wrong.
If pain's is all there's left then what? I asked
You reply without pain how could we know joy. And I laugh again as I see you sinking deep into that familiar void.
As your natural smiling replacing a forced one.
As your mind getting clouded with thoughts of what went wrong.
As I see you becoming more and more empty.
As I see you hating love and all your reasons.
I see you sinking.
And I see you now sitting here at the rock bottom with me.
Ironic huh? I ask
And there is silence...
Glenn Currier May 2019
Why do I care what you think
or how you feel about what I say or do?
Should I, especially at my age?
But is not interaction itself the mutual influencing of behavior?
So when I speak to you and you to me
we are changing each other
just as the morning breeze bends the young Chinese Tallows
shaking each spring leaf as if to say, “Wake up tree, its time to grow!”
and the Tallow whispers, "Blow winds blow."
Caring just means I am human
and in spite of everything
I am glad about that.
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