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leeaaun Jul 2023
he calle me a warrior
just because i lived a life
harder than his

others commented
that's the easiest recipe of being a warrior

and here i am thinking
they have not even lived  through my struggles
neither they've faced my ordeals
nor felt my pain

how they have a right
to just pass words
that will stab like little needles
on my existence

making me stand as a question'
in front of everyone's eyes
where my answers will be treated as invalid
even before i will say them

that's not a warrior in their eyes
but a girl whose moves is out of their calculations
they just see me as nothing
and want me to believe that too

sadly, i am not easily influenced by someone's words
as i had so many problems to learn from
what was best for me
and i would call myself the queen who is skilled
in turning girls like me into an invlaid format
they can't decode
VKBoy Feb 2020
There’s nothing bright
To warm us on this windy night.
So let us not fight
But instead use our smite
To turn this naked plight
Into a cozy ordeal outright.
"When you can’t have everything, you yield and make use of what you have."
- Sinario Vesta, Shambala Sect
Chris Jan 2019
I tried to assemble
The pieces of Osiris
But all the stars aligned so
That i should fail again

I tried to revive the
Body of Lazarus
but the tomb had swallowed
The words of the messiah.

Long rang the bell
My soul had come to bitter end
Desperate chants
blood does glimmer on their hands
Hammers dance on nails
They urge the dead to stay contained
Slayer eats the slain
Til the end of time til last of days

I struggle to awaken
I'm morally brain dead
But all the ****** effort
sticks me to the ground

The burden of Atlas
Lays on my two shoulders
if I drop my sky
will anyone notice

Long live the king
The reaper hand in hand with me
choir commence to sing
heaven weeps for apathy
Hades take away
All the strife and all the pain
Pie Jesu Domine
dona eis requiem
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem- Merciful Lord Jesus grant them eternal rest
-This one is about futile attempts to right the wrongs and getting crushed in the process.
*Osiris- Egyptian god of the dead/underworld
*Lazarus-The dude revived by Jesus
*Hades-Greek god of the underworld
*Atlas- Titan cursed to carry the heavens on his shoulders lest they fall down
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
a little
heathen remark
was you
and vehemently
there but
that you
had heard
it in
trial but
in merriment
was also
you again
with the
silver ring
in the
glass that
mystery tell
a little heathen
Mongi Jan 2018
My Love Who Got Away

My love
Ye who went away
When the scorching summer heat descended
And the freezing winter snow crept in
All, with one accord

When uncertainty struck
Between love and hate
Smiling and frowning
Staying and leaving
Committing and being free
Laughing, but never crying
Between happiness and unhappiness
Between the heat and the chill
All at the same time

Now that's all you showed on the surface
When in your heart of hearts
The honest uncertainty there was to feel
Was between leaving and sailing away
What a caring and loving predicament
It was not that much of a choice life gave you
Now, was it?

You pushed me so hard and urgently, away
You longed to hear the words come from me
That I was leaving and was grateful for everything
So you could be left with a clear conscience
With the pretence I was the one who wanted to leave

Oh don't you think I recognized
How soon you always wanted to get rid of me
When you always handed the on/off switch to me
How often you'd hit me with the classic speech,
"It's not you, it's me"
Then you blatantly said
"If it costs you your peace
Then it's too expensive"
But I was all yours you didn't have to buy
And I was the cheapest you would find on the land
That's why, maybe, you pushed me out
Who wants cheap stuff these days anyway?

But your love is your love,
You choose who you want to seize it away from
And who you can't wait to give it to next
We called it quits, it was a win for you
Apparently I was the stubborn cloud
That laid between you and your sunshine

And it's not I was too proud to beg
The whole ordeal left me unsure if I'd be heard
Unsure that if I came around once more
You wouldn't throw me to shame
Still we couldn't make it through thick
Oh ye, my beloved
Ye who went away

Mongi C. Nkabindze
There's only a limited things we can stop from happening. A heart is one of the most difficult treasure to convince to stay.
saranade Sep 2017
You congratulate me
On every... tiny... victory
Like I am tiny, like I'm a baby
Whose cheerio bowl is emptied
On time with the finale of your meal
And cheered on when I'm not whiny
When fighting this or that ordeal
And like a parent to a child
You tell me that you're proud of me
As if YOU get the reward of pride
As though you built my profile
But through all your ignorance...
I smile
Entertained by anything shiny.
You didn't make me into this fighter. But I do hope you're inspired. You barely know me.

— The End —