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Andrew Rueter Mar 2021
I want an exclusive relationship
but I don’t know why
I try to tell myself I don’t want a disease
or that cheating would prove you don’t love me
but if I’m being honest with myself
I’m afraid you’ll find somebody better
either better at ***
or better at caring
or better financially
whatever it takes to be better enough
to make me an unacceptable option
and our relationship an exclusionary one.
Your words were the sweet salve upon my wounds,
and I was the infant your lullabies would soothe.

You make me feel special when I hear your repertoire
like I was the only one hearing your sad, sweet, lie.

When you bestow your beautiful words upon me,
I become a child on Christmas day
or a useless trinket but still on display

I become a satisfied senior- who has had his fun
But little did I know your words were giveaways- presented to everyone.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Tell me your secrets
on the quiet

whisper the unknown
off the record
behind closed doors
on the sly

between you and me
in camera
sub rosa
entre nous

let me be your one and only
Le Beau Oct 2019
You've always been a fantasy of mine & who knows just how long she'll be gone by the time you read this message I will have went to the moon & back on my desperado
Voy escuchando voces playing as I joy ride in the back seat of my uber, I've just finished my treatment plan. Will I accomplish my goals set?
P.S. I got too leave dark side alone!
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Walking in a company
With the Pet

All of the sudden,
He ran 5 steps ahead
There he entered
A ******* gate

Following him
I too, tried to enter
There I was stopped

“Sir, this zone is exclusive for Pets”,
I heard, what the Guard said.
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Ultimate Specialization
Apostrophe's Feb 2018
I'm in tuned with
the moonlit
dew drip
when June splits
the year in half
I left the window cracked
so the wind would have
a clearer path
Can you feel the draft?
Can you feel the laughter
being built up
glasses being filled up
years of practicing
the mastery of his craft
the battery's not everlasting
it's a balance act in fact
to take the good with bad
and have a meaningful impact
Leading sheep to water
Counting horses
sleep at last
Take a sip and pass
And saddle in
Cuz it's a blast
See it's these demons I've been battlin'
And up til now I've handled it
But it seems as though I've had enough
So it's batter up
Lather up
These buttercups
And roast em with some butternut
Squash these so-called wonder struck
Losers.... their all runners up
Mongi Jan 2018

Diamonds in the sky
Pearls in the ocean
Gold in the soil
Precious stone
Which can't you be?
Young, bright and free

So fine and even,
Like the clear day sky
Your smile vivacious
Like a million fine diamonds,
You set the nights ablaze
You confidently show,
With no bruise from your trials
Only you spark a selfless shine

Exclusive and limited edition
Heaven's aesthetic design
The Porter's only master piece
Souvenir to the one who tastes your glory
Who could ever escape your reign,
Whether in memory, or in fantasy
Or in absolute consciousness?

True splendor of all womanhood
The only feminine beauty the earth has ever had
Prestigious gift from nature's generosity
Like the light of the day
No one competes with you to shine
No one would match even if they tried
You're your own time, and your own space
For you stand alone, and you stand out

Well of colorful butterflies
Spring of all happy colors
Architect of the rainbow
All your shades allure
All from your core
Perfect inside out
The colour of your heart

Mongi C. Nkabindze
I'm so terrible at this! Oh...
Àŧùl Dec 2017
They are so hard to contain,
How each one was produced,
In each of the kidney beans,
Not the pulses I talk about,
Kidney beans in a man.

Should be enough experienced,
Exceeding her expectations I will be,
Xeroxing people will be my love,
Y**et they will fail each and every time.
My HP Poem #1685
©Atul Kaushal
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