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TheWitheredSoul Aug 2020
What i had wasn't perfect,
It never had to be.
I just loved the way it was,
For it laid perfect on its own way.
For what its worth, everything i went through was worth it because i got to meet you, given a chance i would it all over again no matter what the other choice is
cindy Jul 2020
J'ai laissé l'océan de mes souvenirs
Emporter l'écume de mes regrets
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
We made a number of mistakes

On an emerald-dotted trail tripped and fell on our faces

Lost in our selfish fog

We landed somewhere foreign
Someplace frightening

As we counted footsteps to safety we somehow became separated from each other

Wearing smiles like souvenirs from a location we would never visit again
I've not done much traveling but the grandest place I've visited is your mind
Nigdaw Aug 2019
He watches them with amused scorn,
The tourists with their cameras
Factual guide books and audio tours;
Collecting his memories as their own
Walking from room to room,
Trying to sense his presence
Capture the essence of his spirit;
Ignoring the signs that say
Please don’t touch and
No photography.

He was a tourist who conquered worlds
Risked his life for his souvenirs,
Instead of visiting the gift shop
For some token piece of plastic crap,
Or magnet to put on the fridge door
As a reminder when they got the milk,
Of adventures they never had;
Wishing they could’ve walked
In the footsteps of the ghost,
Of a tourist.
Merinda Feb 2019
Keep you in my pocket as a souvenir
Join my journey go through the year
Sweet melody whispering my ear
Trying to stop me holding on the fear
Rise those smiles to dry my tear
Silly things bring some cheer
All i want is keep you near
Travel the world but still hear
Locked you in this deep memory, my dear
Wyatt Jun 2018
You can take my heart
as a souvenir,
I never got much use
out of it anyway.
I’m left with a hole.
Mongi Jan 2018

Diamonds in the sky
Pearls in the ocean
Gold in the soil
Precious stone
Which can't you be?
Young, bright and free

So fine and even,
Like the clear day sky
Your smile vivacious
Like a million fine diamonds,
You set the nights ablaze
You confidently show,
With no bruise from your trials
Only you spark a selfless shine

Exclusive and limited edition
Heaven's aesthetic design
The Porter's only master piece
Souvenir to the one who tastes your glory
Who could ever escape your reign,
Whether in memory, or in fantasy
Or in absolute consciousness?

True splendor of all womanhood
The only feminine beauty the earth has ever had
Prestigious gift from nature's generosity
Like the light of the day
No one competes with you to shine
No one would match even if they tried
You're your own time, and your own space
For you stand alone, and you stand out

Well of colorful butterflies
Spring of all happy colors
Architect of the rainbow
All your shades allure
All from your core
Perfect inside out
The colour of your heart

Mongi C. Nkabindze
I'm so terrible at this! Oh...
I want to reach down your skirt and bring
                             The souvenir of the gods

I want to ****** your voice
                                With a silent kiss
Let me bring you joy and slip my hands through
                                Your bleeding fingers of working too much.

I will run my fingertips down your back
And feed you my touching love,
                      I want to touch your sweaty soul again.
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