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Nov 2019 · 98
The Homestead
Neon Robinson Nov 2019
The whole experience is slightly surreal.
Like “one of those” movie they say,
Tourist... they make it seem fake.
Aug 2019 · 95
Relic of a Vanished World
Neon Robinson Aug 2019
When this wide eye wakes
                            Time welts

                   Sometimes wins

    May Blooms
  And Blossoms

and spars the rain
         Seeping deep into the
         drown earth

immersed in a mumble  
                  a continuous
of the waterfall,
You say.
My finger        mine
                          Shadows of solemn
casts pillers o'er hollowed temples

My fingers,
                     Breath upon your skin

move as steady wind.

Say only

          what love might be

if the veil thin,
                           warm & roused  
                             dove - down

thoughts full of dreams.
destined for nothing

Your Eyes

                        emerald with yellow
                        wildflower born into
                                   the light
Extended into the shadows

Memory - worn and
                     gardens overgrew

Wind - whipped ,  white - washed , w h i p p y
                    clouds the sky  
                                                     & looms in
                                                      the   mind

individuality lost to infinity

            the beauty & fairweather
       now emblems of ephemeral
Jun 2019 · 186
Aloha Nature Lovers
Neon Robinson Jun 2019
• This great division of space. •
And the untamed plants.

Pose as domestic pets -
slide along its faded railings.
Casing draughty walls,
tethered to rafters loose lashing;
hanging in jungle green.

I clean up the wild flowers
that float   in   the  a i r, without
explanation, without wrong measure.

Is as it comes -  
I am ashamed that this is all I want.

A testament to solitary hawks in the upper branches.
Flutter in memory carefree cardinals
in this leaf-strewn place,
Dragonflies form wing-prayers
We kneel and peel our shoes off,

drop our feet to sleeping grass
to be closer to the narrow splendor.

Peacocks honk rough phrases, asking anyone.
Commuting the tracks, between valley stream.

I linger limbo roads
On the jungly drive,
pass a farm that repeats
its exotic fruit tree, the elbows of orange blossoms
Guava groves, avocado arsenal,
saturated ocean views beyond pestyflower frills.

At the life proof gate. This world is untidy
with its muddy banks, with its eyes.
1000 flower bloom
Listening feral fowl, ungulate shake  

Retirees friendly fire,
Long forgotten barbwire crossing creeks
the mountain lost in a sea of green    
This land, like me, is free
To live a less domesticated dream
About my homestead in Hawaii. A cabin that falls somewhere between Lincoln log  / LEGO looking safari tent is the muse. As well as the surrounding areas.
Feb 2019 · 13
Neon Robinson Feb 2019
step barefoot
through the canvas curtain door

No ones around.

Confound, pensive, cynical

I take mental invotery of the room:

A night stand
Pie sofa (dumped & found)
Childhood toy chest
Relic dresser
2 stools
2 1/2 walls
1 young women 102 lb
5 feet 7 inches tall
Brown eyes
nearing a psychiatric break down

Living in a shanty
When I decided to move across across the island and live in a renovated tack room. It was really hard to function in a tiny jungle home. 12 x 14 feet filled with oddball furniture that doesn’t “fit.”
off the grid life is a lot to handle when your also trying to keep up with a busy vacation rental and take classes at the university about 45 minutes away.
Nov 2018 · 1.6k
Love Letter
Neon Robinson Nov 2018
I love to close my eyes
& find a stillness –
in the turning world.

My imagination wanders,
to you.
My memories make

~ Ephemeral bliss  ~
Peaking in the swells gentle set.
Mid-solitudes of the vast Pacific.

Young honey lip lovers

Warmth in wintertide;
a wild iteration of summer.

Mio Amore
My sunshine in the shadow.
Addressed to P
Nov 2018 · 375
Neon Robinson Nov 2018
Foraging finch, led amiss.
Madescent billows roared, as clouds enshroud
And a sudden cascade coalesced
With a well-timed jet stream
& menacing westerly wind.
It’s a monsoon, pitch and roll!

Months spent sifting unseen white sand.
The tale of how a group of Eurasian finch got to Hawaii. One group of finch are suspected to be the colonizing species for over 20+ Hawaiian Honey Creeper.
Oct 2017 · 3.8k
This Nervous Squirrel
Neon Robinson Oct 2017
Is burrowing a web
weaving a collection,
accumulating an anthology

For a far gone day
Stash them away
set them aside with a
what, when, why

rather than right
now ambitious zeal


Its the nature of the undertaking.
My minds an unavoidable reciprocal
Gratified by wasting time,
It’s just there filling space

Tucked away for a rainy day
In every nook and cranny

Tickling the fancy.

Affording a kind of intellectual gusto
that's borderline deplorable
accumulatively downright trifling.

even if it's unnecessary
I'll never get my fill
paper to hand typing away
uncovering all of life's mysteries
Sep 2017 · 717
Neon Robinson Sep 2017
Cabin Boy
Wondering memories of wild adolescence,
Flash before me like a mental Rolodex
Reverberating daze,
Time cannot take away.
A fifteen–year–old,
Broken neck calypso.
Gazing through the jungle-o window
Unequipped to fathom what was about to happen.

I saw the moon in your eyes,
And knew;
You smile in the way that islands do,
And the zephyrs planned to bring your love back to me, too.

You were everything I imagined.
Sunlight on a dismal day,
The lone palm in the tropic heat,
A boyish grin that made my flowers bloom;
You were the Cabin Boy.
Realizing, all you can be at 23
is yourself.

And I am the wanderer's wandering daughter.
The pretty little minor that come hell or high water,
You broke California law for.

I waited at your f i n g e r
Just his little Pisces *******.
Who didn't exist till 1996.

An inevitable source of panic that would rise in his eyes
Every time he kissed,
Her Kona lips.
Until deciding he had to leave,
Claiming island fever, on his way out the back door.

Lost as a half-gone waning moon.  
With only the ocean’s waves continuous roar
Sun burnt, white foam, salt spray,
Condemned - to an inevitable end
Unable to prevail past the break at your soul's cliff edge.

I grab a raft to float;
In the deep waters of the heart.
Somewhere in between the no -
longer & the still -
Washed upon my soul’s sand.

Reaching out with new green shoots -
Resurrecting the chthonic biome
From deep within the molten core
Till the blocky incline fell away,
And I found myself;
On the surface of a lake of solidified lava.
To the boy that broke my heart.
May 2017 · 458
Arbitrary Grandiose
Neon Robinson May 2017
'I' ~ 'we' ~ 'two' ~ 'three'
That can be told.

– Is not the

"Me" ~ "Us" ~ 'dichotomy'

… of threefold myth-informed souls
living the 9 + 2 = 5
A commentary on the strange ways of the world and society
Neon Robinson Apr 2017
For my muse, I choose the euphoric source
Of my most transcendent -

- Muddy

Perceptual flashes ― slosh slushing
Approaching an untamed blue-green pond
Just your average amphibian gone blonde.
In sunshine or windward shower.

Loitering around the grassy brim,
On that one slick rock, I stood up
Catch a fish ― oooooh you swift ⁓
Let it back in?

Or you could...
Run screaming like the flaming river rumbling down the mountain.
To the lunulate lagoon?? in the front yard

Hop & stand
Fish in hand You. Have. To. Make. It.  

But     the        gargantuan          estate.  .     . it's too late.

That tiny t-rex gait ― might just seal
That golden guppies fait.

Cause you sprung like spring
And set that little sucker free.
Orchard Land Estate in Puna, HI childhood wonderland in the jungle
Mar 2017 · 410
Island Man
Neon Robinson Mar 2017
All good things will meet their end.
Even the ocean waves
Returning roar to the shore
Can not prevail past the break
At your soul's cliff edge.
Dec 2016 · 595
Neon Robinson Dec 2016
I'm into psychedelics and long night of, elapsed time
spent reading poetry, written by obscure personas
attempting to find solidarity
the cosmoroma of life makes me spin
-- is it really 4 a.m again
maybe the third dose of emotions
Are causing my unnatural adderall implosions.

Iv done this before and ill do it again  
Stay up all night and indulge
The war in my mind between who i am and want to be.
Ambitious zeal
A thirst for passions
artistic creation
A fear of not being what i want  
decomposition on the Hawaiian Island
Lose of whits somewhere past the horizon.
island fever
Dec 2016 · 263
The First Space Station
Neon Robinson Dec 2016
The first space station, is still drifting,
—A momentary bli[m]p— ballooning in the sky.
Decaying a quarter million miles away.
Abandoned, by a mass grave of contemporary considerations.

Decompartmentalised planetarised
Offtheearth language
Mangled by sayable’s forlorn hopes
Overthinking imaginary realities
A penchant for secrecy eclipsed by lunar lunacy  
Manifestations of new property in the dark galaxy
However empty it may seem.

Reaching out to its inevitable end,
But instead finding
A hysterical edge of humanity.
-- Rightly or falsely --
Listen for understanding and you can still hear

Modern mans mind in search of its own meaning.
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
Covens Conquest
Neon Robinson Dec 2016
Delicacies of darkness,
Intricacies of energy;
Witches of woe
Insinuating that nothing we pass is past,
As all beginnings were long since begun.

Protecting an abnormality,
That would rather be condemned,
By self-centered ambition of men.
An insanity that turns her right, round again.

Now if now only.
Living by wick and glee of natural ability.
You would come and dare,
Old sentimentality and whimsicality,
Rampart of myths and misconceptions.

To indulge in mischievous play
Under the indigo sky,
By the light of a spiral of far fire.
The journey starts by stealing hearts
If only now you would come I should be happy.
Mused by Lia Ann Kaai
Nov 2016 · 815
"Reality of Reality"
Neon Robinson Nov 2016
We have all lived these lies before.
But fortunately for you
The ungodly mystics
Have come to blur the logistics.

~Jamais vu reducing you to presque vu~
Normal adults with abnormal hearts
Bodley sensations
Perceived as memories.
Is this all consciousness seems to be?

Accept it
& venture on.
Nature lover wildflower

I am mine.
Before I am anyone else's.

Sendoff the catharsis of psychopomps
Abandon ship
Engage in privet talks with Psychonautes
Denounce the war in my mind
Between who I am and want to be.
For it’s a privlige to be a kaleidoscope
Forever changing color
Ambitious zeal
Misguided hope
Artistic creation

Elegance in a nonfigurative sense,
Perceptual flashes of internal concepts
Decomposition on the Hawaiian Island
Lose of whits somewhere past the horizon.
Island fever.
jamais vu -  "never seen", involves a sense of eeriness and the observer's impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before.

Presque vu - is the tip of the tongue phenomenon, in which you know that you know something, but can't quite recall it.

Psychopomps - are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife.
Oct 2016 · 415
Expression ≠ Impression
Neon Robinson Oct 2016
Poem may: not be finished/change *

Like a teenage boy.
Practically A prepubescent adolescent
out to late, with limited restraint
trying to cop a feel,
attempting to achieve an unreal ideal.

Im not sure if ill ever succeed and complete my masterpiece
before it is lost to the terra-cotta floor
like my mind is lost to amphetamine with the last of my *** appeal,
seldom seen.
Just a mandala memento of strange LSD daydream
From back in Hawaii when I was at eighteen.

In actuality
I am a mer twenty and stressed by the precent
attempting to be more than an empty brunette beauty
Bewildered by his words and left splintered.
In a dark world, void of a vice in paradise.
Wanderer, wanderer, you’re lost evermore.
Far to awkward to adore.

I'm all around 5'7 and 98 to 105 lb on a good day.
Sounds great if you wanna be castaway
By people that don't understand first hand
And demanded you to eat to gain some meat.

Though the ladies, who aren't jealous of my boney pelvis,
Say I'm paragon in every which way, a totally dime.
But to the fellas I'm hella undeveloped.
A kyphotic crescent moon that keeps getting slimmer.
But the truth is they wouldn't have fulfilled her either.

Because I am the luciferous prosperity of celtic kings.
An authentic relict of a noble bloodline
Twinkling, as lore to an all distant past.
a la belle étoile
'Under the beautiful star'; in the open air at night.
An eclectic aesthetic
Living in perpetual summer sublime,
Who could have dreamt, there was such a thing.
Oct 2016 · 1.7k
Neighborhood Whore
Neon Robinson Oct 2016
Last night
I tried to forget about my uptight blight.
My friends are timeless
We drive around in Porches
Drink champaign for days
Swim in caves
and talk of old sexcapads
2 cups of *****--wanna stay the night?
Don't think about the over site.
Early morning
I took off my clothes
He is the neighborhood *****.
Oct 2016 · 2.0k
Golden Hour
Neon Robinson Oct 2016
Tipsy daze were just foreplay
for the passionate midnight sexcapades.

Every Sunday
Drinking champaign,
Not practicing self-restraint
Sneaking into privet estates
Dive into the grotto pool.

My late night wicked pagan lover,
Two lonely hearts bonded over confessions in the dark.
We were nympholepts in retrospect.

All clinquant, in gold light
But turned to heathens, in the night.

Dancing in rhythmic eruptions of fevered delight.
Wondering eyes are tantalized
You are luxurious, feral, **** boy personified.
I was mystified by the wild & eroticized by the style.
A Huckleberry Finn identical twin, ohh but of corse
-You had a Porsche.
Oct 2016 · 2.0k
Spring into Melancholy
Neon Robinson Oct 2016
Forgetting about that uptight blight.*

Emanate apathy

Cheers to you Baby Jesus,
I'm all jacked up on pink Moscato; by noon.
Without a clue of what to do

Retreat to a beach
For a gala beset by an erubescent sunset.
What marry monarchs,
All clinquant, in gold light
All turn to heathens, in the night.  

Perpetually transfixed
By a curious mix of
Rhythmic eruptions & fevered delight
Like fairies & nymphs
Amidst the moon of misbehaving.

Wondering eyes are tantalized
You are luxurious, feral, **** boy personified.
I was mystified by the wild & eroticized by the style.
A Huckleberry Finn identical twin, ohhh but of course
— You had a Porsche.

But we were far from bonafide.

All is well,
Who really gives a ****, about a relationship cuff…
I was inherently drawn to the effervescence, of your soul.
Together in disconnected bubbles
Like a glass of champagne,
Sparkling to the surface effortlessly.

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers;
Nympholepts in retrospect,      
Carefully tip-toeing around
Blossoming curiously & compromising cantor.

Over winsome side-long looks
The burgundy hardtop drops down
Into my body & out of my mind

Tipsy daze were just foreplay
For the passionate midnight sexcapades.
A midsummer’s night moonlit dream
Manifested midst the trysts of Spring.

Every Sunday
Drinking champagne,
Not practicing self-restraint
Sneaking into private estates
Dive into the grotto pool.

Worshiping the Sun, not the saint.
My late night lover show me your wicked pagan birthright.
Two lonely hearts bonded over confessions in the dark.
enticed, take flight, in flight, sensationalized, ignite satisfy
Apr 2016 · 1.8k
Neon Robinson Apr 2016
Vertebrate beginnings,
I collate each chordates morphological traits
Striving to understand their profuse, evolutionary attributes.
Memorize the fusion of Latin and Greek roots
Interwoven just enough to complicate
Instead of differentiate inarticulate invertebrates.
Inhibitions confine to an educational institution
Discombobulated and ready to *******
Apr 2016 · 919
Big Eye Wonderment
Neon Robinson Apr 2016
An iridescent celestial being
Anarchic yet effervescent adolescent
Frolicking freely in the omnipresent forest,
Like a breeze through the leaves.
Barefoot & star gazing — native & trail blazing.
Like a clever, fearless fairy exploring the faraway night sky,
I am the fantastic bit of magic on an otherwise static planet.
Bewitched by wild wonderment;
Coloring my life with the chaos of pathos.
I am the captain of passion, & best little hippie
On the mountain — formed by a volcanic fountain
That caused a panic on our little oceanic planet.

Dancing in multidimensional secrecy,
Past an unattainable horizon
Is where you'll find me — on the Big Island in the sea.
It is a true treasures
With impeccable weather & such mystic characteristic,
It's almost unrealistic.

So forget your whimsey Hawaii five-O fantasy
Tear a hole right through the sky
Arise, & fly with me on a real odyssey
Across the mesmerizing island
Teeming with undreamed of creatures
& seemingly endless saffron sand beaches
few have ever been
up to the
Vermilion rainbow plateaus
& sacred volcano summits  
Amidst cascading honey suckled waterfalls
& streams of splendiferous wildflower meadows.

We can indulge in thousands of hues of bloom
Or retreat, once more to the oasis at the shore,
To stand hand in hand before the prevailing trends
Of a turning world; scattering brightness in the dark
Fledge millennium into an unadulterated oblivion.
Enveloping what is suspend in time
with a colour compass configurations
The universe, nearly legible expresses herself
Writing constellational scribe
elucidating galaxy.
mercurial,  venereal, martial, jovial,  saturnine, lunatic
Apr 2016 · 6.5k
The Ego of a Hippie
Neon Robinson Apr 2016
Iridescent celestial being
An anarchic yet effervescent adolescent
Frolicking freely like a breeze throw the leave of an omnipresent forest.
Bare foot and star gazing, native and trail blazing.
Like a clever fearless fairy exploring the faraway night sky
She is the fantastic bit of magic on an otherwise static planet.
The captain of passion and best little hippie on the mountain
Formed by a volcanic fountain that caused a panic on our little oceanic planet.

— The End —