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Neon Robinson Jun 2019
• This great division of space. •
And the untamed plants.

Pose as domestic pets -
slide along its faded railings.
Casing draughty walls,
tethered to rafters loose lashing;
hanging in jungle green.

I clean up the wild flowers
that float   in   the  a i r, without
explanation, without wrong measure.

Is as it comes -  
I am ashamed that this is all I want.

A testament to solitary hawks in the upper branches.
Flutter in memory carefree cardinals
in this leaf-strewn place,
Dragonflies form wing-prayers
We kneel and peel our shoes off,

drop our feet to sleeping grass
to be closer to the narrow splendor.

Peacocks honk rough phrases, asking anyone.
Commuting the tracks, between valley stream.

I linger limbo roads
On the jungly drive,
pass a farm that repeats
its exotic fruit tree, the elbows of orange blossoms
Guava groves, avocado arsenal,
saturated ocean views beyond pestyflower frills.

At the life proof gate. This world is untidy
with its muddy banks, with its eyes.
1000 flower bloom
Listening feral fowl, ungulate shake  

Retirees friendly fire,
Long forgotten barbwire crossing creeks
the mountain lost in a sea of green    
This land, like me, is free
To live a less domesticated dream
About my homestead in Hawaii. A cabin that falls somewhere between Lincoln log  / LEGO looking safari tent is the muse. As well as the surrounding areas.
Terry Collett Jul 2018
You held the small dog
in your arms like a baby,
kissed its head and nose.

I watched you
outside the shop;
people passed
and some stopped
and talked about it
or wanted to admire
or pat its head.

You put the dog down
and it sniffed the pavement.

You spoke to it
as to a child
as it sniffed
about your feet.

A small dog,
some special breed,
known to be vicious,
but this one was tame,
and childlike,
as you patted its head
and back.

You lifted it up again,
kissed its head and nose,
and when your husband
came out of the shop
with your daughter,
you walked away,
carrying the dog
in your arms,
and out of sight
in the crowd.

I wondered if the dog
ever walked like a dog should,
ever chased rabbits
in a field or wood.
JRL Mar 2018
Sound pierces silence in the dead of night.
She awakens to prowl the path of destruction.
Screaming fills the air as the hearts of man sink into despair.
Feeding quietly on their souls the beast stares off - oblivion soon to follow
No one knows what's ahead - cowering in darkness they know death will soon fill their nostrils.
A stampede through their home causes shrieking and pandemonium.
There is no happy ending but hope lies in the unknown of extinction.
An unconditioned stimulus controls the innate reward pathway of her sick mind!
I'll never forget - though she will, truth lies in the size of the response which slowly fades into the dark.
September 2017
Pax Aug 2016
I was the bird in a cage
who never got to fly freely,
too domesticated to even
fly away
on its own.
Those that are complacently designed
By the simpering vanities
of a domesticated world
rarely find the peace of mind
of which we all strive
because their materialistic
beliefs constrain them
in pools of normality
Drowning them in the pressures of society
and hanging them out to dry
in downloaded photos
that never fade
our lives are all dictated
by the subconscious influence
of one another
thus our souls
are irrefutably intertwined
locked together in endless struggle
mind against mind.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Are we all sick?
Are we mentally infirm, is there dirt to cleanse?
Are our most random thoughts that intrude our work
really a sign of something worse?
Are our imaginations something dangerous?
Its contents the wailing of a madman?
Why do we dream the most violence things
we'd never dream of doing? Why do we
find ourselves in a niche *** scene which you would agree
is rather obscene?
Why do we wander the house naked, rambling to our feet?
The single bachelor wanks and eats
with no apology  
Are we truly domesticated?
or are we still wild?
Do you ever look over a road bridge and wonder what would happen if you jump, even though you wouldn't?

— The End —