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When this wide eye wakes
                            Time welts

                   Sometimes wins

    May Blooms
  And Blossoms

and spars the rain
         Seeping deep into the
         drown earth

immersed in a mumble  
                  a continuous
of the waterfall,
You say.
My finger        mine
                          Shadows of solemn
casts pillers o'er hollowed temples

My fingers,
                     Breath upon your skin

move as steady wind.

Say only

          what love might be

if the veil thin,
                           warm & roused  
                             dove - down

thoughts full of dreams.
destined for nothing

Your Eyes

                        emerald with yellow
                        wildflower born into
                                   the light
Extended into the shadows

Memory - worn and
                     gardens overgrew

Wind - whipped ,  white - washed , w h i p p y
                    clouds the sky  
                                                     & looms in
                                                      the   mind

individuality lost to infinity

            the beauty & fairweather
       now emblems of ephemeral
  Aug 3 Neon Robinson
you are the raindrops
that patters through my rooftop,
gently sliding on my window
creating a short-lived ripple
that slowly goes away

if only I can make you stay.

I, on my window
watching the pale sky,
with winds and clouds so dreary
and a soul starting to get weary

It's been a dark, lonely day,
and I've been waiting
for the sun to come out and stay

you are the raindrops
that gone away
no words or sound as you
fall to the ground

I, on my window
watching you vanish
without saying goodbye.
The writer’s job
is to build the words,
not perform for applause
or join cheap cliques.
The printed word, baby,
that’s the nervous anticipation
for the 300 pound *****
who ***** the best ****.
Words are the hit of whiskey
after the sun drops
below the buildings.

-Ron Gavalik
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I’m trying  <!DOCTYPE html>
<html> Baby, I’m trying <head>
<!-- HTML Codes by -->
I’m trying <title> to see through
all the weeds "width=device-width">
<style> of our modern landscape
but I know my search {:left;background}
is a futile effort.{font-family:Arial, sans-serif}
{font-family:Georgia, serif} This is our world
now, and I’m just trying ;14px;font
to see
the madness
of the weeds.

-Ron </head> Gavalik </body>
  Aug 3 Neon Robinson
I once met a man as blind as the sea
Whose waves crashed down indiscriminately
Dark hair in hand, he whispered to me,
His voice quiet, a solemn plea

He wanted me to throw myself away
This, the meaning his message did convey
Become someone who would make him stay
Quell his waves to still and grey

A good girl - I do as I'm told
I become someone easier to hold
Remove the parts of me too bold
Despite the ocean remaining cold

Til my happiness is a dream unfound
Til my thoughts are still and bound
Til I feel as though I've drowned
Just hoping that he'd come around

But his ocean held no coloured light
It only served to spark and ignite
My colours escaped despite his plight
My wings grew and I took flight
  Aug 3 Neon Robinson
Remember the time I played with fire?
Looked in your eyes and saw all I admire
Knew that your touch was what I desire
Didn't believe anything between us would transpire

Remember the night my heart sparked?
Those feelings between us that grew in the dark
How I was happy now, others noticed and remarked
Now without you, the contrast is stark

Remember the way that I burned?
How you told me that this is how I'll learn
Not to play with fire, now I'm not your concern
Even though it hurt, for you I still yearn
  Aug 3 Neon Robinson
If all good things must come to an end
Then the nightmare of losing you is forever
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