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Oct 2016
Forgetting about that uptight blight.*

Emanate apathy

Cheers to you Baby Jesus,
I'm all jacked up on pink Moscato; by noon.
Without a clue of what to do

Retreat to a beach
For a gala beset by an erubescent sunset.
What marry monarchs,
All clinquant, in gold light
All turn to heathens, in the night.  

Perpetually transfixed
By a curious mix of
Rhythmic eruptions & fevered delight
Like fairies & nymphs
Amidst the moon of misbehaving.

Wondering eyes are tantalized
You are luxurious, feral, **** boy personified.
I was mystified by the wild & eroticized by the style.
A Huckleberry Finn identical twin, ohhh but of course
β€” You had a Porsche.

But we were far from bonafide.

All is well,
Who really gives a ****, about a relationship cuff…
I was inherently drawn to the effervescence, of your soul.
Together in disconnected bubbles
Like a glass of champagne,
Sparkling to the surface effortlessly.

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers;
Nympholepts in retrospect,      
Carefully tip-toeing around
Blossoming curiously & compromising cantor.

Over winsome side-long looks
The burgundy hardtop drops down
Into my body & out of my mind

Tipsy daze were just foreplay
For the passionate midnight sexcapades.
A midsummer’s night moonlit dream
Manifested midst the trysts of Spring.

Every Sunday
Drinking champagne,
Not practicing self-restraint
Sneaking into private estates
Dive into the grotto pool.

Worshiping the Sun, not the saint.
My late night lover show me your wicked pagan birthright.
Two lonely hearts bonded over confessions in the dark.
enticed, take flight, in flight, sensationalized, ignite satisfy
Neon Robinson
Written by
Neon Robinson  22/F/Island of Hawaii
(22/F/Island of Hawaii)   
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