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jules 6d
i sit in the bathtub
surrounded by
lit candle wicks
allowing tears to flow
feeling the comforting
cleansing of the water
wash over me gently
as i connect to my breath

the new moon
allows for manifestations
and new beginnings
so, i grab pen and paper
and jot down:

when i see myself in the mirror
i want to look deep within
and see the divine being i am
instead of
someone i wish not to be

i wish to cultivate
self-love, stillness
and harmony;
giving myself the space
to slow down and reconnect
while loving myself tenderly
for all that i am

i wish to spread
this love of self
unto others in my life
and to the collective
beings on the planet

in hopes that they too
will see the beauty
that is already within them

thanking the four elements:
earth, air, fire and water
for their guidance
and protection,

i step out of the bathtub
blow out the candles
dry myself off and
step out of the sacred space
releasing my intentions
into the wild.
Long ago
Burnt in flames
Tortured for
Alleged blames
****** in pain
The devil’s witch
A folk in laughter
At her final twitch.
Malicious with
Lacerating mows
Devoting themselves
To diabolic vows.
A loving sacrifice
Of their most precious coal
For leaving a wound
- tremendous
In her immortal soul.
I'm not a native English speaker, I hope the language is ok?
rk May 1
in the darkness i dance
crimson hair
like flames on the wind,
the moonlight
kissing my skin
wearing nothing
but midnight
i lie in wait,
surrendering myself
to the flames
for from the dark
my love has returned.
- starlight filters through the trees while the horned God chases his Queen.
Kai Apr 18
Spit from your mouth like an insult
like the very word doesn't bloom
and fill me with the pride of it
witch, pagan, devil
Spit hate and misinformation
like your ancestors before you
keep your cycle and see where it goes
livianna Mar 23
Achelois is the moon.
"She who washes away pain," they say.
So tell the moon your secrets
tell the moon your woes
Achelous will listen.
And once you stop talking,
she shines her light in a wink.
Achelois is the moon.
Achelois is a friend.
The moon will listen only if you talk.
She watches the sleeping world, as the light of the night.
Luminous, she reigns. Goddess through the darkness to twilight
Creatures of the dark and the deep, drawn to her celestial light,
Attempt to pluck her from the heavens at the stroke of midnight.
The skies go dark, the seas buck and very earth quakes in fright.

Will there be no one to control the seas or seasons with fertile moonlight?
Who now will inspire our desires and charm our dreams with insights?
No, great beasts! She is not your moon. Not here for your delight.
Begone, to your deep pits and watery caves, repentant and contrite,
As we pray you to leave her beauty where it lay alight.

Let her glowing splendor live eternal, grand and bright,
Inspiring the works of art and prose her gaze may invite,
And whose beams true lovers’ passions may excite.
Though we must say sweet dreams to her with daylight,
As above so below, may her magic return to us every night.
@LadyRavenhill 2020
in an ancient forest                      a chalice somewhere raises
dirt ridden murmurs                   in a temple of fire
caress the roots of                        beeswax begging
the trees                                         for raw sin
no one kneels                                at the foot
where there is flame                    in the palm
seal the sarcophagus                   we break bread
into the immortal night              binding books
we meditate                                 in holy dreams
for medicine                                we won’t need
honey burns                                us dogs of hell
gentle call                                    in the light.
something from my poetry class
A three faced figure came to me as I slept,
Told me of a hare moon that I must howl down.
Stinging tears of silver light to be born
From an eye central to my forehead heart.
The day and the night as long and as short
As breath inhaled and lost like the very last.
Or the very first, the birth of spring time.
"Celebrate with me" she spoke in tongues
And I sang an ancient rhyme to a Green man
Who stirred in me elemental love divine.
Kenshō Feb 3
giggling i dash
phases and i slip passed
cloak caught on mara's thorns
no one looks within
but only at what is worn
follow the barren arrow
toward the ancient barrows
where the winding ways become narrow
and all is resting still

Nothing is what for i asked
where simply i am present
no future or past
And ones mind isn't molded
like an egyption tomb
explicit in caste
but warm in the womb
display shoshin in bloom
to inherent the present's heirloom

and when all is like before it begun
does any other stand higher than one
because if we fight over either
we're bound to be done
Kenshō Feb 1
the emerald albatross
totem of time
grows from the ground
it falls from the sky
over our heads it flies
but they tryna keep us down
all now seen as lies
im not a human
im going underground
running to a place
where i know ive found
where i can find my pace
and muffle out the sound
of sirens and cries and tv songs
im not like any of you
ill admit it
ive known this all along
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