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Neon Robinson Sep 2017
Cabin Boy
Wondering memories of wild adolescence,
Flash before me like a mental Rolodex
Reverberating daze,
Time cannot take away.
A fifteen–year–old,
Broken neck calypso.
Gazing through the jungle-o window
Unequipped to fathom what was about to happen.

I saw the moon in your eyes,
And knew;
You smile in the way that islands do,
And the zephyrs planned to bring your love back to me, too.

You were everything I imagined.
Sunlight on a dismal day,
The lone palm in the tropic heat,
A boyish grin that made my flowers bloom;
You were the Cabin Boy.
Realizing, all you can be at 23
is yourself.

And I am the wanderer's wandering daughter.
The pretty little minor that come hell or high water,
You broke California law for.

I waited at your f i n g e r
Just his little Pisces *******.
Who didn't exist till 1996.

An inevitable source of panic that would rise in his eyes
Every time he kissed,
Her Kona lips.
Until deciding he had to leave,
Claiming island fever, on his way out the back door.

Lost as a half-gone waning moon.  
With only the ocean’s waves continuous roar
Sun burnt, white foam, salt spray,
Condemned - to an inevitable end
Unable to prevail past the break at your soul's cliff edge.

I grab a raft to float;
In the deep waters of the heart.
Somewhere in between the no -
longer & the still -
Washed upon my soul’s sand.

Reaching out with new green shoots -
Resurrecting the chthonic biome
From deep within the molten core
Till the blocky incline fell away,
And I found myself;
On the surface of a lake of solidified lava.
To the boy that broke my heart.

— The End —