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Jun 27 · 762
“Your Smile”
Finnick Jun 27
I stood there and watched you.

Your smile lit up the whole room,
I didn’t expect to fall so soon.
Jun 14 · 144
Finnick Jun 14
I have never met perfection, for I was told that no one was perfect.

Then I met you.
Mar 13 · 204
Finnick Mar 13
My biggest regret about leaving him was that smile.

That ****** smile.
Mar 6 · 360
Finnick Mar 6
As people, we face many quests through out the cosmos.
But the most amazing Journey is that of life.
And the biggest question you face is who you go on that journey with.
Feb 13 · 309
Finnick Feb 13
Maybe you found someone new...
And this is probably my cue...
So I sat in in my room...
The door locked, i’m ready to shoot...
To leave and let go...
Cause You make feel so old...
And make me feel like a fool...
Because it’s been so long...
Where I haven’t really meant my “l love
And how stupid of me...
How I felt so blue...
Falling in love with the broken pieces of the memories with you...
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do...
With all these feelings I feel for you...
So I guess it’s my cue...
To leave and let go of all my things I felt for you....
And knowing the sky...
is under the lovers unite...
the stars came down...
Whispering on how our fates were perfectly aligned...
and at a hundred and two...
I sat, staring up...

And for a moment I felt like I really loved you...
Feb 13 · 186
“In the end...”
Finnick Feb 13
Nothing matters in the end.
We either **** up the world even more.
Or change it.
But it doesn’t matter in the end.
Because we all die.
Feb 6 · 427
“leave it alone.”
Finnick Feb 6
Leave it alone, Mate,
She doesn’t want to go home with ya.
Jan 31 · 302
“my medicine”
Finnick Jan 31
oh, look at the time,
you ****** this hazy head of mine,
oh, baby, would you look at the time?
you ****** this hazy head of mine,
oh, you ****** this hazy head of mine,
oh, look at the time,
you ****** this hazy head of mine,
oh, baby, would you look at the time?
you ****** this hazy head of mine,
you’re my medicine.
Jan 22 · 212
“Famous Last Words”
Finnick Jan 22
You can be a King or a Street Sweeper, But everyone dances with the Grim Reaper.
-Robert Alton Harris
Jan 18 · 791
“Final Wish”
Finnick Jan 18
I told the Genie for my third and final wish, that I wanted my family to be happy.

Then I started fading.
Jan 18 · 275
“Not Mine”
Jan 16 · 614
Finnick Jan 16
The saddest thing about losing the best memories with people is when they become apart of the memories too.
I miss you, Friend.
Jan 14 · 532
“the moment”
Finnick Jan 14
I fell in love with the moment and I thought I was in love with the girl.
Jan 12 · 304
“my soul”
Finnick Jan 12
I can’t ever give you my soul...
Because I’m never alone.
Jan 10 · 1.1k
“the 1975”
Finnick Jan 10
go down
soft sound
car lights
playing with the air
breathing in your hair
go down
soft sound
step into your skin?
i’d rather jump in your bones
taking up your mouth
so you can breathe through your nose
Jan 8 · 199
Finnick Jan 8
maybe it was never your smell,
maybe it was just your eyes.
maybe I couldn’t really see,
what you truly had in mind.
Jan 7 · 1.3k
Finnick Jan 7
That little kiss you stole?
It broke my heart and soul.
a ****** assault poem... think about it.
Jan 5 · 311
Finnick Jan 5
maybe my real problem is that when I’m lost,
I look for you and not myself.
Jan 5 · 524
Finnick Jan 5
We used to talk all night.
And now we barely even look at each other.
Jan 1 · 370
Finnick Jan 1
I looked into her sparkling eyes.
All I could do was whisper,
“Sometimes, silence is the loudest noise...”
Dec 2018 · 396
Finnick Dec 2018
I heard that you found someone else...

And that’s when I knew I lost you forever.
Dec 2018 · 204
Finnick Dec 2018
It’s all a ******* game until someone falls in love.
I’m sorry.
Dec 2018 · 464
“Break Me Softly”
Finnick Dec 2018
Break me softly...
A phrase I often say to myself.
I can’t ever seem to find the right one.
And my wish is never answered.
But I wish to be broken softly,
For I cannot hold on much longer.
So break me softly...
Dec 2018 · 310
Finnick Dec 2018
You knew what you were doing.
You knew exactly what you said.
You knew every action you made.
You knew exactly what I would become.
You’re a Thief.
You’re the shadows that roam before dawn.
You’re the thorns on a rose.
Your words cut like obsidian daggers.
You knew exactly what you did.
You lied to everyone.
All because you’re a selfish criminal.
A story of Heartache
Dec 2018 · 144
Finnick Dec 2018
my heart is broken,
aching, hurting, why did you do this?
What did I do...?
The pain, it hurts so much...
And the glass has broken,
The cracks have formed.
Dec 2018 · 470
Finnick Dec 2018
It’s better to break your own heart by leaving, rather than having that person break your heart every day you’re with them.
Dec 2018 · 201
Finnick Dec 2018
My God.
This feeling is taking over.
Clawing at my very existence,
Spilling my insides onto the floor.
The stars have left my eyes,
My hygiene has wilted.
Instead of seeing the blue cover skies,
I only see the cement under my feet.
My shadows dance in the sunlight,
Laughing and mocking me.
Slowly knocking me down,
I’m tired all the time.
I’m sick of this feeling.
Sick of the demons inside of me.
They’re never ending party goers,
Constantly going and going until I fall.
I reach for help, some type of hope,
I find myself slipping away.
I’m so sick of these demons inside of me.
The drugs don’t help,
My smile fades when you look away.
I’m ripping myself apart,
And I’m sick of these demons.
Because they’re the ones making it happen.
Dec 2018 · 4.7k
Finnick Dec 2018
You have so much potential.
So, So, So, So much.
And whenever you put a blade to your skin,
I watch the universe leak from the scars on your wrist.
Dec 2018 · 111
“Somebody Else”
Finnick Dec 2018
Our love has gone cold
I’m looking through you
  While you’re looking through your           phone
          And then leaving with
    Somebody else...
           I don’t want your body, but
I’m picturing your body with
       somebody else
Dec 2018 · 233
“broken down”
Dec 2018 · 515
Finnick Dec 2018
My breath hitched as I let go of her hand.

I let her go.
She looked back and all I could do is walk away.
...she didn’t care.
She never did.

And guess whose fault it is to think she did?
Dec 2018 · 216
Finnick Dec 2018
Sometimes, another problem is all it takes to go on.
Dec 2018 · 859
“Loving Someone”
Finnick Dec 2018
My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything.
I need but it needs to keep selling me,
Besides celebrities lacking in integrity.
Holding up the status quo instead of showing the kids,
That they matter, who are they gonna batter next?
Just keep holding their necks and keep selling them ***?
It’s better if we keep them perplexed,
It's better if we make them want the opposite ***.
And disenfranchised young criminal minds,
In a car park beside where your nan resides,
Are not slow, they've just never been shown,
That you should be...
Loving someone.
Thank you, Matty Healy.
Dec 2018 · 327
“Teach Me.”
Nov 2018 · 176
“A dream”
Finnick Nov 2018
Every great moment in history was attained by having a dream.
Nov 2018 · 195
Finnick Nov 2018
Get someone you love!
Get someone you need?

**** that, Get money.
I can’t give you my soul, because we’re never alone.
Nov 2018 · 166
Finnick Nov 2018
You make me sober in ways I don't understand.
The way you kiss me,
The way you hold my hand.

It makes me feel like I have purpose.
Like I can finally breathe,
As if the weight upon my shoulders has left.

Every single time that I feel hazy,
buzzed and gone,
I think of you and I can see clearly.

But I'm sorry that I didn't think of you that night...
When I clearly wasn't in my right state of mind.
The way I yelled at you, and left...

I was intoxicated with the monster.
I decided to drive away.

Little did I know,
I wouldn't return,
and the men in blue would show up at your house.
A tragic story of how alcohol can ruin someone's life and how it effects others...
Drink responsibly and safely.
Nov 2018 · 582
“just a dream”
Finnick Nov 2018
I dreamt of you,
That we kissed.
Even though it was just and only a dream.
I still woke up

Nov 2018 · 315
Finnick Nov 2018
I feel like a wasted soul.
A hologram of skin and bones.
Nov 2018 · 176
Finnick Nov 2018
I’m drowning.

And I’ve gotten so used to this feeling...

That I could go jump into a pool...
And not feel a **** thing...
As I hold my head...

Nov 2018 · 106
Finnick Nov 2018
I wish I never had to bare the scars that I have today...
But they’re what make me.
Finnick Nov 2018
They told me to stay away.
To stay away from the drugs,
The alcohol, the cigarettes.

But when you force a teen to make adult decisions that have childish effects...

I find myself dealing with the drugs,
The alcohol, the cigarettes.

And the nicotine goes to my head,
The monster controls my body,
The alcohol rushes through my veins.

And I can’t help myself.

Because I’m not scared.
I’m not scared... anymore.
Teens are getting involved with drugs more and more everyday, i’m Not perfect, I’ll admit it, but sometimes stuff gets to you and the pressure hits and your head is like, “YOU GOTTA TRY THIS....” and you give in that one SINGLE time.

I’m sorry.
Nov 2018 · 240
Finnick Nov 2018
I blew my cigarette smoke into her face,
Both of our faces held smiles.

Both of us held our breath in the back seat of my car.

The windows were fogged up,
Her hand prints smeared across the glass,
Creating perverted pictures.

Our voices cracked slightly, hers high pitched, mine more of growls and grunts.

It was just your everyday ***.
Nov 2018 · 158
“Name Reveal”
Finnick Nov 2018
Hello, Friends.
I have now decided to let go,
Hiding and keeping my name in secrecy to most.

What’s up,
My name is finnick matthew and my last name will remain unknown. :)
Finnick Nov 2018
Well, I know when you’re around,
‘Cause I know the sound,
I know the sound of
Your heart!

-The 1975, “The Sound”
Nov 2018 · 261
Finnick Nov 2018
I’d rather have no friends at all than have the wrong ones.
Oct 2018 · 273
Finnick Oct 2018
Let’s get high.

It’s so Intense...
The flames around my nose,
My eyes flickering from side to side.
This stuff has lifted me to the sky.

It’s such a Monster...
Ruining my insides,
Making me tired,
But I’m alive.

I’m higher than the Empire State Building,
I’ve reached heaven’s gates.

Why stay down, when I can just go up-

Reality is a bust.
So why don’t you come on over.
And let’s climb the mountain to Heaven.
Please don’t leave, don’t sigh...

Trust me, Baby girl...

Let’s get high.
Oct 2018 · 452
“The Solution.”
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