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Retro Oct 24
though your tears sink through my phone,

oh I wish you were with me,

where you felt at home.

your pain lifted,

your hurt shifted.

i would carry some weight,

for i don’t wish to see you in this state.

i have never seen you cry,

the emotions continuing to multiply,

let me take some weight, let me lift it to the sky.

for you are a simple boy,

trapped in a complex world,

my only wish is to see you restored.

the autumn leaves fall,

the winter wind stings,

much like your pain and sorrow.

i wish that you could take a piece of my soul, only for awhile, just to borrow.

you are a thousand stars up in the sky,

your emotions have you tied.

and much like the tears that soak through my phone,

i open my arms, welcoming you home.
oh, how i wish for you to be okay.
Retro Oct 22
don’t be afraid to fall in love

especially when the One your with is fading away

but the one you’ve known only for a day

is there for you when you needed Them most

because it doesn’t take love to know someone inside and out

it takes two souls that were bonded at the start

love ignites at the sight of life
Retro Oct 22
nothing makes me sadder than my own head.
Retro Oct 22
But when you force me to make adult decisions that have childish effects...

I find myself dealing with the drugs,
the alcohol, and the cigarettes.
Retro Oct 22
one word, but a hundred emotions.

one picture, but a thousand messages.

one life, but a million destinies.
Retro Oct 21
it was raining.

the world was mine to take, so I stepped outside and danced around.

I took off my coat and began to let myself soak up the water from the sky,

Let this illusion disintegrate, for no one could ruin this, not even with goodbye.

My tears blended with the water droplets as they hit my face,

The world was truly within my fates.
for someone who has changed my life in such a short amount of time.
Retro Oct 20
you were just like cigarette smoke.

the smell of it stuck to everything it touched, yet vanished so quickly.
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