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Jan 20 · 107
Not me
Asiah Mangham Jan 20
Our beginning and Our ending
Two bitter truths connected
It's funny how I always write when I'm hurting
I never thought you'd muse me this way
How I know I'm wrong but aren't you wrong too..
For strangling me
For leaving my heart with the reminisce of true love
Aren't you wrong too..
For promising me everything
For leaving your backbone.. rib-bone.. lifelong partner alone..
Let us kiss and makeup because without you there is no healing
there is no better me..
For all the things I wanted to be Ex-Lover is not me..
Oct 2020 · 53
Asiah Mangham Oct 2020
Snow flake for my snow flake
Oh, how I love you so
I heard when your heart broke evenly so
mine will take its place
Oh, how I adore you so
I remember how you spoke about yourself so
I praise you for being never-ending
Oh, how I miss you so
You told me you didn't trust me so
my words are my truth
Oh, how I cradled you so
I know how you feel about love so
Let Us Live Again Another Day
My snow flake
Oct 2020 · 241
Asiah Mangham Oct 2020
Affection cradled me like a baby
wrapped me whole with false intentions and
spat me out to the truth
to all my past lovers I praise you
it is not easy to caress my insecurities
I praise you for my hard days
long nights
For being my muse
regretful you weren't more
Jan 2020 · 126
Asiah Mangham Jan 2020
6 months of writer block
It didn’t go as planned
I’m back from the shadows
Did you miss me?
Aug 2019 · 218
If I
Asiah Mangham Aug 2019
If you are a loved one, remember to check on me.
If I ever loved you, remember to keep my memory safe.
If I ever needed you, remember I won’t be there next time.
If you ever left me, remember, this is the new me.
If only you could see me
My nails are shiny, my lashes long
I’m doing better if you can’t see
But, if I loved you remember to love me back.
                                       -Sincerely Someone Loved
Love me till my Soul bleeds and I’ll do the same. Infinite partners are who we are.
Aug 2019 · 135
Asiah Mangham Aug 2019
Someday I’ll savage my past and I won’t think someone loving me is a delicacy.
Someday I’ll realize I’m all I got.
Like on those days my lonely screams louder than your presence.
Like on that day I screamed for God to show me what he saw in me.
Like on this day where I wish you could’ve met me earlier.
You’d love that girl.
You’d love who she was.
But for now I’m all there is and the best it could ever get.
Aug 2019 · 531
Asiah Mangham Aug 2019
Daydreaming gives me joy, peace from the madness surrounding us.
I’d like to think there was hope.
Maybe there was joy in the way our world worked.
I daydream about the worst and that’s why it pains me to find joy in it.
I daydream I’m not chasing a dying age.
I daydream that maybe someday the words I tend to give you with this mind that often drifts gives you joy too.
I daydream I won’t be the only one daydreaming anymore.
And maybe. Maybe the world won’t seem so complex to a steady mind.
Would you tell me your daydreams?
Jul 2019 · 84
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
She once thought being deemed pretty was a curse. Like She didn’t have the right to be anything else.
Both grateful and furious she accepted and strangled herself with beauty.
Choked away her humanity and laid her brain to rest.
She committed suicide and organized her own burial. There were so many other things to be rather than pretty.
She didn’t want that death sentence but, she still walked the green mile
You are worth far more than words
Jul 2019 · 99
For you
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
It’s funny how my poems always start with me
It’s funny how my poems never start with us
I’m sorry I Neglected you
I just needed space to myself
I’ll do better, I promise
You’ve proved yourself with ambition
With morality
Give me another chance, I’ll do better
I promise
Jul 2019 · 80
F’d up
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I like getting F’d up
Or maybe I’m just F’d up
I never thought about the simple things in life
I like when my mind roams
It’s like a field of blue roses with thorns that cut you by the glare
I never thought about the gentle things in life
I like when my toughness shows
It’s like a bee hive with thick honey
Guess who’s the Queen?
A combination of words
Jul 2019 · 186
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I always liked attention.
Intimate attention.
Acknowledge me attention.
Maybe I lacked self appreciation.
Maybe I lacked the attention.
I always liked you.
The not so funny you.
The save me you.
Maybe you lacked me.
Maybe you lacked attention.
Jul 2019 · 100
I Ain’t
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I’m not sorry you couldn’t find a blessing in me
I’m not sorry you couldn’t find peace within me
I’m not sorry that I lacked what you needed
I’m not sorry that I ain’t who you wanted to be with
See, my Ebonics starts to increase when I feel deceived
My voice starts to increase when it feels weak
My presence starts to decrease when it feels defeated
Now, you tell me if I ain’t who you want to be with
Know me
Jul 2019 · 851
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I told myself I liked peace
but the chaos is exhilarating.
I run from problems to let the animosity build.
I keep quiet to infuriate.
I plant myself in equations where my presence isn’t wanted.
Anger fuels the quiet
Words drench the flames
Jul 2019 · 129
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
My mom once asked me what was I looking for.
Like a librarian on her best days with a book worm ready to be dug out.
A question I’ve asked myself endless times.
Though I couldn’t answer, she understood.
I am missing nothing
Neglected of nothing
But I kept searching for more in the form of lust.
Putting myself through an endless cycle and wondering why I kept cushioning  the ground.
Why must we seek pleasure to feel whole?
You lack nothing physical nor dimensional.
I can’t answer because I’m still writing my personal bible with empty verses.
I’m still learning how to communicate my souls language
I’m still learning how to listen to the strength of my hearts voice
And I’m still learning how to increase the volume on my brains soft whisper
Ask me again tomorrow....
Jul 2019 · 77
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
To some I was a blessing, to some I was a lesson.
I’ve dealt with my past traumas and manifested myself to the person I’ve wanted to be.
I’ve faltered and stumbled along my journey
But, this isn’t just for me.
This is a verse for Us.
The confused.
The misunderstood.
The hopeless lover.
The nay sayers and The not so fortunate.
Break boundaries with your grace.
**** rocks and put bricks in the hospital.
Protect the inevitable and pray for the hostile.
The less never fails and the more never rejoices.
I write best when the sun falls
Jul 2019 · 216
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
I saw the way your expression would change when I would talk about a ****** act I’ve committed
You wanted me pure
You wanted me whole
I laid bare to you with open arms
Hearing the ring in my ears when you’d speak how many girls souls you laid to rest
How they were propped up and popped open
I was next,
But something told me not to be another victim
How he cut them open and dug them out like cantaloupes
He dug into genesis and didn’t know he killed creation with every flick
He committed genocide with no remorse
And wiped it off as satisfaction
Jul 2019 · 281
Ordinary People
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
We were gold
We weren’t just regular art
We were a masterpiece
We made records with the way our words sung to one another
We were movie stars in our own film, Hollywood couldn’t contain us
We were myths and fairytales that no one believed in
Now we are just ordinary people,
More none believers
Jul 2019 · 307
Asiah Mangham Jul 2019
The Masterpiece you see in me is not the Masterpiece within me.
The wet paint still dripping off the sides of my insides.
The painting with an unknown artist is still unfinished.
The Masterpiece you say you see within me is just a fake painting covering this almost dry paint.
The painting with no meaning behind it.
This almost dry paint will forever stain my walls.
This almost dry paint will make this unfinished painting something of the past.
Past my dry paint looking back on my stained walls will only stain my memories.
Telling me that this Masterpiece inside is only a stained wall of me.
You’re beautiful beyond measures. Write this down and take a picture so you’ll never forget.
Jun 2019 · 197
Asiah Mangham Jun 2019
I’ve always been a loner.
Condoner of my own space.
Don’t pry my doors and expect my walls not to quiver
Jun 2019 · 108
Asiah Mangham Jun 2019
I needed you to Feed my Soul and Acknowledge my Ego.
You Ate my Soul and Neglected my Ego.
Jun 2019 · 390
Asiah Mangham Jun 2019
She went and wrote the rivers
Illustrated the waterfalls
And conducted the forest orchestra
She took on the role of Mother Nature while she watched the world deteriorate her role as a woman
I am a Woman. Simple but Conplex in every form.
May 2019 · 780
Asiah Mangham May 2019
He tried to write on me and call it art.
I wrote myself and called it love.
May 2019 · 271
Asiah Mangham May 2019
When we’re together it feels like the world stops
I hope we meet again and the world still feels like it’s frozen.
Until then...
Love Asiah
May 2019 · 159
Asiah Mangham May 2019
The world has messed up now. You can’t put the art of God in the hands of politicians and call it divine rights.
May 2019 · 424
Forgive me
Asiah Mangham May 2019
I apologize to my penetrated ****** for whom I rubbed and finger ****** to the comfort of others.
I opened myself with open arms and when they closed I was holding myself...
Feb 2019 · 222
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
Why did you choose me?
My body surrenders to this fragile state
I am water compared to your silhouette, to your fire
I drip, slip and drown from the waves crashing over me
The ocean cannot contain gasoline because once lit the flames won't melt me they'll ignite me
Feb 2019 · 223
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
She threw herself to the wolves like a piece of meat.
ready to be devoured but not quite ready to be everyone's lunch
see, she lost herself and respect went with it.
she went from the desired, to the unwanted, to the leftovers.
No one eats leftovers, it and she is like toxic waste.
The ones before got the better version.
The starved stuck around eager to feast on what's left.
Feb 2019 · 233
Special Place
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
He's a broken toy.
Tired of being kicked to the side for a new experience
Tired of the wheels falling off only for him to repair himself
The engine won't start anymore, the gas tank is empty
He's living inside out with his emotions
He is broken and that is okay
He is lost and that is okay
The broken have a special place in the Universe
Feb 2019 · 241
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
One man's trash is a gold mine covered in dirt.
If only he would've dug a little deeper...
Feb 2019 · 76
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
Once made of stone is now glitter
They hardened your reality
But your shine made them falter
Feb 2019 · 535
A Sign...
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
They say Capricorns are fearless but also reckless.

We're fearless because we have this idea that the earth works on its own. What is to happen will.
We are reckless when it comes to the heart. There's this visual of this perfect love that we seem to think is capable with every intimate soul we meet. When that is not the love we intend to require we drop everything and run.

Our sanity and peace of mind means more than others. Not to be absurd but we are disturbingly at peace with ourselves and that balance is to precious to be broken.

Because I don't think you understand, we are the constellation of determination yet ambition. We are magical yet a majestic sign. We dance like lilies and communicate like lovers at 2am. We are dangerous because we know the balance but simply don't care.
We can't wreck what was never there
We can't fear what we can't see
Feb 2019 · 615
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
If it were this easy to break you
If the slightest challenge in your character makes you quiver
Then who said you were strong anyways.
You're not invincible
& maybe that's what they see...
Feb 2019 · 699
Porcelain Doll
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
I always seem to place myself in your hands like a porcelain doll.
Ready to be placed on a wooden shelf.
But your hands always wither to the touch of my glass skin.
I am real to most but when it comes to you I am a rose petal ready to be plucked to see if you "like me, like me not"
But that shelf has become molded overtime and the cracks on my glass skin have begun to show.
Your hands are not my sanctuary anymore. You left me alone and on display except for when you needed me.
Except for when that curiosity in your mind said "grab her"
But she is not yours anymore
Her glass skin has become more human by the day. Until suddenly she stood by herself and walked away.
Ready to be her own sanctuary .
Feb 2019 · 271
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
To fully become aware of oneself and ones true ability you'd have to stop trying to find comfort in temporary people. Lust is temporary, Love is eternal.
Jan 2019 · 283
Sunday morning
Asiah Mangham Jan 2019
My temporary love...
Here now, gone forever
We are temporary and the love you feel temporarily will fade
Like mist on a Sunday morning
Dreaming of an everlasting peace will leave you forever in a cacoon.
Let your temporary love bloom until it's to ripe to right your life.
Dec 2018 · 199
Open Me
Asiah Mangham Dec 2018
She wrapped herself in confidence and wore beauty like a ribbon. She is a present and the world is her eager child.
Dec 2018 · 145
Asiah Mangham Dec 2018
She was fully clothed but they still found a way to
Sexualize her
Generalize her
And make her feel uncomfortable with every step she took
I Walk As Me
Dec 2018 · 220
Asiah Mangham Dec 2018
Ultimately, I love me more.
I'll no longer blame myself for my own disappointment. I'll cherish me more for the perseverance of me.
I'll love you forever and always
Nov 2018 · 315
Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
Filter these bones of what you call the past
Unravel my heart from the taste of you
Sweet but Bitter
Salty yet Pleasent

I'm In Love With Another
Nov 2018 · 296
For you.
Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
This is a letter to my heart...

Your pure rawness could never compete with this savage world.
You've cried so many times for the bruises you let remain open.
You're patient thinking that things will change.
You're graceful with the way you silently cry.
The way you hide your pain with a smile and a nod.
You always tell yourself that you are done, then it happens again and again.
You've been hurt so many times longing to give someone another half of you.
But they take it and run.
You've known lonely, heartache, betrayal, and so much more.
It's happened so many times you believe that you are broken, unwanted, damaged, ugly.
I know it's hard to hear but you are neither.
The world is a damaged place for a deceivable heart.
                                                           ­                   You
If I keep my eyes closed they'll still love you.
Nov 2018 · 171
Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
I feel like I'm competing for your love. But, you know I hate to lose and right now I'm in last place. I'm running out of breath trying to stay in sight. I'm beginning to feel like a burden in the race, to your life and to your face. I fell way to hard but you didn't catch me. Let me drown in my sorrows for another day.
While you live your best life knowing you broke me again tomorrow.
I love you. But, it's sad to say US is my wildest imagination.
Nov 2018 · 792
Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
He was a smooth criminal.
Smooth to the touch, rough with the heart.
His body screamed thief in the way he walked, talked, and kissed.
His lips grazed mine.
He kissed me everything but gave me nothing.
He walked with the grace of Angel's. Talked like he befriended God.
By the time I noticed he stole everything, he was gone.
My heart ached, my body cried, and my mind was in disbelief.
He took me and ran.
Nov 2018 · 483
Asiah Mangham Nov 2018
My heart longed for something unreal.
My body craved something inhuman.
In the midst of the desire
I felt nothing
But my veins leaked tears,  my bones caved in, and my lungs gave out
My body weaped in pain and all I did was call out for you
I broke me in looking for you to be my superman
That name I called was not yours.
It was my own
My body wept for me to be my own salvation
But the coward in me fled
The last thing I called out for was neither you or me, but
Oct 2018 · 634
Asiah Mangham Oct 2018
Beauty is present but the soul isn't.
You speak with golden specks on your tongue.
You walk with the grace of doves.
Your laugh is like the morning sun.
But yet you still fall short where love doesn't manage.
You quiver to the thought of happiness and cringe at the sight of laughter.
They all scream
"you're a diamond in the rough."
But what is jelewry when it's not sought after and what is art when it's admired by all but one?
You're aware of the power you carry, the beauty you conceal.
The weapons your heart bares and the pain running through your veins.
They painted you a mural but they failed to read the description -
" commended by all, tamed by none."
Oct 2018 · 143
Asiah Mangham Oct 2018
Look at me so I can gaze into the past and fix the flaws
See me so I can mend what was left of that broken body
Touch me so I can surrender myself to this present heart
Release me so I can calm the storm in my future self
Oct 2018 · 203
Asiah Mangham Oct 2018
He reels me in with his eyes and grabs my waist with his presence.
I speak nothing but my mind screams a thousand words.
I move none but my body is floating mercilessly
can you grab onto a dream?
Oct 2018 · 200
Asiah Mangham Oct 2018
Don't mention a persons past unless you want to conjure your own ghost.
Your ghost may be someone else's past.
Which is nothing but time depraved of what you left it to be
Aug 2018 · 220
Asiah Mangham Aug 2018
The constellations conceal what was once bright.
Everything once- thinkable has been taken away.
The sky consumes every animate object in sight.
The sun’s rays bring us back to life, only for the day.
Without the gas that shines so radiantly in the sky of the night.
What is life?
My pondering mind fills with haze.
Running to the sky to find what I once thought was consciousness.
The heavenly body that consumes me,
one day will be consumed by my eyes heavenly gaze.
                 Don’t stray my conscious mind
                 Don’t lose sight, for the sky knows all.
Aug 2018 · 197
Asiah Mangham Aug 2018
Full of life, all kinds
Even the quietest parts live
You are now alive
Aug 2018 · 126
Asiah Mangham Aug 2018
Forgotten and lost
No one notice but it’s there
Transparent to the world
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