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Sabika H 14h
Is it a god?
Is it the devil?

Given the wrong circumstances,
They can both be evil.
Then what is it I rely on
To help me differentiate between right and wrong?

Is it eternal?
Is it reliable?
And when things don't go to plan,
Are my consequences inevitable?
Then what is it I can count on
That's been unchangeable all along?

Is it sturdy?
Will they keep swaying me?

And when pain,
Pleasure, time and health test me,
What is it I can rely on to keep me steady?

I feel like a kite on a single string,
The string is a hand stretching out from a deep sea,
The hand is a lever with the note:
"Pull me!"
And I hold on and it may be fine,
But relationships,
Will, health, time, pain and pleasure
Eventually rot and turn bitter
And they let me go
And I am reminded of how
Lost I truly am...
In this vast ocean...
In this wide space...
I am reminded that in this world,
Nowhere in my mind is safe;
I used to ridicule that which I cannot see or feel,
But there was nothing of this world that was real.
All of my idols
Left me,
And all that’s left to
Hold on to
Are the ideals of hope
And faith.
In nature things move slow
Things happen slow
In slow is serenity
In slow is clarity
In slow is durability
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I understand
Slowly slowly I think
Slowly slowly I write
Slowly slowly I work
Slowly slowly l couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Deeper roots, broader  spread
Little recognition
I could get
They planted me
Where there was erosion
Stopping landslides and further damage
Many grew so fast like a vine
To great heights they could twine
They bore fruits for their growers
Who protected them
From hail and storm
I couldn't fulfill their norms
Slow and steady doesn't win
Just remains free from sin
Faster the speed of throw
The higher it goes
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Pruning often they did
Making the shrub
Pleasing to their eyes
Fit and fine in public eyes
I am slow at everything
I care a hang for them
Slowly slowly I understand, think, work or write
I feel quite satisfied!
Shrubs prevent erosion and landslides. In a corrupt system, competent honest people do exist. They face resistance. They think, act and move carefully and take the time required unlike corrupt ones who want to make fast buck and climb the ladder fast by pleasing the powers that be by adopting shortcuts. Competent honest people grow into shrubs only as they're slow by the standards of the corrupt. But they prevent erosion and landslides in the system.
karly codr Jan 29
a thin brush
painting small circles
on denim
steady hand
stop shaking
hi i'm back. i'm working on painting the back of a jean jacket I have and this just sort of came to me... anyway... it kind of ***** but whatever
LC Dec 2020
when her heart flutters faster
than the wings of a hummingbird,
his steady heartbeat anchors her
to the solid ground underneath their feet.
Mico Aug 2020
Talking to the darkest hour

Waiting for the sun to rise
I was fragile last weekend,
I witnessed some dark stuff:
Dried blood covered the floor
of every room in his house,
I struggle in this land, powerless.

We feel hurt, suffer pain, do damage unto ourselves, and for what?
Were it etched into us, onto us; visible.
I fear my ability to intervene is limited.
There is misery here, I cannot handle it
as it was once as familiar to me, and loss
seems inevitable.
I would do well to take leave of this environ
before it ensnares another year I cannot spare.
I hear that forgotten calling
my name mispronounced.

I meditate in my poison garden,
Praying for an ounce of clarity
among the many intoxicants;
Spare me the sorcery.
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
burned me with a stick today,
smelled like smoky ribs
on a lovely sunday morning pan.

the pain on the pan
sizzled the other pain away.
well done,
as I fancy the most.
uv May 2020
The places we cherish
The moments in those
The people we share it
Who's doors are never close.

The horizon is what we choose
It could be a mile it could be a pool
Bringing light into darkness
Can be one's greatest tool

Sailing has never been easy
The wind takes its share
Being steady in all weathers
Is a drift so fair and rare.
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