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Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 55

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

I sincerely want to be dearly loved by someone,
Through their loyal heart, as being myself'
Who can fondly seize me in their steady heart,
As being myself in their divine soul!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
a lot of ****
has me ****** up
rn but

steadily I'm
getting through
should i go anon?
Brian Dec 2018
Walking the saddle
Wind blowing both directions
Do not want to fall
Patrick Austin Nov 2018
Thank you for having me stay over night,
the feeling of being beside you is right.
I enjoy the comfort of knowing you're here,
The scent of your soul is drawing me near.
I'm lost in the feeling of holding you close,
My instincts just know that I need you the most.
You've shown me your spirit, unbridled and free.
You're beauty is deeper beyond what eyes see,
Unforseen pathways, directions unknown,
I'm so glad you saved me from being alone.
After much debate, declarations were made and exclusive relations were established. Such a good feeling to get the girl next door.
Kee Oct 2018
poking at his rib cage
i thought of all of the wonderful times
ive spent with him
not knowing that this would be my last time poking his rib cage
i smiled and laughed in his face
he loved me the way i loved me
or so i thought
and the betrayal finally set in
when the messages stopped flowing in
and the block on all of social media shocked me as well
until my friend had shown that while you were studying abroad
you were going steady with a beautiful french girl
KM Hanslik Sep 2018
Baby I have loved you too long
days have slipped into days into days
and we're still not getting paid, but we don't care
we still show up, knuckles bruised
we still carry our hearts
around on our sleeves
looking like we've got anything better to do
than to just simply bottle it up
hang me over the edge to dry, I don't mind
your fingernails are covered in concrete but I
still hold your hand anyway,
acting as if maybe the extra weight grounds me a little
and oh, it does
and we are wearing long sleeves carrying loose threads on our backs until the air
turns warm again and washes the colors out,
we are yoked to the earth like mules and trying
we don't know how old we are going to be yet, but we are going to make it a good one;
we are going to make this thing big
when the lights go off and we finally settle
you won't have any doubt, baby
I have spent too many nights chasing red flags and warnings through
the rusty gates of fenced in temples; places I never
should have been,
too many run-ons spilling from my lips to yours,
second chances pinned up on my walls like a
conspiracy to never try my hand at failure again, like a
second nature, subconscious response to danger,

but baby you won't ever have to worry about me,
I got you covered like the far end of the bed isn't close enough and the rain's left our yard just
damp enough to stay on your toes but I
got you covered, baby.
Bring me everything that's on your list and I'll be
patching your walls in the same colors as mine
as if I'd even remotely know what
disaster looks like in human form

but from the moment I gave a second thought about you, your hands and being held
more than a few
fleeting impulses have come and gone and been flushed
down the drain along with my old copies,
along with my old shaky "maybes",
but one thing that's been steady is this
one thing I have never faltered from you.
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Arms spread wide
knees bent in respect of tension
attention on your insides
spiraling out in spirit
hearing your heart beat

Feel the hum of life
teem within the absence
Rose Aug 2018
I’m chasing the sunset,
passing through colored blankets,
Gazing as mountains pass
me by
and water
gleams down bellow
My heart cries
as I think
of my golden fields
and violet blossoms
Light is reflected in
my eyes as I watch
time float
The sun burns the
hue of my blood
So many seasons have
come and gone in my
everything has changed
and I drift on
awaiting your arms
the smell of pine
the feel of the river
on my skin
the color of the fading
the curve and
twists of the hills
I call home

My breath fogs as I watch
come home
to all those who venture out into the world to seek something new, and find themselves in losing themselves. you ran and found a new rhythm of life. now take it and bring it home.
veritas Aug 2018
there is a place i have to go, where i will always have to go.
and it is a place you cannot follow, because only i know how to find it.
it's a secret, but it's everywhere, and it lives in the groves and bowery inside me,
flourishing and green and quiet and steady.
its lungs are my lungs, so i must go to give it air,
but to also breathe a deep breath of life back in when i feel most stretched or worn thin,
and especially when life has been quite through with me.

but it grows cold and lonely at night,
and i have to visit it then, too,
when fell things awake and bright suns slumber in their shadows,
because im just as much a part of the day as the night.

if you will wait for me, where i've left you on the edge;
if you will trust me, believe in me, even when you don't fully believe it yourself;
if you promise you will leave me my hidden place,
then i will always, always, come back to you.
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