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Youre steady base,
Keeps my off beat rhythm
In tune.
LC Dec 2020
when her heart flutters faster
than the wings of a hummingbird,
his steady heartbeat anchors her
to the solid ground underneath their feet.
Mico Aug 2020
Talking to the darkest hour

Waiting for the sun to rise
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
burned me with a stick today,
smelled like smoky ribs
on a lovely sunday morning pan.

the pain on the pan
sizzled the other pain away.
well done,
as I fancy the most.
uv May 2020
The places we cherish
The moments in those
The people we share it
Who's doors are never close.

The horizon is what we choose
It could be a mile it could be a pool
Bringing light into darkness
Can be one's greatest tool

Sailing has never been easy
The wind takes its share
Being steady in all weathers
Is a drift so fair and rare.
JS Apr 2020
the things i never said
running circles in my head

wanting to throw them at you
shove them into your brain too

i try to dance it out
dance and laugh and shout

scream loud hoping you will hear
but you just hide out of fear

obsessed with your brown eyes
that make up the center of your disguise

come dance with me
dance with joy and ease and glee

those thoughts that make me so alive
take them for a drive

like we used to go
putting on our perfect show

so sick of denying
all the frustrated crying

just keep me steady
until i'm ready

(to let go)
Maja Mar 2020
"I need you", you said,
"Without you, I’d be dead."

I locked my eyes into yours with a gaze steady.
I said, "If you can’t live without me,
why aren’t you dead already?"
don't lie to me
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