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Zack Ripley May 20
Washing my hands even though
I know they'll never really be clean.
Too many stains
From the blood, sweat and tears
That will never be seen.
My hands may never be completely clean, but I won't apologize.
I did what I had to to protect, love, and survive.
Alaina Moore May 21
Thinking... "I should say I'm sorry"
Then saying nothing.
Because I'm not sorry.

Girl power.
Kimmy Apr 21
My anxiety and depression can make me a ****** friend, but I’m not sorry.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt the need to apologize for my mental health struggles. I felt the need to over explain everything. I always felt the need to apologize for canceling plans.

My mental health struggles come and go. I have good days, and bad days. When I have bad days, or weeks even, I disappear.

I don’t answer many texts, I don’t make plans, and if I do, I cancel them. It makes me not a very dependable friend, sometimes. But I’m not sorry, anymore.

Sometimes I need to take a break from everyone.

Sometimes I need to take a step back and be alone, while I figure out what’s going on in my head.

Sometimes I feel ready to see you again, but I’m really not. I’m not ready to talk about the struggles I’m facing yet.

I have always felt the need to apologize, and I’m done.

I don’t choose to struggle with this.
I don’t choose to have my thoughts racing all day.
I don’t choose to have a war with my mind everyday.
I don’t choose any of this.

I’m done apologizing for something I don’t have control over.

So, yes, sometimes, my mental health will make me a ****** friend. But that’s only because it is needed for my own sake.

So I won’t apologize for that anymore.

I won’t apologize for doing what is best for me.

And for the friends who have stuck around while I cancel plans, go radio silent, and patiently wait until I’m ready to talk, you’re the real ones. And I’m lucky to have you.

But, I’m not sorry for doing what I need to do to make my mental health a little bit better.

I’m not apologizing anymore.

Instagram- Caitlinfladager
It ***** having to deal with this everyday. Always saying sorry for how I am.. When not no more
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
Don't know what you want me to say.
But I won't lie
We're not okay.
I can't believe I feel this way
But my skies have turned
From blue to gray.
Lying in this bed we made
I think about this game we played.
We used to be partners in crime
But I guess it's true
All things change with time.
You used to be the one for me.
You used to be my star.
I remember the way we used to kiss
When you climbed into my car.
Now our story's ending,
There's only one thing left to say.
I'm sorry baby,
I'm sorry baby
But I think I might be gay.
Wrote this when I was driving. For the record, I am NOT gay. Just did it for a rhyme and it actually tied the story together.
Darah Galbraith Jul 2019
You act
so high and mighty.
You look down
at everything you see.
Everyone has issues,
yours are not the worst.
So don’t go around acting
like you have a curse.
We are all equals,
all under the same sky.
You’re not more important
when you start to cry.
Don’t act like you are better.
Don’t act so condescending.
Don’t act like you can’t do it,
because your pain is never ending.
I’m sorry your life is tough.
I’m sorry you’re not okay.
But really I’ve had enough
of what you have to say.
This makes me seem like a terrible person, but when you’re feeling down, you can’t use that as an excuse to drag others down with you.
hannah May 2019
I looked up at your face
Slowly your tears started falling down
I started getting gloomy and sad along with you
I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do to cheer you up, I guess
Then the tears they start coming down faster!
Oh now I’m getting more upset.
I love you more when you're happy like the guy name Sun shine.
Yah he actually seems pretty cool why can’t you be more like him.
I cover my mouth I just spilled the tea about how I actually feel about you
Although i don’t know why I am covering my mouth I Actually don’t feel bad about it.
But oh my gosh I can tell you are so mad you try to strike a swing at me of what call lightning but miss
Then grumble with so much madness which for some reason you call thunder
Then I remove my hand from my mouth
Also why can’t you be like Mr.Cloud White.
He moves around all the time non stop
Not once have I seen him sitting still
I just give up with you sorry not sorry
Asiah Mangham May 2019
I apologize to my penetrated ****** for whom I rubbed and finger ****** to the comfort of others.
I opened myself with open arms and when they closed I was holding myself...
Sydney Feb 2019
Your eyes are cold and distant
Never a smile
Never a laugh
I just wanted to be your friend
How could you hate me so much?
I don’t know what I did
I don’t know how to fix this
So it’s time I said goodbye to you
To your childish tricks and games
To your hatred of everything I love
To your all-consuming sadness
So goodbye and sorry

Your not-friend,
This is not meant to be mean only a good-bye to those toxic people in life. I hope you understand that this not an attack only me expressing how I feel. Thank you and enjoy!
Kierstyn Mar 2019
Too fast.
No stop.
No control.
Its a disaster
A huge mess
That I can't clean
Because I don't know how.
Its a snowball
Rolling down a hill
crashing into trees
along the way
But I get through.
I get through.
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