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Jay M Dec 2020
The heart wields great emotions
Barely containing the outcry
Of tears, aching, shouts,
Longing to escape
Desperately so

The mind tries to filter it all
Force it down once again
Barely able to contain
Its own generated thoughts
That which collide and deeply confuse
What chaos lies just beneath the surface

- Jay M
December 8th, 2020
The one strangely operating filter you can never replace.
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
I’m doing just fine
Tells my extra filtered life
How fulfilling it is to hide
Behind “Coconut Creme”
Flawless head to toe
No one can deny
But should I give you a clue,
It might not be all that true
Nolan Willett Aug 2020
It’s hard to be here
And to be sincere
When you run on caffeine
And fear
But it’s easy to be coarse
To stay indoors
When you see the whole world through
The filter of remorse
Butterfly Jul 2020
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
John McCafferty Apr 2020
Life in a mess
Mind reflects
Bring call to order
No rest small steps
Routine reigns supreme
Breathe that little bit more
Look a little bit further
Sterner fall through the pane of pain
Prioritise, it'll be worth it
Organised chaos is lived short term
Energy hiltered keep clear use a filter
House of cards can only grow so far
and won't last just wilter
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ken Pepiton Mar 2020
For everhow long this is going on,
this March Madness,
this Ides of March B'ware Beta test
based on the Shemitic glyph for house,

But, I read, some where, the A is a bull, maybe with a broken neck,
like, once upon a time
A looked like
a bull and not like house in the hills
home-base kinda feeling
in word, like Aces!
one hand claps another's,

we made it.

But beta,
home formed from
the spoken Shemetic phoneme for dwelling place
Beth, Bethel of divine upload download demo fame, as house of El,

The symbol ranked by sequence second
where the trickster bro in the great test story
wrestled with El,
and witnessed messengers of the same
going up and down with word from some going to and fro

What if that is where the idea of beta testing began?

What if?
Did you ever wish you had a real Brita water filter?
Beta tested your pattern ecog.

 It is spelled βήτα in modern monotonic orthography and pronounced [ˈvita].
testing testing pro
fessing fessing fessing. Which makes more sense?
Changing filters
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
How do you filter your eyes?

a phone and screen filter easy
a button push to hide the unsightly
tap and your bubble grows
Surely our eyes cannot be filtered though
our eyes are eyes that see unwanted glimpses
of gruesome vile images

Perhaps our eyes have no filter

but we filter subconsciously
for who wants to see
that man on the street
that car on the road
both who we know
sit and plead
but tricksters they may be
until one day we see
no one in need

Our brain filters for our eyes
so we may see all the blue skies
and any cloud that may block our view
can be hidden for our plane of blue

What clouds your eyes
for your blue skies
Kiz Jul 2019
My face is perfectly symmetrical
My skin smooth. My smile perfect.
Life’s blemishes and frown lines instantly erased,
As if those life experiences that caused
my frown lines in the first place never happened.
Instead of frowns, I have bunny ears.
Cute, Childlike, Happy ears.
Because someone somewhere associated bunnies with ****
So I have **** bunny ears and a high pitched voice.
In my real voice you might be able to hear my pain
But the filtered voice only lets you hear the sunshine
All my flaws are airbrushed away
It’s like those extra pounds gained from stress eating never existed.
My hair is no longer messy from me pulling it in frustration,
With this filter not even one hair is out of place.
This filtered me is the only me I let you see
My tag line says “I woke up like this” smiley face.
Isn’t this the version of me that you prefer?
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