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anonymous Jun 7
the filter of life that you shine upon my being,
makes me wonder the world i am seeing,
it looks to me like it took a turn for the better,
but then again now the rain is always wetter.

- anonymous
Life in a mess
Mind reflects
Bring call to order
No rest small steps
Routine reigns supreme
Breathe that little bit more
Look a little bit further
Sterner fall through the pane of pain
Prioritise, it'll be worth it
Organised chaos is lived short term
Energy hiltered keep clear use a filter
House of cards can only grow so far
and won't last just wilter
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Rose Apr 26
filters can mask looks
but they can't mask pain
Ken Pepiton Mar 4
For everhow long this is going on,
this March Madness,
this Ides of March B'ware Beta test
based on the Shemitic glyph for house,

But, I read, some where, the A is a bull, maybe with a broken neck,
like, once upon a time
A looked like
a bull and not like house in the hills
home-base kinda feeling
in word, like Aces!
one hand claps another's,

we made it.

But beta,
home formed from
the spoken Shemetic phoneme for dwelling place
Beth, Bethel of divine upload download demo fame, as house of El,

The symbol ranked by sequence second
where the trickster bro in the great test story
wrestled with El,
and witnessed messengers of the same
going up and down with word from some going to and fro

What if that is where the idea of beta testing began?

What if?
Did you ever wish you had a real Brita water filter?
Beta tested your pattern ecog.

 It is spelled βήτα in modern monotonic orthography and pronounced [ˈvita].
testing testing pro
fessing fessing fessing. Which makes more sense?
Changing filters
Perdue Poems Sep 2019
How do you filter your eyes?

a phone and screen filter easy
a button push to hide the unsightly
tap and your bubble grows
Surely our eyes cannot be filtered though
our eyes are eyes that see unwanted glimpses
of gruesome vile images

Perhaps our eyes have no filter

but we filter subconsciously
for who wants to see
that man on the street
that car on the road
both who we know
sit and plead
but tricksters they may be
until one day we see
no one in need

Our brain filters for our eyes
so we may see all the blue skies
and any cloud that may block our view
can be hidden for our plane of blue

What clouds your eyes
for your blue skies
Lorena Jul 2019
I don’t know how we changed,
and when

I can’t remember the first time we kissed
or the first time we - well.
but I remember the first time you told me where you were living next year
and the second time
and the third.

you picked the right moment to meet me, or was it just chance?
that the club was closing but there was still time for one dance

and I only had one ciggie left but you didn’t mind sharing
and you knew where the after party was and you didn’t mind sharing

I have to stop seeing techno boys
Because I think that it’s meaningful when really I’m just high… on the music.

I really want to talk to you about how crazy it is that the light hitting the Earth right now is billions of years old
or maybe just how my day went because I’m not a Tumblr post

we’re sitting in the pub with two drinks between us like a moat
and I really want to tell you something
but I CAN'T because you're talking... about where you're going to be living... next year.

or what you study at uni & last week's pub crawl
you speak all these words and you just say **** ALL

but I just smile and filter you out
because in the end I know there’s no doubt
that we’ll go home tonight and go through the motions
& in the morning you’ll leave to ‘charge your phone’

I’m kidding I’m kidding take me seriously, please
not that I care but it means the world to me

because the person you are in my head doesn’t match up
to the boy sitting in front of me on a ****-up

I think I'm realising I’m in love with MY love
and it’s impossible for you to ever measure up

(but anyway you were kinda setting yourself up to fail)
(when you spend the whole date talking about trainer resales)

so I guess this is a break-up - if we even warrant that -
cause I know we won't speak if I don't text back

and then in three months, I’ll run into you again
and I’ll wonder how we changed,
and when.
You have been warned...
Xaela San Dec 2018
Put on the filter to make myself better.
There are times I have used "camera" filters to hid my insecurities. To hid the fact that I don't see myself pretty, beautiful like other girls, and confident like other people.
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