Asiah Oct 4
Look at me so I can gaze into the past and fix the flaws
See me so I can mend what was left of that broken body
Touch me so I can surrender myself to this present heart
Release me so I can calm the storm in my future self
Asiah Oct 4
He reels me in with his eyes and grabs my waist with his presence.
I speak nothing but my mind screams a thousand words.
I move none but my body is floating mercilessly
can you grab onto a dream?
Asiah Oct 4
Don't mention a persons past unless you want to conjure your own ghost.
Your ghost may be someone else's past.
Which is nothing but time depraved of what you left it to be
  Sep 24 Asiah
Alexis Irvine
Recently I’ve seen
the danger in me;
the damage I do
to people like you.

Today I saw
how my actions tore
up your mind as you try
To find the reason why
I act as I feel
I act as I feel.

And I know
and I work on it
My confusing state of mind
But you look at me like art
Like there’s something more to find

But the truth is there’s nothing.
And that’s all the danger
You wait for something beautiful
Your eyes create a stranger-

Who isn’t me
Never will be;
and now your let down
that what I was, is all I am,
All I am is right now.

Recently I’ve seen
the side effects of me
of locking a door
yet always searching for the key.
These are actually song lyrics I have written to a new song I am writing! Although it does work as a poem too :)
Asiah Aug 26
The constellations conceal what was once bright.
Everything once- thinkable has been taken away.
The sky consumes every animate object in sight.
The sun’s rays bring us back to life, only for the day.
Without the gas that shines so radiantly in the sky of the night.
What is life?
My pondering mind fills with haze.
Running to the sky to find what I once thought was consciousness.
The heavenly body that consumes me,
one day will be consumed by my eyes heavenly gaze.
                 Don’t stray my conscious mind
                 Don’t lose sight, for the sky knows all.
Asiah Aug 26
Full of life, all kinds
Even the quietest parts live
You are now alive
Asiah Aug 26
Forgotten and lost
No one notice but it’s there
Transparent to the world
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