She was fully clothed but they still found a way to
Sexualize her
Generalize her
And make her feel uncomfortable with every step she took
I Walk As Me
Ultimately, I love me more.
I'll no longer blame myself for my own disappointment. I'll cherish me more for the perseverance of me.
I'll love you forever and always
Asiah Mangham Nov 27
Filter these bones of what you call the past
Unravel my heart from the taste of you
Sweet but Bitter
Salty yet Pleasent

I'm In Love With Another
Asiah Mangham Nov 13
This is a letter to my heart...

Your pure rawness could never compete with this savage world.
You've cried so many times for the bruises you let remain open.
You're patient thinking that things will change.
You're graceful with the way you silently cry.
The way you hide your pain with a smile and a nod.
You always tell yourself that you are done, then it happens again and again.
You've been hurt so many times longing to give someone another half of you.
But they take it and run.
You've known lonely, heartache, betrayal, and so much more.
It's happened so many times you believe that you are broken, unwanted, damaged, ****.
I know it's hard to hear but you are neither.
The world is a damaged place for a deceivable heart.
                                                           ­                   You
If I keep my eyes closed they'll still love you.
Asiah Mangham Nov 13
I feel like I'm competing for your love. But, you know I hate to lose and right now I'm in last place. I'm running out of breath trying to stay in sight. I'm beginning to feel like a burden in the race, to your life and to your face. I fell way to hard but you didn't catch me. Let me drown in my sorrows for another day.
While you live your best life knowing you broke me again tomorrow.
I love you. But, it's sad to say US is my wildest imagination.
He was a smooth criminal.
Smooth to the touch, rough with the heart.
His body screamed thief in the way he walked, talked, and kissed.
His lips grazed mine.
He kissed me everything but gave me nothing.
He walked with the grace of Angel's. Talked like he befriended ***.
By the time I noticed he stole everything, he was gone.
My heart ached, my body cried, and my mind was in disbelief.
He took me and ran.
My heart longed for something unreal.
My body craved something inhuman.
In the midst of the desire
I felt nothing
But my veins leaked tears,  my bones caved in, and my lungs gave out
My body weaped in pain and all I did was call out for you
I broke me in looking for you to be my superman
That name I called was not yours.
It was my own
My body wept for me to be my own salvation
But the coward in me fled
The last thing I called out for was neither you or me, but
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