Asiah 1d
I'm mad you left
I'm sad you're not here
The words you forced me to hear
The worlds I dream to relive
We die to live but we live to die
But what is living if you can't live forever?
And what is dying when it's under the gun of solitude?
Asiah Aug 3
Can't gain anything from winning and can't receive anything from losing. When Life hands you Lemons, what's the point of making Lemonade if it's Bitter?
Your Buzzard luck speaks volumes.
Can't kill nothing and won't nothing die
When the world lies flat...
Bitter Is The New Sweet

Lying still means being Naked to Beautiful nothing.
Asiah Aug 3
A Hopeless Romantic.
Loving the sight and sound of "love" but not quite loving the emotion of love.
Romance has nothing on the art of swaying a heart.
Hopelessly losing love or Hopelessly surviving.
Hopelessly finding love or Hopelessly rewinding.
When you're Hopelessly Romancing it isn't the dwelling sight of Romance
simply its Perspective.
Do you know what love feels like?
Asiah Jul 1
Know your worth before you know anything else
Because in the end that's all you'll have to stand for
Asiah Jul 1
You're not worthless but...
It's hard to convince a suffocating mind you are
It's hard to convince a drowning heart you are
Convincing yourself that you are worthy of being loved
Is The Death of Ones Soul
Asiah Jul 1
The feeling of feeling unworthy is deadly to ones Soul & Heart
It's not that you're heart broken
But the sense of your body and mind being broken.
Asiah Jul 1
Speak like it's never been
Explain like it's never been
Feel as our hearts never connected
As one
Love like it's never been
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