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Asiah Mangham Jan 20
Our beginning and Our ending
Two bitter truths connected
It's funny how I always write when I'm hurting
I never thought you'd muse me this way
How I know I'm wrong but aren't you wrong too..
For strangling me
For leaving my heart with the reminisce of true love
Aren't you wrong too..
For promising me everything
For leaving your backbone.. rib-bone.. lifelong partner alone..
Let us kiss and makeup because without you there is no healing
there is no better me..
For all the things I wanted to be Ex-Lover is not me..
Asiah Mangham Oct 2020
Snow flake for my snow flake
Oh, how I love you so
I heard when your heart broke evenly so
mine will take its place
Oh, how I adore you so
I remember how you spoke about yourself so
I praise you for being never-ending
Oh, how I miss you so
You told me you didn't trust me so
my words are my truth
Oh, how I cradled you so
I know how you feel about love so
Let Us Live Again Another Day
My snow flake
  Oct 2020 Asiah Mangham
With Trick or Treat a-loomin'
and the harvest moon a-gloom'n
and the ghosts and goblins loose upon the streets

You can bet your bottom dollar
that you'll hear a screech and holler
when you open up your door to give ‘em treats.

But beware of werewolves howlin'
and the zombies who are prowlin'
In the shadows in the corners of your mind.

For the scary cogitation
in your own imagination
is the one that you have mentally designed.

So...remember you'r not seeing
any supernat'ral being...
they're just costumes and some make up on the kids.

But be sure and take no chances
e're they start their spooky dances
Give them candy or the ghouls might flip their lids!

Happy Halloween my neighbors
on this night of ghostly labors....
And good luck.  You can't escape it if you could.

They'll arrive in cars and wagons...
dressed as witches, bats and dragons.
And they won't all be from your own neighborhood.

Asiah Mangham Oct 2020
Affection cradled me like a baby
wrapped me whole with false intentions and
spat me out to the truth
to all my past lovers I praise you
it is not easy to caress my insecurities
I praise you for my hard days
long nights
For being my muse
regretful you weren't more
  Oct 2020 Asiah Mangham
It's okay to cry
There is too much in your heart
this is law of nature
The clouds rain too
They get heavy.
I promise to you
The tears you've cried.
Not go in vain
There is someone
Would swim as many oceans
To get to you.
Don't worry
Asiah Mangham Jan 2020
6 months of writer block
It didn’t go as planned
I’m back from the shadows
Did you miss me?
Asiah Mangham Aug 2019
If you are a loved one, remember to check on me.
If I ever loved you, remember to keep my memory safe.
If I ever needed you, remember I won’t be there next time.
If you ever left me, remember, this is the new me.
If only you could see me
My nails are shiny, my lashes long
I’m doing better if you can’t see
But, if I loved you remember to love me back.
                                       -Sincerely Someone Loved
Love me till my Soul bleeds and I’ll do the same. Infinite partners are who we are.
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