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Michael A Duff Sep 2019
With so many people in all the wild world at once it would seem that none are special. But it is your time, so precious you spend with the ones that makes them important to you. You spend your time, limited by your life that you might tame the ones you choose from their wild world. When they are tamed they become unique to you in all the wild world, and even when they are invisable from you it is only with your heart you can see them rightly.
The ones we invite in, the ones we make special to us can hurt us the most and even in the hurt we try to find love
Christina S Jul 2019
How much of you can I forget?
Can I erase you from memory?
The heart isn't as easily tamed
In there you will forever be
Elemenohp Jul 2019
Paralyzed with possibility;
These choices stun something within me.
Yearning to grasp what it is I want,
Whilst keeping myself chained. A taunt.

The animal within stirs up a chorus of growls,
The innocence slips past that thought which fouls.

My claws are sharp. My teeth, the same.
I am one who can not be tamed.
mae Nov 2018
He used me like a tool.
A hammer to slam,
And when his nail was in,
I was once again another tool in his toolbox.
Until he had a second nail to put in
and took me out to begin.
Asiah Mangham Oct 2018
Beauty is present but the soul isn't.
You speak with golden specks on your tongue.
You walk with the grace of doves.
Your laugh is like the morning sun.
But yet you still fall short where love doesn't manage.
You quiver to the thought of happiness and cringe at the sight of laughter.
They all scream
"you're a diamond in the rough."
But what is jelewry when it's not sought after and what is art when it's admired by all but one?
You're aware of the power you carry, the beauty you conceal.
The weapons your heart bares and the pain running through your veins.
They painted you a mural but they failed to read the description -
" commended by all, tamed by none."
Simra Sadaf Jun 2018
in her beauty, the moon grows dim,
an ocean of thoughts raging inside your head,
perplexed whether to sink or swim,
you drown in the things left unsaid.

her touch could kindle flames,
the shrine of thine eyes,
has left you speechless,
she was your destruction and demise.

your heart skips a beat
when you hear her voice,
unknowing this was all a deceit,
this chaos was your own choice.

you are exhausted from being tamed,
she told you she is yours to have and hold,
her sweet lips broke the promise they proclaimed,
and soon her cruelty began to enfold.

your heart is desolate,
trapped into love's snare,
searching for a word stronger than hate,
God alone can save you from this despair.
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2018
Round and around
trying harder to let out a sound
in all the noises
I will never be found
I'd really like to astound
but I have no such current account

I look at the people crowned
not a single frown
smiles surround
Along them
I try pretend

Sentences silver and gold
choices not too bold
the ideas carefully framed
the visions all very tamed
nothing I had in mind
just to please their time

Speak all the roses
hide all the thorns.
Äŧül Apr 2016
Baby, you're a liar!

You told me that it was real,
I thought real was forever,
But no!

Your love was real but weak,
I thought you were my peahen,
And myself your peacock.

But you loved just the bling,
The most shallow part of love,
You were never my dove.

Coz in the end you ditched me,
Chose over a peacock just a ****.
LDR was never your thing,
So no point blaming you,
But it's not so easy to forgive your blatant lies.

My HP Poem #1061
©Atul Kaushal
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