May 21 Jey Blu
Jorge Echevarria
It's funny how unrelated things have so much in common
Friends are cigarettes to skin
The longer you hold them temptation grows within
To smoke or watch others choke
Cancer sticks, worse when ignited
So many people smoke and are delighted
To inhale the words of warning
Strangers are sticks and stones their words never hurt
With friends, this expression disappears
As if the pain doesn't accumulate every fiscal year
Running deep into your lungs, skin, and even the heart
Friends can do as much as a cigarette
We smoke our friends as if nothing is wrong and forget
Until our lungs and heart collapses and fill up with regret  
Cold turkey
Suffer relapses
Try again later
Wait what am I talking about again?
Friends or cigarettes?
  May 21 Jey Blu
Wandering poet
He built a cage,
Of ribs and skin,
And promptly locked a lion in,
It seemed barbaric,
To contain a beast,
For surely on his heart it'd feast,
But contrary wise,
The lion was smart,
And lived in his chest,
To protect his heart....

The lion said it could not be contained any longer,
He clawed at the beating heart inside the cage,
The heart begain to slow and then the lion was losing his life,
The lion knew his mistake as his heart began to ache,
Hearts are wild creatures that's why they are contained,
And we remember our mistakes as the rain falls down our face.
  May 21 Jey Blu
a striking slice along the creamy white
freckle galaxy that is my thighs

is this what i've become?

a dab of crimson, slow pour at first
then a scarlet waterfall, perfect picture of my pain.

why did i do this

throbbing pain, dulling my senses
my mind is numb, almost at ease.

it hurts, i knew it would

gently easing cotton over wound,
bittersweet burgundy blood, feeding into pristine purity

what have i done
Yeah, i stole the title from a taking back sunday song
I remember that day, yes.
The very first moment I laid eyes on you.
You were stunning, something about you was just different.
I had no choice but to talk to you.
And look at us now -- separated but still together,
miles away but still connected.
The chakra that comes off of you is most reflected in love --
but I saw that coming.
Oh, my beautiful Mari.
You are my best friend, my confidant, my go-to-gal.
One day.
I will see those eyes of your again.
I will feel that heartbeat again.
I will kiss you, something I regret not doing.
You will see me again.
Whether it be a minute or a year from now,
I will be there.
Hold on, love.
I'm coming home.
This is actually more of a story -- no, letter -- than a poem, but what the hell, right?
  May 16 Jey Blu
Emeka Mokeme
Like I have just stepped out
of a cocoon hidden in an
ancient ageless cave.
Freshness of the atmosphere,
so amazingly beautiful and divine
greets me as if am jolted back
out of a long absence into the
present moment.
Everything seems anew
as I looked at the firmament
after a long slumber.
I can hear my pounding heart
as if it's just starting for the first time.
But this serenity I feel around me
eludes many.
Amidst the turmoil and noise,
the devastation and hunger,
the hopelessness I see in the
eyes of the young ones,
dashed dreams amongst the elderly,
disappointments amongst the youth,
depression within the heart of our women,
discrimination among different ethnic tribes,
separatism of the rich from the poor,
the greediness within secular bodies,
control and robbery in religious circle, lasciviousness and whoredom
amongst women already taken is heartbreaking,
increase of sodomy in our society,
families torn apart,
the presence of ethnic cleansing
from these strange ones is disturbing.
My heart at the moment seems unperturbed,
but withdrawn from all these unnecessary harrowing growing pains.
I have seen deaths of the innocent ones
which society seem to reject.
I have watched bigotry unleashed
and put in place by the trusted people.
Unwittingly there's anarchy within.
I watched as a spectator looking at the tumultuous ebbs of the ocean tides,
the breakdown of law and
order amongst the people.
But my heart is at peace with myself
and the world for I know that judgement is near.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme.All Rights Reserved.
Jey Blu May 16
Just so sweet
Actually sweeter than most
Could help you with anything you ever needed
Kiss me on the cheek "Have a good day sweetie"
I love you so much dear
Even though you're not near

June comes soon
And you aren't any nearer
Connected by the chakra threads we bear
Questioning how fate brought us together
Unavoidable perfection
Lies in our destiny
Interrupted by the miles between us
Never forget I care, love
Even though we're ever far apart

Memories from years past flood my mind
You put a flower behind my ear

Baby pinecone in my pocket
Even named the thing
Since we've met we've been inseperable
Truly my heart and yours intertwine

Feeling so low you make me high
Random thoughts of you make me smile
Indescribable joy when I see a text
Everlasting love resides in my heart
Never to be estinguished
Death cannot part our souls

But through every joy we have some pain
You and I have memories, not so sweet

All of my spirit loves yours
Now and forever
You are my best friend

On the day you left, I didn't say goodbye
Tenfold regret lies in that eve
Heart to heart texts aren't the same
Even you know that, I
Request to feel the caress of your hand once more before I die

Nay, I'm not dying now
Ailing I am not
Maybe you already know this
Every thought of mine is yours
I suck at acrostics but wanted to do something different I love you Jackie
  May 15 Jey Blu
Blank Fade
We meet at the park
for the first time,
a rhyme in real life,
same insecurity,
same purity
in our
different stories,
which lead us
into this spine rhyme.
So much we decline,
this moment clearly is
a strategy to cope
with our loneliness,
to forget what a mess
we are, a slope
and would we start
to think, we'd fall
in a blink,
sink in old
patterns of
But we sit down
in the meadow,
have our poems to hold onto,
leading us through the fear of being nothing
of interest.
We already know
we have that in common
and I start and share something,
but you don't know what to say,
nervous you find safety in your own,
read what has left your heart,
as you were sitting
in your quest
to digest
And the nature becomes silent,
cause everything starts to listen,
smelling some glimpse of your
wisdom, you start whispering,
the attention makes you uncomfortable,
though you just cause
the surroundings'
Time still,
and I tell you
and we share our thoughts,
now that we both felt the force,
the whole afternoon
our life
the unfilled parts.
Feels good,
no one walks away,
out of awkward unpredictability.
No condition to be worth
the way between now and future.
And it happens,
like it happened long ago,
in different stories,
the colors around start to shine again,
you reach out to hold my hand,
further diving, imminent.
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