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  Apr 2016 Nirvana
I wish for a hug...
One that lasts only mere seconds.
Yet could only mean nothing
but eternity.

I long for a hug...
One that finds me struggling,
and offers the line that'll hoist me up
so that the whims of the world
would simply fall away.

I yearn for a hug...
An embrace that grants me the briefest
moment of solace.
Amidst the clamour and chaos
that overwhelm.

I want a hug...
One that's unconditional.
One that'll just take me in, as I am.
One that wouldn't cringe
at the misfit of my bones.
One that wouldn't judge
if our heartbeats don't
thump in sync.
  Apr 2016 Nirvana
chrissy who
Our existences have to be on the same wavelength
To excite my heart like a photon
Absorbing the energy of your love.
Nirvana Apr 2016
Love is
walking on fire
killing our desire
making sacrifice
and paying price

Love is
living heartless
being restless
feelings being suppress
depression possess

Love is
making life a mess
living in distress
overwhelmed by dejection
a constant fear of rejection!

Love is a Fu¬Ęking stress
only way to stay bless
is to care less
don't get stuck up
keep moving your @$$
P.S.- sorry for the offensive words!
Nirvana Apr 2016
sometimes its easy to die
than to simply say good Bye!
Nirvana Apr 2016
lonely nights
show us the darkest sight
of our strength and weakness
to our partner it could bring stress

if you're strong enough
then its fine
else for your partner time is tough
you may act like swine

your heart just give reasons
its our brain that do the calculations
its OK to have an insane heart
but an insane mind can lit spark
from the number of incident
we choose a single moment
where our heart beats loud
and to judge, our insane mind, we allow

the mind come up with harsh decision
but our heart has its own vision
it chooses the one suits
and to negotiate, this decision, it recruits

its us who know;
every moment and incident
don't let your feelings flow
they (partner) may not find it decent!

we must respect every living being
and not take them for granted;
just because they respect our feeling.
our act may get a negative image planted!

if you love the person
love their decision!
and if you can't
simply make space and move on!!

we don't have any right to hurt someone
coz everyone is special in their own.
and what if they hurt you?
its your decision if you want to continue

don't leave any stone unturned
don't let your feelings burn
but to force someone to love
is inhuman hereof!
I think every poet (or every person) is a lover at some point.
so I would suggest everyone that there shouldn't be any word like REVENGE in our life, whether we achieve our love or not. whether we feel happy or sad, lively or dead.
The L not only stands for Love but also for life.
"Live and Let Live"
Our love life can be summed up in three points-

1.Accept and Rejoice.
2.Forgive and Forget.
3.Leave and Live.
Neither su*cide nor Revenge is reply to our sadness. To live on happily is.
Nirvana Apr 2016
I wake up every morning
with a heart that's mourning
it only desires to meet you
& throughout the day this feeling continue

I pray to the GOD above
to spare me of this love
coz every day it kills me
but will never set me free

the pain is getting unbearable
your thoughts are irreplaceable
my heart races and not just beat
with your every thought my life is at defeat

I wish my mind get numb
I can no longer act like a dumb
with your innocence in my heart
I walk through the life's desert

I wish I could die
but to rational reasons I can't deny
the reasons my brain put forth
that my fight to get you is worth!

its something which I know
but no more my heart break
it has left me long ago!

DEATH is not something I'm afraid of;
but to live with deprived of love,
its something unacceptable
life and death are not negotiable!!
  Apr 2016 Nirvana
Hope someone has the generosity to dance on my grave
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