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I gently weave
a tug of emotions
I cautiously sieve
the voices I pen
the fears I den
in vowels they scream
a punctuated dream
I gently etch
your mistresses, my liege
your rise and demise
are but a roll of my dice....
What right have you
to build walls
that cage me
When you breached mine
to set me free...?
She meditated long at the red satin,
Determined, settled for a slender leather corset,
Her contours defined her..
Or at least that's what the society adds to our definitions... A slender tiny-waisted sculpted body. While health is a necessity, many without a tiny waist are healthy as well. As a result, most women chase this optimum body and in the mad chase lose themselves..both physically and mentally..
I lost my heart to beguile words,
My mind to the gentle strokes of my quill,
I am not poisoned by sleep, I am cradled by love tonight,
What if I am not sleepy tonight?
What if I am a little insomniac?
What if I wish for sadness tonight?
And exist as an intricate dome of gloom?
What if I am euphoric at midnight?
A little high on childish rhymes?
What if I am a creature of the night?
Seduced by the dark, shunned by light,
What if I caress withered parchment tonight?
What if I choose the wrinkles of papyrus tonight?
Over the sculpted contours of a Greek god,
What if I am a little barmy tonight?
Drenching in a sea of lost words,
What if I wish to be a nomad tonight?
Ageing tirelessly in the Victorian era,
What if I am not sleepy tonight?
Would you change this usual trend?
Or let me be lost in sleeplessness?..
I am famed by celestial love,
Disdained by mortal affection...
I am often enquired about the true meaning of my name. Where I come from it's a synonym of the moon, I could not find more expressive emotions than these. It is partly based on the myths surrounding the moon goddess and her affairs, partly my own existence.
Sometimes The Night gets dark
It seems like the Light wont shine
When Life tries to brake your Heart
Be still-it only lasts a little time

Sometimes you feel alone
The silence fights to grip your Soul remember your way back home
God made you to be whole

Sometimes you lose your way
Confused on the path u should take
But Listen-an Angel say:
Your way is already laid

God never promised you no pain
Life is a journey-victory to gain
And just before your Soul wail
God Loves you once again
And God never promised no rain
Behind the clouds the sun remain
And just before your Soul wail
God Loves you once again
God Loves you once again.
#Love #everlasting
Terracotta heart baked to finesse
Terracotta heart made of all things fresh,
Terracotta heart a juvenile delinquent,
Terracotta heart born a ****** quaint,

Braised in warmth, seared in passion,
Sautéed in a cruel satiric humour,
Garnished red, to a near perfection,
Served scorching hot or a blue surrender,

Terracotta heart an agile quill,
Terracotta heart as strong as the will,
Achille's heel ageing to extinction,
Alas! Never mend this fatal habitation,

How often a day by vows endowed,
How loftily by lust ensnared,
Barmy Merchants’ failed affair,
Quit here or quietly endure,

Terracotta heart chasing fleeting dews,
Terracotta heart braving the brutal rues,
Terracotta heart, a broken souvenir,
Dare gently cater or beware,

Terracotta heart a nomad of time,
Terracotta heart an unholy shrine,
Terracotta heart baked to imperfection,
Terracotta heart never braised in affection,

Terracotta heart scattered never dead..
Terracotta heart never learned to love…
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