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Tell me somethin’
Sadly you can’t even tell me nothin
I rather ignore you than focus on you
My blessings are never a imitation
Her blessings are thoughts & not creation
This how it is, can you feel the vibration ?
Dodging bullets, reapin’ what you sow, building up a wall, running as you go, sleepin’ in the mind, nobody can find ya, where did you all go, image in the mirror, marbles on the floors, peekin’ out the window, searching for a hero,
looking like a fool, Glory God goals cause lord only knows
That I’ve been going hammer, someone check my grammar
She freakin’ through the cameras, phone in her left as she wearing sandals
Work on a Monday, please change the channel
Hanging with the snakes, can’t control who’s fake
Stays on the phone, can’t even conversate
Never compromise, not enough faith
***, money, stress, can you meditate?
These are the times, to level up & shine
Never to rewind, help is on the way, friends on the way, parents on the way
Baby girl, I got winners on the way!
You’re somebody can’t you even tell?
You’re somebody don’t you raise hell!
You ain’t sick enough to put it on yourself.
Go get your image it’s hanging on the shelf.
Tell me when destruction is gonna go away?
Tomorrow never promised, but we live today!
Peace to the world, King/Queen just rotate
Loyalty, royalty, joyfully, our DNA...
i realized i put 2 poems into one from my previous poem. so i separated them. Enjoy :)
xavier thomas Aug 31

Listen to me so I can make this very clear.
You better know what you want from a brotha & be Sincere.
No confusion, don’t questioned, no fear.
As I send this message, open your ears so thou may hear.

How is it that one minute you’re ready,
Then the next minute you’re not?!
Curious to know the definition of a true lady, Take the stage love you’re showing a lot.
Oh! I see now that this is you being petty,
This image is a fascinating plot
I wish I could see less baggage if not any,
Pretty girls always have the same issues- Blind spot?

Let me take you on a journey, deep into your feels...
Truly is a “hot girl summer” out here
I see more “getting to the bag(money) ” vs channeling an identity of being healed...
Bad news gets around quicker than good news
A man can whisper his “intelligent words” in a woman’s ear
Mentally beaten-abuse, yelled at-accused, she says “oh I’m fine”-confuse, with her new man- searching rescue, history repeat itself with a new victim-worldnews....

2019: Im starting to believe that most women are mentally being challenged...
Too much brain damage, needs to be examine, being taken advantage, as women slowly vanish
Alone, living on an island
Trying to become visible diamond
Flashing lights of you smiling
As I try to finish up my rhythms
Yes, I know right now I’m wild’in
Love not just a faze it’s you being built before you build
Love not just a faze it’s a urgent care of being aware that now... now you see the Lord’s prayer
You can never unwind your first thoughts
But you can control your second thoughts and your reactions
xavier thomas Jul 14
I got you as long as you got me....

By this title, it got me trippin
Being around you has got me lifted
I just ran into a lot of wrong women with right intentions.

**** is like therapy: with you listening to me tell my story
Guiding & reminding me that it’ll be okay like it’s your territory
Kinda like love when it don’t change nor never shows it’s boring
Let me speak to the heavens, and tell my favorite glory

Because I

I’m sure you heard some rumors about me, but they ain’t true
You’re living good , yet it gets better whenever I’m with you
Geeked up when you smile, with those dimples, yeah they’re cute
You’re the only one im focused on, just being honest, so please excuse

You got that brown skin, Real hair, mix culture, independence down
How about we get together, travel around and go for rounds
Folks can try and catch our attention, turning it upside-down
Which will never happen, so don’t focus on the background

So when you get this feeling, you know to call me
Anime, childhood, Chemistry, I think we both can agree
You’re the woman that’s my taste, it’s too saucy
And If they ask me “ who you with?” , just know it’s all Kylei
When I was little I had eyes big and arms open.
I would look at things in excitement and quickly move in a swift motion.
The excitement in my eyes were as if i were lost in a dark world yet saw a single star for the first time.
To see a glisten in my little world of darkness was a little miracle even my little self couldn’t imagine.
When i was little i had no idea what i was doing nor did i care
i would walk on the world's broken ground crackling under my feet about to break yet all i did was stare.

When i was little there was no such things as sadness
there wasn’t simply a ouch or “boo boo” that mother couldn't fix.
little did i know that “boo boo” would spread like the plague and **** my soul as it tore apart my skin yet when it started getting better a little piece of me would go with it.
The only darkness I knew was that there’s a imaginary monster in my closet and that’s the extent of it.
Just scratching at my door wanting me to invite it in.

When i was little all i saw was rainbows and butterflies
not gray tones and constant cries from the sky of rain that would downpour and pound against my head making me want to cry with it.
i never grew up thinking i would be one of the saddest people most knew.
i never thought i would get to a point of diagnosis to a word that was foreign to me
but not foreign like a star
depression was foreign like ghosts or aliens, it was something most avoided to think about just to say it wasn't real.

I never thought one day when that world would crack beneath my feet
that i would jump just to make it fall apart faster and take me with it.
i never thought that even on my darkest days when a star was presented in front of me
that i would shrug it off because i knew that little light was only temporary.

when i was little i held my arms open to the world but along with that came into my embrace the grim reaper because when death came I wasn't scared and I never thought it was something i would accept.
i never thought one day i would make tally marks on my skin counting the days i wanted to cry and ask for help but at the same time didn't want it.

when i was little i never thought i would grow up to be the exact opposite of what my little mind, in my little world, with my little problems, would grow with me..
Yet here I am
sitting in my closet
crying because i have nowhere else to go..
so i scratch at my closet door
crack it open
and look at the little girl sitting on the bed..
hoping i could be her again.
This is written by my friend  kylei Caballero
xavier thomas Jan 14
Surpass limitations of a promised prophet
No man can ever break your spirit of value
It is the show and seal of nature's flawless
My only mother, I will always love you

I give you a lot of credit when know one else will
Continue to work on your craft mama it’s an amazing skill
Mastery of Sacrifices and unselfishness from the thrill
“Wait a minute gym shoe” is your favorite saying, please mom just chill

When I ask God for guidance
He tells me to call on you

Reminiscing faith on reliance
You never want me to quit, just push through

The Rose tribe is a beautiful morning horizon
This is our identity, ‘‘tis true

Shine bright like a diamond
Fierce as Wonder Woman, you are my greatest hero to

At 13 you got scared of demons as they were creeping

Then found Jesus, helping you with the powers of healing

Getting older now & life started becoming a teaching

Fast forward-Pregnant at 19 was tough but you kept breathing

If i ever got out of line, you put me back in my place by leading

Now you have two children who made it, thank you for never leaving
xavier thomas Oct 2018
Throughout my life, I came into contact with different females
Each one with their own unique experience
Some shape or form I love each & every one of them
But looking back now I realized they were never “the one” for me

There were some who I could get along with
Some I get into it with  
A few with good hearted intentions
Others jealous & insecure affections
One can be protective
Another manipulative
This woman just needed a man like me for comfort
But thought about her ex as she wish he would come back & put in the effort

If there was one thing they all had in common, it was telling me “ I’m simply just different “
I never understood that phase
I just live life simple & treated them with respect
Maybe that’s what separates me from the rest...i don’t know

I’m sure they wonder if I think about them
I wonder if they still think about me
My love for them can’t vanish even if I tried
It’s “love” not “in love” but never keep it hidden inside

Have you ever felt this way?
xavier thomas Aug 2018
Growth will always come after the storm, the raging terror will wash away those who were once toxic to you.  When you cross over and finally see the silver lining you’ll have peace of mind and wisdom that was once unknown to you. Boundaries will no longer exist for the things that once held you back have been washed away and you have been cleansed. High head and ambitions even higher for you have seen your darkest hour and have emerged stronger than before prepared to take the world head on. Remain humble for your path is long but you can see the finish line, you are the son of God doing his work among man. Young black man for you have great potential and the things you’ll do will enlighten those who were once ignorant, for you shall illuminate that that is in darkness and shine down the holy light and love of our most Heavenly Father. Believe in yourself and remember for all things are possible through Jesus Christ for he strengthens thou.
By Bryan Grisby
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