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I can’t wait to give you what you want
Got champagne and snack when you come
Dress up in that lace red nighttime gown
Cause tonight baby, you is mine, mine, mine
We can go half-and-half on a son
Keep you company until morning dawn
Just keep calm, no need to scream & shout
Cause tonight baby, you is mine, mine, mine
xavier thomas Jun 30
Big dummy, you caught
Run around town like a little thot
Think you know better, but you “no” not

Always out trying to shoot your shot
Scheming on girls like wild thoughts  
Giving out handouts, handouts
Numbers so high like your body count
Name everywhere, you can yell it out
Beware the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones are the Thinkers
The Quiet Ones are the Dreamers
They’re the heart seekers, thrill lovers, and love givers
They’re the heart breakers, story makers, and life changers
The best heroes, the worst villains, the most notorious saints and sinners
Their hearts and minds are largest of all (But they’ll never control them)

Beware the Quiet Ones, because it’s Always the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones will always listen, even when you won’t do the same
They’ll break your comfort zone, just to make you comfortable
They’ll never ask for favors or a shoulder to cry on
But they will always be there, hanging on every word and tear
They’ll sell their souls to save yours, sacrifice their minds to break yours
They’re the strongest, and the most broken.

The Quiet Ones don’t like to harm you, because they know too well how it feels... but don’t you hurt them.
They’ll always forgive and never forget, and they know how to aim for the heart
All they know is the past, and vengeance is their greatest weapon.
That’s why it’s always the Quiet Ones.
Whether the key to your heart or your greatest fear? The Quiet Ones will find it – Beware the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones are the first to stand up, and the last to point the finger
They’ll stand up for anything, because they have nothing to lose.
They are the champions of love and hate, and if you hate to love them, or love to hate them?
That was their plan all along.
Your deepest plots or darkest secrets? The Quiet Ones knew all along. They’re four steps ahead of you – Beware the Quiet Ones.

They’ll never put you down, but believe they know how, because the Quiet Ones see EVERYTHING
They know what you did, they heard what you said - they were there
Their depth knows no end, yet they’re so empty inside

Their curses bring power, their strengths bring weaknesses
They’ll control you, even when they can’t control themselves
That’s why it’s always the Quiet Ones

Beware the Quiet Ones.
Kyle D.
xavier thomas Jun 13
Sounds like, to me, you want to break up

But want me to do all the breaking

So it looks bad on me

While you low-key happily quietly leave
xavier thomas Jun 12
I’m not a “yes” man- your ex did it, not me. I’m not him

I’m not a “yes” man- I’ll tell you hell no real quick

I’m not a “yes” man- no means no

I’m not a “yes” man- Nor a mind reader. Can’t read someone’s state of mind

I’m not a “yes” man- Pout, shout, don’t get your way, don’t faze me

I’m not a “yes” man- this is not a fantasy this is reality

I’m not a “yes” man - I’m a caring, easy to talk to, understanding man
xavier thomas Jun 12
I can’t shake this feeling that I’m having
Chemistry is warming my heart inside
Try my best to control these temping urges
But your energy gives away those vibes

And I know that sometimes I’m shy
Cause your love I can’t describe
If I gave you a chance to blow my mind
I know you’ll keep me safe & satisfied

I can’t have you, please excuse my manners
Expectation can’t make this sacrifice
I have to go, I know you don’t want that answer
Maybe I’ll have you in the next lifetime

And I know that sometimes I’m shy
Cause your love I can’t describe
If I gave you a chance to blow my mind
I know you’ll keep me safe & satisfied
I truly want you bad
But we both know I can’t stay  
So, this is my last goodbye
xavier thomas Jun 10
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