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Lefa Mzondi Aug 9
With all the cuts and bruises
All the scars and stretch marks
All the bumps and humps
I still love you as you are

With all the craziness
The bullyness
The over jealousness
And the never ending appetite
I love you as you are

With all your perfect imperfections
All your mistakes
All the **** and the beautiful
The bad and the good
I love you as you are

And till death do us part
I will take you as you are
  Aug 1 Lefa Mzondi
Today it rains
Just like yesterday and
I can't hear the rainfall
Through the closed windows
But I'll gaze through them
and wonder what
the fog might feel like
as it ghosts through my fingertips.
Lefa Mzondi Jul 26
If my heart could talk, it would say
"I want to spend forever in your arms, beating only just for you"
Too bad my mind knows otherwise
Lefa Mzondi Jul 25
Who am I?
Well, that's easy

I am the shooting star
That wish upon a star
I'm that air that blows out the birthday cake candles from the lips of that hopeful kid

I'm that first cry sound a new born makes
And I'm the first thing they see,
I am that light

I'm that sermon that goes on, and on, and on when that little kid can't wait to go home and watch soccer
I am that church momma shouting "go deeper papa"

I am that wind in the cold winter nights
And I'm that ray of sunlight as the summer season come
I am that chirping sound, that song the birds sing at the first spring light
I'm the whirlwind blowing away all the winter dry leaves
I'm that first raindrop on a child's forehead
I'm that happiness in that boy's heart

I am that voice in your head telling you yes,
I'm that chorus stuck in your head all day
I am that Star up in the sky R kelly sang about, I'm the world's greatest

I am that last few milliliters on the bottom of your beer
I am that "Thixo" sound a Coca-Cola can makes when you open it

I am that annoying alarm sound at 5am on a very cold morning
And I'm that irritating cricket sound when you want to sleep
I'm that full moon on a beautiful eclipse night

I am that reckless taxi driver in the early hours of the morning, trying to get you all early to work
I'm that missing R2 from the taxi fare

I am a mother to the motherless
A father to the nation
An aunt, a brother and a sister
I am that drunk uncle at the family gathering spilling out all the secrets
And that one random baby sleeping in one of the bedrooms that no one knows about

I am North, I am South, the East and the West
And I am all the 4 seasons of the year combined

I AM...
Lefa Mzondi Jul 24
Dear wifey
I had a bad dream last night
I had a dream that I lost you,
I woke up screaming, sweating
And I just couldn't stop the river of tears flowing down my cheecks

I know it's funny that I haven't met you yet
But I can't live without you
The thought of my life without you feels like a never ending black hole of nothingness
Dark, cold, empty
I know we don't know each other yet but,
I pray for you more than I pray for myself
I long to see you every second you're away
It's a mission to even blink because that micro second without seeing your face, breaks my heart

I sometimes just think about you and smile
And in that little moment, I just get lost
I dissappear into another world where there is just US

It's funny I don't know your name,
Yet it rhymes with mine
If I was a poet I would write a beautiful piece just with our names
Or if could sing, I'd make a beautiful melody with only your name as the chorus and it would hit platinum sales

I know I don't know your name yet
But I sometimes find myself signing your name next time
The bank declined my loan because my ID names didn't match what I wrote
I tried to explain to her that I can't be without you even on a piece of paper
I can't believe they asked me for a marriage certificate
I told them it's not in any peice of paper because it's written in the stars
And they called the security guard on me
It's okay babe, they don't yet understand

The other day I told my mom about you
She was so happy I could see it in her eyes
She couldn't stop smiling
You're just a perfect daughter in law she never had
I still wonder why you took this long to meet
It's funny how people think you're her daughter
I remember they first day my friends saw you with my family, they thought we were related
It must be that matching soul thing that got us looking like one person

By the way, my sister hid our wedding pic
She says it brightens her kitchen
I wanted to take it but I didn't have the heart because your smile really do light up her kitchen

Okay my love, it's getting late now
I hope you arrive soon
I'm waiting to hold you and never let you go
I love you to the moon and back
Lefa Mzondi Jul 12
Yes, I can see it now.
It's so vivid in my head I can almost taste it
After all these years
Swahili as a official language of Africa
And one currency for the whole continent
Land is for all who live in it
Agriculture is bigger than any mineral resource
Borders are just lines drawn on a piece of paper
Color is the thing of the past
Political leaders are not self obsessed cows who are self serving and only serve lies to the poor for supper, empty promises for breakfast and tax burdens for lunch
A Africa where being an African and proud is something to be celebrated daily, not just a show-off play dress up thing once a year
A green Africa where more trees are planted quicker than their cut down
Green energy is embraced
Churches are open shelters for the homeless
Teaching is a respected profession
Every child goes to school
And no child crosses a lake and walk 5km to school
Schools actually nurture kids talent and don't just train them to be working slaves
Private and Public schools, clinics, hospitals or anything else are held at the same standard
Men actually take care of their children and baby mamas
A CEO is given a same respect as the Janitor
Corruption is no more
**** is legal
Pigs are flying and...

Wait, Pretty obvious I'm high right now
There's no way corruption will end
Well, there goes my joint.
Lefa Mzondi Apr 1
Words don't mean jack to me no more, only actions does
No sweet nothings will work, only actions will
No romantic poems will work too, only actions will
No love song you can sing will convince me otherwise, only your actions will
You can say you love me to the stars and back,
You can even promise me the world, and I'd still won't believe a thing
Even your tears don't move me no more,
Only way to convince me, it's through your actions
Show me, so that I know it's real
Because baby, Talk is cheap..
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