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Hank Van Well Jr Jan 2020
I wonder if......

I wonder if you still imagine our kiss ... the way our lips fit together as if they were made from  the same mold destined to be one ever after.
I wonder if you think of me , us , or we ? The forever we were supper to have .
I wonder if you miss being enveloped I’m my embrace where you could hear my heartbeat calling your name as you rest your head upon it , if you could feel the affection emitting from my entire being .
Do you miss not having to wonder we’re my heart was ?
Morning ,noon,and night ,everything you .... always .
Do you miss my voice , filled with tenderness , soothing , and always wanting to comfort ?
I wonder if you miss my touch , my fingers through your hair , or how they brushed along your skin with the gentleness of a sculptor caressing his creation , and even those spots that would send a jolt through your insides , I wonder .
I wonder what your doing now ?
Do things remind you if us ?
I see you in everything beautiful , and in beauty , you made me see ....
You were the breath of my soul.
I wonder if you feel an emptiness In yours , do you hear my voice in your mind and wonder and I am ?
Is there someone else now ? Someone new amidst the clouds to witch you have taken them with just the magic of your gaze ?
Is there someone else’s name newly etched upon your heart , or is it still mine , but waining with every day passing in my absence .
I wonder if you still know how much I love you , how much I wanted you in my tomorrow’s , and how sad I am living In yesterday’s past .
I wonder if ......
I wonder ......
Do you wonder too ???
Hank Van Well Jr Jan 2020
How far

A mere whisper on the dark side of midnight spoken into the air in the hopes of your heart feeling my calling.
Still traveling to the depths of tomorrow , I wonder .
I wonder if somewhere off in the distance the ears of the universe harken my voice and the waives of affection emitted from my soul and take homage to the love that flowed through the Galaxies distance and yet shows no signs of waining .
I wonder how far my heeding’s gone , as the Boundarylessness of the stars in the skies and heavens beyond , if it is known just how much My feelings for you can blanket .
Is my voice speaking still ,my very utterances murmured yesterday’s past and even years , still sprinkling the purest wordings of my loving heart, light years past forever , still as true as when they left my lips , that , “ I love you always “
Be it tomorrow , yesterday , or somewhere yet to come , I wonder if my words still flow , to the ears of the angels , yet still the stings of your heart .
I wonder if your heart is listening still ,and are my words still moving .
Did you hear it ?
Hank Van Well Jr Sep 2018
At least for a day

At least for a day America came together
At least for a day , no one cared what color our skin was , or where we came from.
At least for a day we honored law enforcement and first responders in the like, as they charged toward the unknown danger to keep the rest of us safe.
At least for a day we let our military do what they were trained to do , instead of sit on their hands .
At least for a day we could do whatever we had to , to keep the country safe from further attacks.
At least for a day their was no partisan politics , where the government worked together for the greater good and put aside the petty bickering and said “ what do you need Mr President “.
On a day where the enemy tried to break America , we stood together as Americans , one body ,not identified by skin color , religion , or preferences , we all cried together, we all brushed off the dust , built a taller building , even though that is not the symbol of who we are , it was a symbol of what we aren’t .
At least for a day , we couldn’t be broken .
17 years later ..... we are fighting against ourselves , being encouraged to disobey law enforcement , divided again by our skin color , or religion , or preference , for a while , I couldn’t even say Merry Christmas without potentially offending someone.
Hatred is spewing on both sides of our government , we are being told to “resist “.
What happened ?
Do we need another tragedy to show us all we bleed the same color ?
The Bible says “ a house divided against itself can not stand “ Matt 12:22.
I will never forget the sorrow of that day , all the souls lost then , and the ones still recovering , I cried that day , and I cry now , because at least for a day , we forgot about all the other ******* and fought back as Americans , mourned as Americans , re built as Americans .
At least for a day , we stood together !
At least for a day!
Hank Van Well Jr Aug 2018

Let me gaze again into the eyes of the little girl I fell in love with nearly half a century ago, encased now in the body of the woman I still cannot get enough of .
Tomorrow , let me have another day where I  still melt at the tiny face , now sketched in wrinkles , each with its own smile and an ode of another happy memory we shared.
Tomorrow , let me watch the moonlight glisten off your silver hair and I still try to steal another kiss while we walk barefoot on the beach one more time .
Tomorrow , let us plant another garden together and wait for another spring splash of a rainbow blossom in our very own orchard , just like our affection has all these years .
So many seeds , dipped in "I love you's and odes " " holding hands and tender moments "
Tomorrow , let me hear your voice , like the angels sing , and let me fall in love with you over and over again , like I've done every day since that loving question.
Yes, I'll kiss you my darling.
Tomorrow let me envelop you with affection and be glad that you are mine.
Tomorrow is but the first day in our forever ,
Be my "Tomorrow " ?
Hank Van Well Jr Aug 2018
Through my heart

So many days I sit back and wonder , if you will ever see things through my heart , kindred spirits , forever love , yet somehow I don’t think you know who you are , through the soul of affection that has been yours forever.
Nobody loves you like I do , no one ever has , with the intensity of a waterfall at the end of a long stream  flowing , evermore , if you could just feel through my heart , breath the air the way I do , and then maybe know why I am the way that I am .
Why I cherish every moment with you , why I look forward to the sound of your voice , and the comfort of your smile ,why the only time I’m without a void is when I’m amidst your graceful bliss .
My love has never been just a “ feeling “it’s a “ calling “ one that can only be truly fulfilled in your embrace , sealed in our kiss , and confirmed in our consummate , all my life it’s been you , and I only wish one day , even for a moment , you could see you through my heart, and truly then know why, “ I am “
Hank Van Well Jr Jul 2018
A bird and a whisper

A bird landed gentry in my shoulder carrying a rose petal in its beak and hopped into my palms , where I could see a silken white dove called Hope , I could swear I heard a whisper , and a piece of tomorrows dream glowing on the blooming parchment that quivered in the breeze.
Just like that she flew away , wings thrusting on the gusts of inspiration , seemed to carry her adrift , As if the feathers were that, the same of an angel ,leaving a hue of promise in its wake , leaving nothing more than a speck of a shadow against the horizons gate.
Vainly I reach out hoping to catch hold for another moment to no avail, with the ever growing echoes of the whispering breeze to which held the wings of the cherub.
Only to open my eyes to the sound if my sleeping beauty laying next to me , her chest ebbing and flowing like an enchanted ocean , enveloping my slumber ,as I dreamt to the rhythm of her breathing.
Hank Van Well Jr Jul 2018
Beyond love

I look past the furthest star , and yet I find another , for their is no edge to the universe , infinite , omnipresent , no matter how much their is , their is always more , like my heart towards you my darling , my affection is greater than what can be put in words “ beyond love “ .
Forever , had no beginning , and every step into , just grows even further .
Your enchanting eyes , your radiant smile , I hold you , I don’t want to let go , I wish you could feel the emotions pouring from my soul , the affection  “ beyond love “, such a sensation , deeper , further , wider , longer , outside of words ,past  feelings , indescribable , but pure.    “ devotion “ an attachment , our kindred spirits .
“ beyond love “
nothing can quite capture , more than all that I am.
To say I love you with all my heart is but only the beginning .
For my darling , what I have for you is more than that of my beating hearts calling , you are the most beautiful thing in the world to me and to other way to express , what I hold for you , is truly , and evermore ,  “ beyond love “
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