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  Aug 2016 Rachel Shussett
Olivia Kent
I wish I could play the piano.
Teach all the swans to dance.
I wish I could paint the sky bright green, now I encounter romance.
I wish I could go to work dressed in my finest clothes.
However; when I walked through the door at night, I may just get up your nose.
I wish I were getting younger,
I have a battle with the vendor of time.
But, that could mean dementia now.
So I guess that means I'm fine.
I'll just be who I am, just grow old gracefully.
Like the cream for the cat with the cheesiest grin, I guess I just want to be me.
Rachel Shussett Aug 2016
I had a dream last night
You died again

I had a dream last night
And I had to survive again

It all still hurts
Even though it's been three years
It all still hurts

Come back again
I need you here again
Why did you die, again?
Rachel Shussett Aug 2016
Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out
I will stay

Negative out
Positive in
I am here

I am okay
I am okay
Rachel Shussett Jan 2015
It's been a while
Are we okay?
I ask this question every day
Who are you to leave me hanging
For the millionth time
What is left to be taken?

Well, this time I have the upper hand
Because this time, I never actually let you in
So go on and get out
It won't phase me one bit
I'm fine on my own
I don't need your ****.
Rachel Shussett Sep 2014
It hurts
You feel empty
Like no one will ever know

The pain is crippling
Takes you down in a moment
Impossible to stand back up

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel
The rainbow after the storm
The color in the picture

It's all gone
It's disappeared
It's empty

But you have to stand up
You have to hold your ground
You are important

There will be a light
There will be a rainbow
The color is still there, just open your eyes

Stay, stay, stay.
like an animal waiting to pounce,
the effects are disastrous
and tough to undo.
she’s dying to be noticed,
dying to be loved.
she’s crying at night,
it’s her lullaby.
there’s a mask on her face
that hides all the worry,
locks all the pain inside.
when you look into her eyes,
look into her soul.
don’t stop just on the surface.
she’s crying inside and asking herself,
why can’t anyone hear me?
Rachel Shussett Aug 2014
It took a long time
You fought the good fight
But sometimes it's not enough

You always had a smile
You never showed the pain
It was hard to tell the cancer was even there, sometimes

But now you are home
With the angel's wings we all knew should be on your shoulders
Among the saints
RIP, Patty Colson. We all love you very much.
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