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I want to be a positive force for good
I want my thoughts and my feelings to be understood
I want to express it so you can digest
How we can all grow, go forth, and progress
I want to live in a world
That accepts and provides
Where no one is hungry
And no one’s deprived
Where people are people
Not hand picked by God
Who’s only lead us astray
No matter how hard we ****
Yes, I’m a savior
But so are you, if you choose
Your voice is my equal
When we share the same views
A revolution is brewing
Smell the air, read a chart
It’s time for a change
Something new, a fresh start
I hope to capture that moment
Through emotion and art
For I too am loving
With a very big heart
I’m not in pursuit
Without goals, or motivation, impulse, or drive
No visions of grandeur
That I myself can contrive
My support’s without question
From my family and friends
But I can’t conquer the demons
In the war waged within
I strive to be good
To not look too out of place
Hidden in plain sight
With a smile on my face
As the years turn to decades
And people die and are born
I’m in the middle with stage fright
Too scared to perform
Without a direction
Not chasing a dream
I’ve become too complacent
With my story and theme

Nothing tickles my fancy
Or have I yet to be swept off my feet
I’m numb to loves notion
That’s filled with myth and mystique
No amount of money, or women
Can bring me relief
Or the clock that keeps ticking
Knowing my time here is brief
I go through the motions
I attempt and resist
And despite my own mindset
I’m still here; I exist
I sabotage my progression
I’m aware and concerned
I only write what I’m saying
To keep it stored and preserved
Or maybe until this curse is reversed
Then I can contribute to life
While I’m still here on earth
And I’ll be the envy of many
For having purpose; self worth
And justify my existence
As to why I’m still alive since my birth
Sorry if this got a bit too deep. There is light and dark in all of us. We’re only human
Dotta swung and he missed
Time for him to cease and desist
After Ren went ballistic
Because he couldn’t resist
The allure of a battle
Using words like their fists
Landing blow after blow
Without a beat to assist

We witnessed a burial
An end to a reign
But all that king Dotta was..
Was a true royal pain
A husky, sad, clout chaser
Vanilla, quite plain
Who failed in his attempt
To perform; entertain

Ren showed his ferocity, his ability, his skills
He speared his first whale
Despite Dotta not having gills
But Ren gave him a lifeline
Without showing any ill will
Offering all he can eat
On a buffet filled with krill

One million subscribers
Sent to consume and digest
King Dotta’s music
Of which I’ve been unimpressed
But the message from Ren
Was really quite clear
As they spilled from his lips
“A rising tide, lifts all ships”
I feel stagnant.
Like a stale cigarette.
Not sure where to put my energy
Without instant regret
So I freeze up and I don’t react
While keeping my mental health intact
But the days are slipping by
Clouds dimming out my shine
For what tomorrow brings
For us all as human beings
This weighs heavy on my chest
One more cause to feel depressed
Stuck with racing thoughts
Standing still without progress
Masking my distraught
I’m frozen in captivation
I can’t seem to comprehend
A force that’s to be reckoned with
Who goes by the name of Ren
As his tunes flow out of my speakers
The sounds ricochet in my brain
Playing percussion on my eardrums
Please insert it in my veins
From the melody, to the rhythm
To the words that paint a scene
He stirs up raw emotions
From the likes I’ve never seen
With his lyrics, there are meanings
Which hit so close to home
He expresses all his feelings
While hypnotic and intone
Dripping wet with talent
His greatness emanates like gold
Brighter than a lightning strike
A true sight to behold
I stare for my amusement
I dare not turn away
Because I’m mesmerized and blown away
Every time that I push play
I’m torn between his lyrics, and the bouncy reggae beat
As this Brighton bardcore lyricist, raps, and brings the heat
Taking on all challengers, those that claim to be elite
With catchy rhymes, and sick bass lines
To be played back on repeat

The song hits hard in every way
So hard, you’ll bruise and swell
Until your only wish, is to still exist
And be saved by the bell

Between his ra-ta-ta and his uppercuts
To his jabs that set the flow
He’ll size you up, then BOOM; erupt!
As he lands the knockout blow
They travel towards the sky
As expression of our mood
Explosive bits of joy, ascending
Past the full lit moon
An enormous color spectrum
Magnificent and loud
A demonstration of celebration
As we stand together, proud
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