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I want to come through,
for you and your whole crew
For the person you are,
and all that you do

I don’t want to step on toes
I just need you to see things from my point of view
And know that what I say is true

I’ve got your back
I’ve got it worked out
I’ll prove it until you never again have a doubt

Because I believe in the person you are
And I need a purpose, a reason, to reach for the stars

You are that purpose, the reason, and more!
I’m tired of the daily grind,
I need to explore
Time to button down the hatch and go fight a war

I am the driven
Right down to the core
I’m the one who’s waiting for you
When you open the door

I am your rock
The persuader of minds
I’ll have it there for you,  
And always on time

If there’s a barrier, any obstacles at all
I’ll knock them down, run right through the wall

You needn’t be worried,
There’s no need to be scared
This is what I was built for,
I’ve been well prepared

You’re my vision, a dream, a brainstorm, an idea
You’re the reason I wake up each day,
Why I face all my fears

You’re the whole picture, the ultimate goal
You’re the reason I know, all that I know

You’re what I’ve been after
since the very first day
That I breathed in the air
And had words to say

I need you to trust me
I will not be denied
I’m not doing it in hopes of one day, I can say that I tried

I’m relentless, a force, but I’m completely in stride
I may fall down sometimes, but I get back up,
It can’t hurt my pride

It’s the burning I feel, that’s deep down inside
It’s what keeps me going,
It’s what keeps me alive

They cannot deny me
I’m aware that they’ll try
But that only fuels me
They’ve got the wrong guy

I’m not the one, to turn, run, and hide
I’ve been put on this earth
So that our worlds could collide

I only break the laws of nature
I span worldwide
They’re going to need an army
But even then, they’ll just be pushed aside

I’m a counter reaction
Before they make their first move
I have somewhere I’m going,
I’ve got something to prove

Step aside and watch in wonder
As I do what I do
It’ll leave you baffled, and somewhat confused

I’ll always get to where I’m headed
I’m stubborn and dense
I may sometimes get distracted, but that’s just to build up the suspense

I’m grounded,
I’m thoughtful, and kind
I’m whatever it is I need to be
That’s how I was designed

If you get to know me,
I’m sure that you’ll find
I’m the person you want to have, right by your side.
Never ever give up.
Find what it is in life you want and go get it!
Are we drifting away?
Is there something that we’re headed towards?
Will it always be the same?
Or are you just manipulating my life force?

All we have is today
We’re probably headed on a collision course
Unless we show some restraint
And find a way back to the original source

There’s got to be a way
Because I know it’s my will
There’s so little left to say,
And still....

The facts still remain
They’re hard to explain
But if you look closer
The truth can be attained

I’m not going to lie
My heads in the sky
I’m counting down the days
I finally open up my eyes

I’m fighting off the deep pain I feel down inside
Want somewhere to run to
Want somewhere to hide
I’m counting down the days

I’m set in my own ways
Nothing to amount to
Even harder to explain
With only me to blame

I’ve built up my walls
Where every brick is suspect
Hoping something falls
So I can finally have some respect

I cleaned the bathroom stalls
I’ve danced in great big halls
I’ve washed off every dish
I swung hard and missed

Where’s the next step taking us?
Step Up

I’m on a losing streak
Every move that I make only seems to get beat.

I don’t let it get to me, though
I know I’ll find a way to get back on my feet.

Wow, the audacity
Keeping me in tow  
Just to uncover its majesty

I’m quite unique like that
Keeping you in trance
While I’m speaking my peace

It’s a real travesty
Unable to recognize the person staring back at me
Oh, the agony

The man, he’s standing right there in front of me
His eyes are wise
But hold a great deal of mystery

Kind of like a hybrid dispensary
Under lock and key
Steady have you jonesing
For some controversy

Something to help forget about strike one, two, and three.
By the way, can something please be done about all the brutality?

I need to get some sleep
But sometimes your thoughts can keep you up on your feet

Trying to figure it out
How to get from A to B
and not go without
Doing it instinctively
Whether or not your in doubt

Respectfully speaking of course
Wouldn’t want to make waves
Or treat life like a sport

Where last is first
Somewhere, a Cockeyed Cucamonga
Is dying of thirst

Everywhere there is water
But not a drop to drink
Volcano’s about to erupt
Shedding light for a second before you realize it’s corrupt

The whole **** things a sham
Beating down my door like I’m in high demand
Just because that you can?!

Enough is enough
Time to step up or die trying
It is a choice, I have my voice
So why is it that I’m still here deciding?
Where are you taking me?
You’re standing in my way
Stop this car right now
I’m hitchhiking on this highway

You can’t tell me what to do
I’m leaving now
I don’t want to ... stay

You’re not the boss of me
I’m fully grown up now
But you’re wanting to control me
I’m over these silly games

I’ve been putting up with you
For way too long
Waiting for the right one
To finally come along

You’re old news now
I’m turning the page
There’s a whole chapter about you
But I need to disengage

I’m over the games you play
I’m turning the page
You judged me like a book
Payed me minimum wage

But you don’t know anything
I’m so filled with rage
I need to start over now
You and me are estranged

Pull over to the side of the road
I’m done with you like the plague
I’ll be fine on my own
No more wars to be waged

I’ll walk from here on out
Free me from your metal cage
Get a grasp on reality
I know you’ll never change

I can’t help your insecurities
I’m asking for a parting of ways
Don’t take your hands off the wheel
This is escalating to a scary stage

Please slow down the car
Take a look at the gauge
We’re going way too fast
What, are you insane?!

Let me out right now!
What’s wrong with your brain?!
You’re really scaring me
Are you deranged?!

Lookout for that cliff!
Without further delay!
We’re going to hit the rail!
Oh, what a shame...

No. More. Pain.
It’s difficult to fall asleep
In the darkness with eyes closed
When your mind is racing
Off in parts unknown

Above the clouds, to the moon
Into space, while still in my room
A dream,
What wonder...
And not a moment too soon

Where to slip off to tonight?
What lands or planets to roam?
Will I travel to a far off land?
Accompanied, or alone?

Will I rummage through the forest
Among the trees so grown?
Will I travel to an oasis,
Battle for survival, in the thunder dome?

What adventures now await me
Right here in my home?
Will I be eaten by ferocious lions,
Or by a garden gnome?

I’ve battled demons
I’ve sat on thrones
I once conquered aliens
In my bathroom robe

I’ve swam with mermaids
I’ve spanned the globe
I once built an army
From the clothes in my wardrobe

What will I encounter?
Who will come or go?
It’s my subconscious after all
No one really knows.
Am I able to receive a gift so precious?
Ready to run freely?
Down the old passage way,

There comes a time when we need to stop asking questions we already know the answers to.
Take the leap of faith.
It’s sometimes all we have left to overcome before we arrive home.
To the outcome,
The inevitable....
It was always going to end the same.
The fun is in the journey they say.
You had your fun and time for delusional thinking.
It came and it went.
Some are given many years to see it.
You were right where you were supposed to be the entire time.
You were never the choice maker.
The map of your story had been told long ago.
You merely played your part.
The end is the easiest part to play.
You die.

End scene
Well that was depressing as hell to write. Not even sure why I wrote it. That’s how it is with my writing. An idea forms and I take it to it’s sometimes bitter end. I see the thought through to my own uncomfortable conclusion.
I love the things you say
When you’re lying next to me
You help me to explore my dreams
And the places we’ll see

Your smile is all inviting
The creases in your cheeks
Your eyes are so enticing
The whole package; everything

Your beauty is boundless
Your essence unique
Your presence is essential
To make me complete

No hell or high water
Could make me retreat
To a life that’s without you
It would mean my defeat

We could never be equals
You’re as strong as I’m weak
Brace yourself for a windfall
If it’s chaos you seek

I’m the seeker of angels
Not a lost son of thieves
You kneeled down beside me
In my greatest need

I’ll always be grateful
Words we needn’t speak
Our love is what binds us
And that is what’s key

They cannot divide us
Despite the havoc we wreak
It’s what’s inside us
It’s our way, our technique

When you combine us
It’s strength at its peak
It’s the burden we bear
And yet, I seek no relief
I long for the person I’m writing this to.
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