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With beginning, there’s an end
My old forgotten friend
Those days sitting on the docks
In the summer times we spent
An ever vivid memory
Of two unremembered souls
Finding solace in each others space
Sharing highs and lows
My death might not mean much to you
But it’s affected many lives
I’ve been waiting for my day
Since the moment I arrived
Although it seemed inevitable
For a time I felt immune
Never for a second
Did I think I’d die too soon
I imagined I would grow old
That my body would decay
I’d struggle standing on my legs
I’d have some aches and pains
But I didn’t know the magnitude
Of day after day after day
So in a sense I feel relieved
Although not overjoyed
In a life of ups and downs
I leave behind a void
I was a cousin and a nephew
A son who lost his way
But only to be found again
Now standing center stage
The lights were bright and blinding
Heaven sent its shine
Even if it’s not your belief
Don’t criticize what’s mine
You know as much as I do
You may think that you know more
And I’d push you to continue
To research and explore
I believed in optimism
Perspective coincides
I believe it to be criminal  
To be deprived of time
The essence of our purpose
Existence to maintain
After all we’re only human
Not little drops of rain
They were their images and reminder
A reflection of their past
That led them to the promised land
While avoiding the lords wrath
Theirs was the light the glowed incessantly
While guiding every step
So beautiful to the naked eye
That they all broke down and wept
Immaculate and gaudy
Primitive and pristine
Unsullied by a humans touch
All-encompassing, and green
Lavish and luxurious
That is only seen in dreams
Captivating and glorious
Now visible to see
They built a nest of feathers and twigs
The sparrow, and the weaver
While admiring how the dam was built
By the curmudgeonly old ******
All day long they sang their song
Amidst the making of their dwellings
Then rest their heads and prepare
For their favorite story tellings
Every sigh I take
Is an extension of my tention
That filters throughout my body like decay
My spirit’s breaking down
Which makes me wear a frown
And I mope around with each passing day
I dip my head and scowl
Depression’s on the prowl
But of course, I’m set in my own way
When I see the light
I’ll try with all my might
To feel differently than I do today
The mother of a child
A beautiful baby boy
That brings with him a new chapter
Filled with love and joy
Every day’s a new day
For new finds and of firsts
It’s the time to make new memories
Where nothings been rehearsed
To share him with the world
With protection, safe and warm
And start teaching him every nuance
From the day that he was born
A bundle of joy
A blessing of grand scale
A ton of love and support
For the little one that’s frail
A connection to a fragile soul
To nurture and grow fond
To watch and see, with loving eyes
An unbroken bond
I’ve been mining for a diamond
I’ve found only shards of glass
That pierce the skin and produce blood
But I know this too shall pass
I’ll find the jewel I seek in time
I know this too be true
Then I’ll mount it on a wedding ring
And wait for your “I do”
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