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The single, the one, the last
Hasten to join the dance
Not letting go; swaying to and fro
To the sound that’ll keep you in a trance

The sole survivor; the last to leave
The super trooper that bobs and weaves
The lonely path of freedoms stay
And it wouldn’t want it any other way
The ‪woods are filled with mystery‬
‪and mythic
magic tales ‬
‪Of pixie dust and pixies, no larger than a nail‬
‪With Nymphs, and sprites, and fairies, spread out far and wide‬
‪They’ll never let you see them, ‬
‪They’ll just run and hide‬
‪They appear when they want to‬
‪They seem a little shy‬
There are those to claim they’ve seen them
You just really have to try
If you get to see them
You’ll know the reason why
The woods are filled with magic
And dust up in the sky
I’d give it all and then some more
For the woman that I adore
My heart would all be but yours
Kiss goodnights and opened doors
Walks along the ocean shores
I’d scale the earth to find its core
There’s no telling what’s in store
When hearts collide, mi Amor
‪The brown bear and the hummingbird ‬
‪What a sight to see‬
‪The bear who loved his honey ‬
‪And the bird who flapped his wings ‬
‪The two you wouldn’t think would pair‬
‪But, yet, somehow they did‬
‪They gathered deep inside the woods‬
‪Where the flowers grew amid‬
A secret place of special sights
Where flowers bloom and the sun shines bright
It’s there the two would spend their days
And sleep well through the night
The sphere of our survival
Wrapped up to shield us in
Fearing to see our bubble burst
Before our lives begin
Like the fairytales before our time
All the stories of the past
Preserved for all eyes to see
Behind the looking glass
If destiny repeats itself
Our freedom is restored
And all the generations to come
Cannot be ignored
Speak up for what you feel is right
Make sure your voice is heard
Because all the power in the universe
Can be traced back to a word
I’ve been searching for some time
To find a way to ease my mind
Along the way on down the line
I hope to find it in my prime

I focused in on my abilities
To create something that this world needs
I put it out there to be received
Then revealed my true identity

I’m a man with thoughts
With big ideas
I think so loud
That no one hears

The information
The creation in my head
Manifests itself
But it’s form I can’t defend

From vision quests
To shaman’s spells
What’s done is done
So I’m compelled

My greatest hope
My uncertainty
To be knocked back
Into obscurity

To fail and fail and fail and fail
Before catching wind and setting sail
The heart is in the journey
Flowers in the meadow
Spring is in the air
Purple is the color
Constructed style and flare
Reaching out for the sun
Not single, but a pair
Close to one another
Separated by a hair
In time, weather permitting
Is neither here nor there
With time spent together
Are the moments that we share
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