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Brought to tears
As loss holds weight
Unable to regenerate
You say farewell
But all’s not lost
When memories
Are free of cost
Some might say
They fade away
After a certain time
But when love’s felt
Your cards been dealt
And up steps the next in line
Through the awe inspiring darkness came
What’s left of Edens remains
The waterfalls and luscious greens
The rock that’s nestled in between
The appreciation of a flawless scene
That unfolds into a vivid dream
And sparks the flare that intervenes
By giving rather than to receive
Which then takes the place of fears
Until they disappear
Not breathing in the air of life
For them to persevere
Thrown away and put to rest
While both forgiving and sincere
Years of life were lived out
Lifetimes and memories
Scattered thoughts
Of past events
Coursing through history
Many people act
On intuitional fact
Sizing up each situation
Not falling into traps
Spoken with impact
Lifeline still intact
Awaiting the right moment to attack
To see how we’ll react
Fate and destiny
What lies in front of me
A perfect picture scene
While living out the dream
I don’t want to be your scapegoat
Your reason to quit or fail
Don’t sabotage your future
Or stop from setting sail
Go off on adventures
Travel; see the world
Don’t hold life close to the vest
Rather, let it all unfurl
She’s my American dream
Part of my team
Cunning and kind
The likes of which I’ve never seen
Playful and nice
Some sugar, some spice
She conquered her demons
Without thinking twice
And what’s left of the doubt
Through in and through out
Positive thinking
Is what it’s all about
Reminiscing of days past
Through broken frames
And shattered glass
The spectacle
The all too familiar scene
The twisting plot
My hopes and dreams
A chance to ask to be redeemed
If I only had the means
Meandering through social thought
Glasses fogged with steam
Taking in the panoramic view
The likes I’ve never seen
Walking down the corridor
Of a castle by the shore
To eventually meet the king and queen
She turns around and there he is
His majesty of the invalids
Come to greet her
And give her the grand tour
Then ushers her through the chamber door
Showing her things she’d never seen before
Like candelabras made of gold
Deep rich colors
Lush and bold
Incredible views
Of the vast and scenic land
That goes on forever
And just seems to expand
As far as the eye can see
Until the land stops and meets the sea
She thanked them for their hospitality
Then left with an apology
Said she had some place she had to be
And that she hoped one day to meet the queen
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