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Jaicob Jun 1
The whiteboard is empty.
The classroom is buzzing.
Summer's almost here,
But I won't do a thing
Except await next year
For school to reappear.
Jaicob Jun 1
Last day of school
Last English class
Last hug before study hall
Last school lunch
Last laugh with friends
Last history lesson
Last class game
Last bell
Jaicob May 18
It tastes repulsive.
It has a nasty texture.
It's the bane of gods.

But the table you sit at
Holds so many memories
And will always feel like home.
Jaicob May 4
Everything you do is covered in love
Jaicob Jan 28
I ate some raspberries today
They were cold
And sweet
And soft

But their seeds get stuck in my teeth
They just sit
And ****
And poke

Until I get them out
Jaicob Sep 2021
Writing something down so I feel useful..

I'll get to my homework eventually
Jaicob Sep 2021
why is every call empty
why is life meaningless
why are conversations lies
why are compliments shallow
why are you so optimistic
why is hope unfindable
why are there so many questions
and why are there no answers

why is there nothing but emptiness
why is there no rest other than death
why are my messages always
why is my voice never heard
why does everyone move on without me
why does silence seem so loud
why is loneliness comforting
and why is being alone so painful

why do you seem to love me
but only when no one else is around
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