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  Sep 2022 Jaicob
Elizabeth Brown
Reflexively, i shut down
as trauma floods my mind.

What a ridiculous reason to cry,
what a childish fault.

One word.
and my world crashes around me.

**** you, Lucy.
You'll never know what a decade old sentence can do.

My psyche shatters

and i fold inside myself
and my words are silenced
(but my Thoughts are not)
and my eyes are wet
and i am torn to pieces

as rough hands work to fit me back into my mold.
Jaicob Sep 2022
This time it was my grandfather..

Mother tells her version of a story
Everyone believes her instead
Getting on her side
And making me wish I was dead
Jaicob Sep 2022
I just wanna leave this town behind
Ditch all the things that remind
Me of this place.
I wanna live all alone
In my cozy home
That I've made.

I care more about my music than
Any type of mathematic lines.
I need to get away from here
Before I go c'razy in my mind

I'll write the world away
And I'll run and run all day

My frantic verses evolve surely
Leading into failed runs of thought
Or perhaps they'll fly away
Into the sun
Jaicob Jun 2022
The whiteboard is empty.
The classroom is buzzing.
Summer's almost here,
But I won't do a thing
Except await next year
For school to reappear.
Jaicob Jun 2022
Last day of school
Last English class
Last hug before study hall
Last school lunch
Last laugh with friends
Last history lesson
Last class game
Last bell
Jaicob May 2022
It tastes repulsive.
It has a nasty texture.
It's the bane of gods.

But the table you sit at
Holds so many memories
And will always feel like home.
Jaicob May 2022
Everything you do is covered in love
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