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electroacidzxx Jul 2019
And every time they ask me about you,
I tremble..
electroacidzxx Jul 2018
Missing him,
Is the only way.
And the only thing.
I'm capable of doing....
electroacidzxx Jan 2018
Its funny,
How few years ago,
I swear you will always be on my mind,
I swear you will always be my only reason to write,
The only reason why i am still breathing,
I swear in your name,
That everything i do,
Is going to be all about you.

And today,
I swear in your name,
The thought of you does not exist anymore.
And not a single thing that i do,
Remind me of you.
electroacidzxx Feb 2017
Dear you,
Im afraid of only one thing,
Afraid that i might be really deeply in love with you....

electroacidzxx Mar 2016
Today I realized,
how important it was
to value the little things
those little small tiny moments.
I'm not talking about moments with  friends or family,
or your significant others,
i'm talking about the little unnoticeable moments
that we all made

from the moment the sun wakes us up,
to the way the sun shines it rays on our face,
and to the way we groan about how annoyed we are but than we thank the sun anyways
to the way we look at ourselves in the mirror just to give a peek on our morning face,
(we've always known how terrible we look but still we give it another chance, who knows, we might get lucky and look super incredible that morning)
and to the way we walk to the bathroom with our bathing towel on our left or right shoulder,
to the way our hip sway, from left to right,
when in the toilet, we took another peek of our morning face again , just to feed the hunger of our curiosity,
to the way we choose what to wear on that day.
everything single little things we do is beautiful
and what more do we need ?
electroacidzxx Feb 2016
it was tough
it was rough
i lost count on how many times i cried
i lost count on everything i did
i miss you and i really do
this is probably not the best thing to do
but it will do
we need and have to figure things out
so we stayed silent almost a day
but you decided to hit me
with a "i miss you" text
"how was your day?" you asked
what do you expect me to reply?
"I'm fine"?

we talked for few mins
and as usual
you left me hanging
i end it with a goodnight wish just to make thing looks right
i have always end it that way
whatever it is you're still mine anyways
and i wish after a week
i wouldn't have to change that
electroacidzxx Nov 2015
who you often describe
as someone strong
in the outside
but not always strong
in the inside

who leads
a country full of narcissist wannabe
legends and catastrophe

who build an empire
of love and fears
to those heart that can easily tear

who lights up
your darkest night
with the help of
amazing sights
sounds of fright

who stole  your soul
with a slight touch
on your damage bones

who we all need
no matter what
will always be alongside
mostly she
mesmerizing her sight
day and night
pouring out
the words of the knight
to shall stay strong
and loyal
to his beloved
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