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  Sep 30 Gabriel Bonney
Flower C
Heaven rained on me,
I breathed in the petrichor,
Bathed in the downpour.
I have sinned,
So destroy me,
With your rain.
I’ve been covering up my wrists already
For when it’s bliss they’ll still be steady
Yeah, you heard that right, you ready?
To listen to something kinda heavy?
Heavy in my heart, I feel their part
The parts of them that don’t want to win
The kin of the devil that lives within
We were promised the law of death in Christ
So why won’t all these things die already
This weight feels too heavy for the paid price
Thrice, I tried to lie to you but now it comes through
That my roof is proof that I lose
Because it’s so low and caves with snow
That I’ve shown you it glows, but now you know
Rightfully so, I owe, it to you to blow
No, I won’t close, because what’s posed, at my nose
I know, I feel the flow, in your show, so I’ll go, I’ll row
Am I to be committed to wrestling?
Is it all just part of testing?
Am I to strive to be besting?
To be honored with the blessing
I’m oppressed and yet caressed
And God, I’m fessing
And handing it over for their resting
‘Cause I can’t do it by my messing
But You can save them by my messes!
I’m even doubting my salvation
If I’ve become a new creation
He said there’s no condensation
So why am I condemned, to bend
Why am I not ridden of this sin
Is it so that I’m so concerned
About the burns and what’s learned
In order for you to be able to form
Am I working towards the kingdom
By debating about my freedom
Or is it doubt in the One that’s freed us
Is it good I worry about bleeding
Is this God’s way of freeing, me
Is it so you can see
I was meeting with a friend, and I told him I even wonder if I’m saved or not. Which, your salvation is only between you and Jesus. But he said that since I’m worried about it, I genuinely want to. He said if I didn’t care about being saved, I would be like “Eh,” and move on.
Would I rather die than give my life to You?
Would I still be in a state of solemn blue?
Surely the angels will catch me
Surely the angels will catch me
But it’s just testing
Surely the angels will catch me
But it’s just testing the Spirit
God testing me so see I’ll surely make it through
Because there’s nothing He puts me through
That He will not deliver me from, so I won’t lose
I know He’s given me a way out, that I don’t doubt
Artists askin’ if they’re alone
These voices don’t want you to know
So obviously they’re not if there’s so many
But still I won’t let it be blown
Because I’m askin’ if I’m the only one lonely
But me and my homies, you know me
You and me, we’re both lonely
It’s like we were made to be homies!
(my Kind)
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