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Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
Be gone, you bygones
But there’s nothing wrong
With letting them go on
To morph into better songs
A sort of eulogy to their long
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I withdraw to these lonely places
I didn’t choose it before, but now I’m grateful
For how God has placed it, and created it
And now I’m home as I retrace it
The past few nights, I’ve felt kinda lonely. But now, I can reflect on the places God has gotten me through, and how easy I can get through these ones with Him

Luke 5:16 ~ But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I see You simplizing things
I see Your simple eyes gleam
I see You beneath the trees
I see You don’t hold a string
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I don’t like saying slaying
To me it seems profane
But I’m speaking the language of my friends
Ones with cool words
Who’ve been around that bend
And know of those burns
They don’t cover up, blubbering on
But it’s a phenomenon, a loving song
So I speak their language
The language of knowing the pages
My friends that are the color yellow mean a lot to me.
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I think it’s interesting that my most famous poem
Is one that I underestimated
But it gives the message I want behind each piece
It has one like, and had never trended
But somehow it has the most reads
And I think that’s interesting
Just a thought
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
I’m turning around the cube
To get a different point of view
I’m in a different field now
And I know exactly how
When I don’t really think about it
But when I write it out
I can start to go back
But then I see the pact
That God has my back
And He has my front
And each side of the line
Knowing where He wants me to go
So I’ll be staying on the low
My 300th poem, interesting
Gabriel Bonney Mar 2020
We can all know Him, personally
And we can all speak in, verbal melody
I can’t pretend that You don’t exist
Cause I can’t resist the heaviness
I’ve been enlisted in
But I can feel Your willingness
And I want it to be me none the less
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