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Margo May Nov 2017
to trade confusion for clarity
to pursue the perfect degree
to marry the man of my dreams
to leave the place i’ve always called home
to travel the world and see it’s wonders
to explore beaches i’ve never laid eyes upon
to go on a wildlife safari
to build an international orphanage from the ground up
to study in the holy lands
to be fluent in a foreign language
to adventure through cities i’ve never heard of
to live freely by detaching from the world
to care for those less fortunate than me
to see revival in unchurched people groups
to excel in my dream job
to know what my dream job would be
to live without limits and constraints
to never feel exhausted or weary
to lead broken people to restoration
to be part of something greater than myself
to love generously
to know my purpose
Margo May Mar 2017
In the fellowship of believers
I lift my voice;
in the fellowship of believers
I make my praises loud;
in the fellowship of believers
Your marvelous name is proclaimed.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

What power there is in unity!
Unity under the Holy One;
unity under the Lord our God.

When we come together,
He is there!
Evil has no power
for His goodness triumphs!

Our God is undefeatable,
our God stands unshakable;
He remains,
He endures,
He withstands
the test of time.
He always persists,
always perseveres,
always prevails.

I fear not for the world will not conquer me;
I fear not for the world has no power over my life.

The Lord shall keep my feet steady on His path!
He keeps me steady as I walk in His ways;
He keeps me steady for all of my days;
therefore, He is worthy of all praise!

The righteous rejoice in the Lord,
but the wicked do no such thing;
The righteous experience true freedom,
but the wicked remain slaves to their sin.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

Again I say Rejoice!
Lift up your voice
and make your praises loud;
proclaim the marvelous name of the Lord;
so all may know and be saved.
for one of my classes i had to compose my own psalm, and here is the result.
Margo May Mar 2017
steadily he leads her
through intimate waters
drawing her into stormy seas

he is composed
of the rarest gem
pure grace flowing
through every vein

with great ease
he navigates
the slight curves
of her body

marks of love
add to the beauty
of her tanned skin

his comforting warmth
sends pleasant chills
up her spine

her movements are met
with a strength which pulls
her ever closer
with a strength which holds
her ever firmer

he subsides to gaze
at his breathless forever

longing is evident
in their undeniable joy
knowing someday
will finally be theirs
Margo May Mar 2017
(1) the same sky that covers me covers you,
my sky is gray and yours is so blue.

(2) i just wanna hold you close and hug you tight,
i wanna hold your hand and kiss you goodnight.

(3) tomorrow you board the ship, what a wonderful trip it’ll be,
as you sail along the bluest of waters, remember to think of me.

(4) i love the sound of your voice for it is so sweet,
i cannot wait until again our lips meet.

(5) amidst the clouds the sun is brightly shining here today,
but still your smile shines brighter in every single way.

(6) over forty eight hours since i last heard you speak,
but you’ll be home from the sea in less than a week.

(7) i can’t help but wonder if you’re still alive and real,
for your strong arms and sweet kiss are what i can’t wait to feel.

(8) the distance continues to drive me insane,
but our love is stronger and it will always remain.

(9) forever i’ll be waiting for you and watching the skies,
because i miss you more than you’ll ever realize.

(10) you’re back in this country which is a great sign,
for soon your hand will interlock with mine.

(11) the anticipation grows as the hours ever decrease,
for tomorrow my heart will be complete and finally at peace.

(12) finally we’ve reached this long awaited day,
my love is coming home and my love is here to stay.
the love of my life went down to Florida and on a cruise for a vacation. So while I was stuck in Minnesota, missing him like crazy, I decided to write a little poem for him each day he was gone, and here is the final product :)
Margo May Nov 2016
the only name by which we're saved
is the name that brought unending grace,
the only name worthy of praise
is the name that lives for endless days.
Margo May Oct 2016
i will never forget
the long days of soccer
the sleepless nights of homework
the authentic conversations
the laughs we shared;

i will never forget
how you were more than a friend
how you never knew my true feelings
how we almost lost all we had and
how we miraculously saved that which was of value;

i will never forget
the adventures we embarked on
the memories we recorded
the genuine joy of being around you
the day my heart chose friendship;

i will never forget you,
my yellow cleated friend.
it's finally time to move on, to let go, to be nothing more than great friends who value our friendship with one another.
Margo May Aug 2016
even when i fail You day after day
your love remains, it stays the same
i could never escape your plan
'cause you're holding me in the palm of your hand;

i will praise You day after day
'cause your love remains, You stay the same
i'll forever follow your plan
'cause you're holding me in the palm of your hand.
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