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Saylor Kay Mar 2016
I hate myself with every fiber of my soul
I bleed, scream, and cry all because I am not worth it
I am not worth the love that people give me
How can someone love me? I am nothing...
I bleed in the hopes to feel something
I scream in the hopes that I might be heard
I cry with the thought that no one will ever care
I am not a creature worthy of your love
I am nothing
But I will not cry for long
One day, when I tie my noose and take the step
Then it will be you who cries
Your tears will be in vain
And you will feel the pain I felt everyday
But, you will overcome it
You are strong
This world was meant for you, not me
I will be happy
My soul, finally free from the body it did not belong in
*I am happy
Kori, I am very sorry. You will hate this so much. You hate all my sad poems. I didn't really spend a lot of time on this poem. I just wanted to write it before I went to bed to get a bit of my emotions out.
Saylor Kay Jan 2016
Soulmates aren't lovers
You dream when you sleep
Soulmates you fight with
While you dream
Soulmates aren't perfect
As some have you believe
Soulmates cause messes
That you have to clean
Soulmates are annoying
And drive you insane
Soulmates are friends
That will dance in the rain
Soulmates make you laugh
When tears fill your eyes
Soulmates don't always understand
Though they try

Soulmates are the ones who stay

They stay when you're down
They stay when you're up
They stay when you rock
And they stay when you ****
They stay when you love them
They stay when you don't
They stay when you're hurt
And need them the most
They stay in the end
After everyone's gone
They stay in the end
So you're never alone

Soulmates are the ones that stay
Saylor Kay Dec 2015
Faith in God
Faith in love
Faith in life

Faith to me is like a dove
It's there for you to look at
Beautiful though small
But it's free and won't stay trapped

Having faith is like walking on ice
Difficult and easy to fall
If there's one small crack
The ice could break and end it all

I won't say faith isn't needed
For that would be a stretch
But faith is hard to keep
There one day and gone the next

Faith can keep us going
When we feel alone
But misplaced faith
Can hit you like a stone

I wish I had more faith
Unpredictable though sweet
Maybe then I would be happy
And no longer cry myself to sleep
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