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SquidInk Nov 2020
stop telling me that this is just a phase
stop telling me that you will change
stop telling me that you need me
stop telling me to stop overthinking
stop breaking my heart
stop crushing my trust
stop trying to change my mind
stop trying to include me when you know you don't want to
stop acting like its such a hassle to be my friend
stop acting like our relationship is the same
stop making me cry
stop making me jealous
stop giving me false hope
stop telling me that ill be fine
stop getting me stuff and saying "all fixed"
i don't even want that stuff
i want you to care
i want you to listen
i want you to love me again
i want you to break your habits
i want you to tell me that you're sorry
i want you to come to me crying saying that you messed up
i want you to promise me that you would never hurt me like this again
i want. i want. i want.
i never receive
but i stay because im not selfish
i stay because you were once worth it and i hope you can be again
i stay because you used to be my happiness
i stay in hopes that you can be again
i stay because i loved the person you were
sometimes i wonder why i stay
i ask myself why i put myself in so much pain
then i realize
i stay because i know you're going through so much right now
i stay because if i left you would break
if i left it would get worse
if i left you would be lost
and so i stay
not for me, but for you
i am in pain so that you don't have to be
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We were young,
walking around
5th avenue

Two strung out
kids from the burbs

Sun glistening
off our glazed eyes

Driving around
in a *******
with one door
smashed in

I remember your t-shirt
It said "Send me forget-me-nots"

I always gave
you **** for it


What do you think?
Samantha Renee Jan 2020
i do not really understand
who you have become
why you have changed.
what used to seem so real, so clear
is gone.
talking to you is like
speaking through a
translucent window
where the full picture is distorted
and i never know if you are fully understanding.
i don't want to lose what we have
but i don't know if you truly care
Aichan Nov 2019
whenever i'm down
lost in the sound
of the voices in my head
wishing i was dead
you'd be my friend

someone once said
losing a true friend
hurts worse then losing a fake love
only now do i know what they meant

watching the sunrise
wishing i could just apologize
but you believe my heart is full of lies
tears fall down from my eyes
i'm sorry i hurt you;
i know not the smartest person person alive

i never thought our friendship would end
ever since i met you my life started to bend
but you soon became the popular trend

i wish you needed me
maybe then our friendship wouldn't be lost at sea
i loved you like I've never loved any other friend, you see

i would have given the world for you
isn't that what real friends do
when you left me i became so blue
the black hole of emptiness inside me grew

were never going to be friends again are we
i know its because of what you think of me
you filled my life with so much glee
i'm sorry you think our friendship wasn't meant to be

i'm sorry for all those things i said
i'm sorry that i want to be dead
i'm sorry for all those things i did
all those times i brought you down
all those time i made you frown
you turned my life upside down
i'm thankful i ever got to be your friend

i'm sorry that it had to end.
OV Oct 2019
Late at night
We hide under covers
Our bodies joined as one
Moving to the soundtrack
Of our raging hearts
But this is like a band-aid
To you I don't exist
Until you're itching to take it off
Jieun Sep 2019
You saw me
I saw you
You went up to see me
I smiled back too
You asked me how I’ve been
I said I’ve been great
Then your tears started to pour
You said you regretted everything..
You regretted pushing me away
When I kept on catching you
You regretted hurting me
When I was the one always saving you
You looked at  me, crying
Shaking and looking scared
“I regretted losing you when you were the only one who genuinely cared”
Butterfly Aug 2019
Months ago we stayed up until 3 am talking.

Now I can't even say hey to you without having a mental breakdown .
It isn't your fault
DG Mar 2019
I miss having you around
Because you took away my frown
Even though you’re the cause of it
You crush my soul and bring me to life all in the same conversation
My love, did you know that my sea parts for you?
That I took down all of my walls so you wouldn’t be afraid to come in?
That I stepped down from my throne of anxiety?
That you were the very one that shattered my golden crown of insecurities
Only to then gift me this crystal crown of doubt
That matches my tears
I weep silently and so subtly that you don’t even notice
And even if you did
You wouldn’t care.
Don’t tell me that you love me, I see your garden of lies and the other women that have come to stay in it.
But I’m too afraid to tell you
So I fake a smile as my kingdom is in ruins
ThatBrokenOne Jan 2019
It has been more then three years
Three years since I had seen you

Today I have seen you once more
Once more we spoke about our lives

Yours hadn't been that well
So well that I had to meet you behind closed doors

Your past hasn't been pleasant
Pleasant is what you would like right now

Behind those closed doors, you have your life
Your life exists of waking up and going back to bed

There is nothing in between
In between you sometimes see your therapist

Sometimes you have a visitor
A visitor has never been one of your parents

That must hurt a lot
A lot of **** has happen in your life

I wish you the best of luck
Luck you deserve more than me
Today I have visited an old friend of mine. When I texted here to she if she wanted to meet, I had in mind to meet here over a cup of coffee. But instead I found here behind closed doors. There is nothing to do all day long. She wakes up and goes back to bed. It is weird to think that those people in there are supposed to get better/ get rid of there depression, but all I could think is: that if I would be in there I would only get more depressed. There is totally nothing to do. I was sad to see, how these people are expected to live. I hope she will survive that place, because it is more depressing than anyone could ever get.
Paige Error Nov 2018
Hello old friend
How I missed you in my absence
In the darkest time you were always there your matalic smile glinting in the dim light
I missed the slick way you dance across my skin
Gracefully gliding leaving a ribbon of beautiful crimson across your pale stage
I know your destructive nature but how I love to dance with death
Sinking into the void only to awake the next day with a little less will and a lifetime of pain
How I yearn to be held in his strong arms and dance slowly into oblivion because who would miss the girl with the pale blue eyes. Ask, dear friend and find no one ever cared to look past her glasses. If I never woke up again not a soul would miss me they would simply miss the smile I masked my pain with. They would miss my bubbly personality that has been adopted after years of acting like everything was fine. Plus if I die my writing will be here forever an eternal piece of my soul representing the realest part of me
My pain
So old friend the question stands
Shall we rekindle our fire? Or should I sleep and just feel a different kind of pain?
With all respect if I die please don’t join me
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