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Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!
Aho, ohooh, umhhh!
Let's Me introduce myself!
My name is The Senior;
AkA The World old citizen!

Let me, carry-on
People of our forefathers world,
and our Mighty God of this world;
I'm here to say I'm confused!
A lot has been done and said!
We are trying to fight inequality;
But we are still having lunatic
and barbaric people in this world of 2's meaning two thousands!
I hope by 0ne nine nine (1999)
We will all realise this?
Schools are there!
Churches are there!
For what!
For published knowledge about our world!
Let me take my glasses-off!
But that man and that man
Are letting us down!
Busy slaughtering one another!
They want money, to be feared,
Fallacy respect, high positions!
My brothers and sisters?
You see me!
I understood since day one that we are all equally and the same!
Male or female!
Yes, female or male
I do not care!
But money judge us by abilities;
Meaning young ones, disabled,  our grandmothers and grandfathers are undermined!
By who?
By Money government!
So, good people I'm confused!
Are we still fighting inequality
In the presence of these model tools our forefathers and our brothers had developed or we are using it to destroy our future!
I'm confused and now, you see now in this era of 2's I call it
Confusion II.
My brothers and sisters to me, good humanity is fighting inequality in our world;
Regardless, in our own man made and nature deferences.
Let us all Say No to confusion II

Written By: The Senior
Date: unknown
-The Fallacy
Hi ladies and gentlemen
Let me public backbite this one.
Yes, yes this one, this one!
Do you know him!
My God, one day I video called him!
Yes, two second his phone was off!
Yes, they said he fell and his phone was off!
I asked them why?
They said "he saw your wife and think is Beyonce"
Ladies and gentlemen do not think this one is Jayz.
(Yes, Yes, yes is Jayz woooh Jayz!)
No guys let me tell you guys!
Me, you see me!
I do not know how to backbite!
Yes, I do not know how to backbite!
You see, I am forced to tell you the truth!
My God, My God this people!
My God, My God your people!
The guy, the guy who fell is is ....
No, I say, ya I say the guy who fell
Is m-y my, no the greed guy.
Living next to me, my neighbour!
Yes, he used to stay somewhere somewhere at Magic City...
And cheated with my girlfriend.
And this day he was shocked he is my neighbour.
Let me warn all the people of magi city.
Me, you see me, I am a native doctor!
I say, I say I am a classic doctor!
Him, he is a western doctor!
And, and that guy who witch us
He is a traditional and outdated doctor!
So, this guy he once worked as a western doctor!
Where, at the capital city;
And later he resigned, why because of his calling!
You know where, I am going!
This guy, he was once a prophet!
What happened, he failed to be patient!
You know what he did!
He started killing people, why?
He wanted to be rich; and me yes, I!
I started calling him an outdated doctor!
And her colleagues decided to call him a traditional doctor!
You know where I am going!
I do not know to back bite!
Some people have shrines, from where, from the devil!
Are they real shrines, no!
But what?
just coven's!
Are they called covens, no!
But what?
Churches and so forth!
Lord forgive me, for my sins
Thank you Lord!

Written By: The Senior
Date: Undefined
-The Fallacy
Thank you Lord, I am still alive!
Thank you Lord, I met king Solomon!
I tried and tried, until I met king Solomon!
The more you help, the more we live!
Thanks Lord, I am still alive and giving love!
His puppets shouting "help king Solomon"
King Solomon company help your Solomon!
Thank you Lord, keeps on giving love!
Thank You God, Keeps on giving Love!

Enrich a fool, he will enslave many.
I tried and tried until I met king Solomon!
Thank you Lord, this world of our differences.
Enrich a wise man, he will help many.
I tried and tried until I met king Solomon!
Thank you Lord, this world of our differences.

Written By: The Senior  Date:12/03/2023
Thanks Lord, here we are (Religious people)
Religious judgement over spiritual people;
Thanks Lord, final judgement is yours;
They judge based on their religion;
Thanks Lord, is their judgement.
The Lord is our saviour and our final Judge.
Oh my God, Here we are;
Yes Lord, here we are;

Wars everywhere we go;
Tears of money, everywhere we go.
Kings Failed to understands one another.
Presidents are failing to understands one another.
Man of your spirituality, pray for us.
Man of your religion, pray for us.

Written By: The Senior Date: undefined
-Religious People's Era
Lord of mercy, Lord of old!
Yes Lord of old, yes, yes, yes!
Oh My God, yes, my Sweet Lord!
Thank you Lord, Thank you my Sweet Lord!
People of this World, answer me!
People of this world, answer him!
How many times, I must win!
How many days, I must win?
How many years, I must win?
Before you call him a child of God!
How many months, I must win?
How many weeks, I must Win?
Before you call him a child of God!
Thank you Lord, Lord I am your child!

Written By: The Senior Date: 01/01/2023
-The Indisputable
Thanks Lord, We Are Back!
Thanks God, We are There!
All the ups and downs are thing of the past!
All the win and loss are thing of the past!
We together say (thanks Lord we are there)
Thanks Lord we are Back!
Thanks Lord we are Back!
Thanks Lord, We are there

2023 is the year of great moves!
I'm declaring great moves like a pastor on the pulpit!
Thanks Lord, I speak Like that man of the pulpit!
Thanks Lord, We are back and I can feel your grace!
Thanks Lord, Were are there and I can see your mercy!
All I say in God We Are Back, and we will be there!

Written By: The Senior Date: 31/12/2022
-The Indisputable
Dear United Nations;
Dear The West;
Dear The East;
Thank You Lord!
Thank You My Lord.
Dear The South (my African Continent!);
Dear The North (My White Angels Continent!);
I kindly write this letter,
To voice out my sincere request;
Thank you Lord, my sincere request
goes Like this "Can we learn to solve
the imbalance and inequality in our world;
Not to claim to be better than one another"
Thank You My World; Yours truly The Senior.

Written By: The Senior Date: 12/11/2022
-The New Chapter
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