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Thank you, Lord, I’m a civilized *******.
Wow, what a **** civilized *******’ bar!
Let me chill in this civilized ******* bar.
Thank you, Lord, Cheers civilized *******.
Yes, (Thank you, Lord, Cheers civilized *******).
Let us worship our God, on their so-called *******'s bar.
Let us practice good humanity on their so-called *******'s bar.
Thank you, Lord, for making me a civilized *******.

Civilized ******* prove these foolish chosen ones wrong.
Civilized ******* turns this hell to heaven, I say, I say do it now.
They say action speaks louder than words.
Yes, Cheers (civilized *******) let us prove them wrong.
Yes, glasses up (Cheers), we say, we say do it now.
Thank you, Lord, We are your civilized *******.  

-Written By:  The Senior 12 April 2022
-The Feeling
My time is so expensive as my life
Bring it back, my cent is my milli-second.
Remember when I used to wine and dine;
(Keep It True), any conversation is my ladder to 7 figures.
I'm so expensive like I'm a Bill Gates consultant (Keep It True).
My dream is too big for me, to play hide and seek.
Very few lovers, who keep it true as me.
I thank my God, for being kind to me.
I thank my Lord, for being kind to me.
ah, I'm so elevated and protected.
Mine is to stick to my plan and keep it true.
Weather shouting big "Get out and do big"
Climate shouting big "Get out and innovate big".
Innovation and creativity is my weapon (Keep It True).

Written By: The Senior Date: 30/03/2022
-The Vision
Oh my God, how to love this person.
When you give her love (oh my God);
She thinks you are a fool (oh my Lord);
Starvation on other families, (oh my God this person).
Oh my God, other demons, (oh my Lord this person).
She makes me feel high, are you her Lord?
Let me get my glasses on, oh my girl, who is your Lord?
Oh my God and my lawyers, how to love this person?

Oh my God, last time I met Lucifer face to face.
Oh my Lord, sometimes your mercy confuses me.
Oh my Lord, an eye for an eye, oh my God, where is Moses?
Oh my jury, last time I met a gold digger face to face.
Oh my judges, at times your discernment confuses me.
Oh my jury, double standard glasses are needed to help Moses.

-Written By: The Senior Date: 11/03/2022
-The Vision
Oh my Lord, these people.
They point at me and say (oh my God).
They look at me and say (oh my Lord)
I got my own belief, oh my God these people.
Oh my God, oh my Lord, your people;
They make me feel high, who is their Lord.
Let me get my glasses off, who is your Lord?
Oh my God, oh my ancient God these people.

Oh my God, evangelist point fingers at traditionalist
Oh, my Lord, traditionalists point fingers at evangelists.
Oh, my savior, I question myself, did they know you?
Oh my Savior, have you called this evangelist.
Oh my God, do you know this traditionalist?
Oh my God, a double standard in this spiritualist.

-Written By: The Senior 11/03/2022
-The Vision
Let me get my glasses off.
How are you, my brothers?
How are you, my sisters?
I'm no longer that on/off.
Yes, I'm no longer that on/off.
I say depression stay away from my brothers
I say depression stay away from my sisters.
I'm no longer that on/off.

He was talking business and nodding his head.
We saw him in the bar, walking tall.
We saw him dancing for those ***** chords.
Yes, I was talking business and nodding my head.
No matter what they do, I will keep on walking tall.
Let us get our iPhones and post on those Facebook codes.

-Written By: The Senior Date: 14/02/2022
-The Vision
The Senior, The Senior
Man with the words of wisdom
They thought you were a fool
They said you were not good

Cause you never harm anyone
The Senior, The Senior
It was hard to forgive
It's still hard to forget

They cheated you several times
They cheated you many times
But you never harm anyone
You never insulted anyone.

Man with words of wisdom
You just said "Love issues"
Love issues, I still mean it
Love issues, love issues.

The Senior, The Senior
You just take it easy and say
Let me vacate from their love
Let me leave their love.

The Senior, The Senior
I wish you can talk to us
I wish you can explain it to us
We see a lot of love partners killing now

The Senior, The Senior
Can you just tell us
The secrete of forgiving
and even the secrete of pain.

Love is a gift from the most-high
Killing one another has never
sorted any love issues
Love issues, I say  love issues
Kings and Queens;
Presidents and Prime ministers;
Military Commanders and ministers.
You see me, I respect you all as my Kings and Queens.
You see me, I also think our citizens are our Kings and Queens.
My time, let me say all protocol reserved, and take my glasses off.
You see me clearly and vividly now, I am not an on and off.
Political people let us all think of the citizens as our Kings and Queens.

Let us all stand up and sing together in love.
Our country is a country of Kings and Queens
Our world is a world of Queens and Kings.
Let us say no to abusing one another, I say one love!
I say our country is a country of Kings and Queens.
Thank you, (we say the world is a world of Queens and Kings).

Written By: The Senior Date: 27/02/2022
-The Vision
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